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360 Total Security 為您提供針對病毒和其他新型威脅的完整保護。當你在網上購物,下載文件,瀏覽網頁,360 Total Security 隨時保護你免受網絡犯罪。此外,您可以執行一鍵清理功能,使您的電腦保持最佳狀態。下載 360 Total Security Offline Installer Setup!
超過 5.4 億人選擇的免費殺毒軟件。一鍵獲得更多的空間,速度和安全性。易於使用的用戶界面適合每個人。實時保護即使在病毒和惡意軟件到達您的電腦之前也會停止。

全面檢查集成了屢獲殊榮的防病毒引擎,為您提供最先進的病毒檢測和保護功能。這些引擎包括:360 雲掃描引擎,360 QVMII AI 引擎,Avira,BitDefender.

Speedup 掃描並檢測從您的生活中消耗寶貴時間的區域。此功能可縮短引導時間,並通過以下方法盡快完成任務:管理和優化啟動項目和計劃任務,微調應用程序和系統服務,並提升項目和插件。

Cleanup 執行快速分析,檢測系統中無用的插件和垃圾文件,包括來自操作系統,Web 瀏覽器和應用程序的臨時文件和緩存文件。

修補程序幫助您管理和跟踪最新的安全更新。 Patch Up 將 Microsoft 和 Adobe 安全更新集中在一個位置,使您能夠通過一次單擊來保持操作系統的最新狀態。下載 360 Total Security 離線安裝程序設置!

“與傳統的防病毒軟件不同,我們不會因為繁瑣的病毒定義而降低您的 PC 速度; 相反,由於我們的智能模式,360 Total Security 需要更少的內存和磁盤使用量,無需下載大量病毒數據庫並不斷更新,作為一個看不見的朋友,我們永遠伴隨著你,無論何時何地,無論你在使用你的電腦,我們的目標是為你保持一個安全的環境。“

也可用:下載 360 Total Security 為 Mac

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Qihu 360 Software Co


What's new in this version:

- 8 updated translations: Suomi, Francais, Turkce, Magyar, Tamil, Arabic, Svenska & Italiano
- Optimization: loading big models is a lot faster
- Water layer is now double sided
- 1 new property in the particle layer: Min distance
- Option to use fog colour as background colour in FILE > Set background colour... dialog
- Pixel media: new textures, new shows and a new model
- Show duration is no longer rounded off to whole seconds. You can now, for example, enter 2.5 in the FILE > Set show duration... dialog
- 2 new effects: Special/NormalMapper and Special/Octopus
- 1 old effect converted: V11_ReflectiveWater_CubemapDDS
- 1 new option: Max texture resolution Learn more
- Redesigned effect thumbnails
- Bugfix: Pre-export simulation time now works with particles attached to a picture layer
- Bugfix: mirror, colourmap and cubemap layers can now be saved as a preset

- Optimization: loading big models is a lot faster
- Water layer is now double sided
- Pixel media: new textures, new shows and a new model

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Realtime procedural HDR displacement maps with the plasma layer Learn more | See examples
- Emoji 5.0 Learn more
- Fog without shader Learn more
- Improved font engine: ligatures, glyph variants, non-Latin scripts and smooth bezier curves. Learn more
- Sketch layer can now render roller coasters and tunnels Learn more | See examples
- Fast shadows Learn more
- VJ dialog Learn more | See examples
- Support for HDR pictures
- Support for WIC. With the right codecs installed, BluffTitler can now load PSD, EXR, HDR, RAW and many more files. Learn more
- Apply effects to cameralayer attached to colourmap layer
- 7 new effects: AdvancedMaterials/Flat, Filters/UVClamper, Filters/Opaque, Filters/Stroke, Filters/AlphaThreshold, ProceduralTextures/Chrome and ProceduralTextures/RGB
- 7 new properties in the camera layer: Fog range, Fog colour, Colour intensity, Fade colour, Fade stage, Target layer and Active camera
- 1 new style in the text layer: Box
- 1 new property in the text layer: Texture mapping
- 1 new property in the EPS layer: Characters
- 2 new styles in the picture layer: Egg and Sphere cap
- 8 new properties in the sketch layer: Offset, Pen rotation, Gravity, Friction, Initial speed, Minimum speed, Writer offset, Pen size and Smooth
- 5 new styles in the sketch layer: Closed, Open, Halfpipe, Rails and Star
- 5 new styles in the plasma layer styles: Solid, Spots, Perlin noise, LDR colourmap and HDR displacementmap
- 2 new propertyies in the plasma layer: Start time and Border size
- 3 new properties in the particle layer: Time dilation, Launch normal and Launch normal tolerance
- 2 new styles in the colourmap layer: LDR and HDR
- 3 new options: Open all shows in the same resolution, Emoji font and Prefer installer effects Learn more
- Attach container layers to camera layers
- Attach camera layers to container layers
- Attach camera and container layers to sketch layers
- Attach plasma layers to landscape layers
- Improved: displacement mapping tessellation increased Learn more | See examples
- Improved: plasma layer resolution doubled See examples
- Improved: blob particles (metaballs) Learn more
- Improved: water layer Learn more | See examples
- Improved: file dialog easier to use Learn more
- Optimization: 2D GUI rendering is a lot faster (Direct2D)
- Optimization: loading big shows
- Removed: default show in options dialog
- Removed: post render command
- Removed: Shadow softness property in light layer

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