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The first thing you should understand is that if you are getting a watermark in scanned images, that means you are not using a licensed version of vuescan. So in order to get rid of the watermark, either you will have to buy it, or use a cracked version

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VueScan 是一款掃描程序,可與大多數高質量平板和膠片掃描儀配合使用,生成具有彩色保真度和色彩平衡的掃描。它非常易於使用,並且還具有用於恢復專業攝影師使用的褪色,批量掃描和其他功能的高級功能. 選擇版本:VueScan 9.6.01(32 位)VueScan 9.6.01(64 位)

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