Pinegrow Web Editor 5.4 軟體資訊介紹&下載

3DMark Basic Edition,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
3DMark 是數百萬人使用的流行的遊戲性能基準,數百個硬件評論網站以及世界上許多領先的技術公司.

3DMark 包含了在一個應用程序中對 PC 和移動設備進行基準測試所需的一切。無論您是在桌面 PC,筆記本電腦,筆記本電腦還是平板電腦上進行遊戲,3DMark 都有一個專為您的硬件而設計的基準測試.

3DMark Basic Edition 包括 7 個基準測試:

Time Spy(NEW)展示了針對高性能遊戲的 DirectX 12 基準測試運行 Windows 10 的個人電腦。憑藉純粹的 DirectX 12 引擎,從頭開始支持異步計算,顯式多適配器和多線程等新功能,Time Spy 是測試 DirectX 12 性能的理想基準。用於 Windows 10 的 DirectX 12 基準測試。在 2560 和時間渲染; 1440 分辨率。包括一個演示,圖形測試和一個 CPU 測試。下載適用於 Windows 的 3DMark 最新版本!

Fire Strike 是為當今高性能遊戲 PC 設計的 DirectX 11 基準測試版。這是非常苛刻的,即使是最新的顯卡。如果幀率較低,請使用 Sky Diver。而不是使用 Sky Diver。

Sky Diver 是適用於遊戲筆記本電腦和中檔 PC 的 DirectX 11 基準測試程序。用它來測試帶有主流顯卡,移動 GPU 或集成顯卡的系統。它特別適用於在要求更高的防火測試中無法獲得超過一位數幀速率的系統.

Cloud Gate 專為 Windows 筆記本電腦和具有集成顯卡的典型家用 PC 而設計。該基準測試使用限於 Direct3D 功能級別 10 的 DirectX 11 引擎,使其適用於測試 DirectX 10 兼容硬件。下載適用於 Windows 的 3DMark 最新版本!

Ice Storm Extreme 是一款適用於低成本智能手機和平板電腦的跨平台基準測試程序.

Ice Storm 是一款適用於移動設備的跨平台基準測試程序.

Ince Storm Unlimited 是移動設備的離線測試版本。


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Pinegrow Web Editor 5.4


99.2 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

Redesigned element context menu:
We redesigned the element context menu that is accessible by right-clicking on elements on the page view or in the Tree panel:
- Introducing sub-menus allowed us to better organize the menu and to add more commands
- For example, new elements can be added to the page directly from the menu

Insert submenu contains all the elements and components from the Library panel:
The Insert menu also gives us control and preview of the placement of the new element:
- Hint: Hold down the SHIFT key when right-clicking to jump straight into the Insert menu
- Commands that change the HTML structure of the element are tucked under the

Transform submenu:
- Select submenu lets us quickly select parents and children of the current element
- Paste submenu lists the most recent items on the internal clipboard and provides control over placement of the HTML elements

Copy & Paste actions:
- Copy and paste actions from one element to another. Use the Copy submenu to copy all or one of the assigned actions
- Or, click on the Copy icon next to the assigned action in the Action and WordPress panel
- To copy all assigned actions on the element click on the Copy icon next to the element name
- Use Paste to add copied actions to another element

SASS stylesheets compiler:
- Pinegrow now correctly handles projects with complex SASS structures that contain multiple imported files with the same name, for example variables/_buttons, mixins/_buttons…

WordPress Theme Builder:
- Add actions using the context menu
- WordPress actions can now be added to the element using its context menu. Right-click on an element on the page or in the tree and choose an action from the

WordPress submenu:
- And, as mentioned above, WordPress actions can also be copy pasted between elements
- Enhanced display of WordPress actions in the Tree panel
- In the Tree panel view, actions are now displayed before the text snippet in order to make them more visible
- Actions like Customizer Field, Customizer Section and Post Field show their most important arguments right in the Tree display
- Outline all elements with WordPress actions
- Use the new visual helper to outline all elements with WordPress actions

Post & Loop:
- Using the original id on the post element
- The “Post & Loop” Smart action automatically sets the id attribute of the post element to the id value provided by WordPress. This can interfere wi th styling or Javascript code that targets that element by its id
- The action now offers the choice to opt-out of modifying the id attribute, in case the id attribute of the post element is set
- Note that having a fixed element id on the post element only makes sense if only one post item is shown. Otherwise there would be multiple elements with the same id

Displaying a range of elements:
- Sometimes we just want to display a subset of posts contained in the WordPress loop (or custom query). For example, we might want to display the first post in one way and the rest of posts in another way. Or, we might have predefined positions for individual posts and we can’t just display all of them with the same loop
- The new “Range of items to show” lets us specify which of the items returned by the loop query we want to display
- We can either specify a single post, for example 0 for the first one, or a range, for example 1-3 to display second, third and fourth posts
- Note: the post count starts at 0
- Note: this parameter doesn’t affect what posts are retrieved from the WordPress database – it is used to specify which of the posts returned by the WordPress query should be displayed
- The same argument is also available directly on “The Loop” action

Menu – Smart:
- The behavior of the action is changed. It now uses Smart menu walker by default on pages that don’t use Bootstrap (Bootstrap menus are used there). The Smart menu walker replicates the exact HTML layout of menu items, instead of using the default WordPress markup
- The action is also now smarter in figuring out which class is used to denote the active menu item
- As always with smart actions, if you need more control over these actions change them to regular WordPress actions

Reusable Customizer Sections and Fields:
- Customizer Sections (both Smart and regular actions) got the checkbox “Use section id as prefix for enclosed fields”. When checked, the id of the section is used as a prefix for all enclosed customizer fields
- This is very useful in many cases. Let’s take a look at an example
- Imagine that we have four sections for showcasing our past experience on our portfolio website. Each section contains fields for a company name, our job position and duration of the engagement. We want to use the Customizer to control the content of these values
- Normally, we would have to setup four unique fields for company names, four for position and four for the duration – each with unique field id. That makes it impossible to simply copy paste actions from one item to another, or to define these blocks as reusable components.
- Now we can check “Use section id as prefix…” on the first section with id exp1 and assign simple ids – company, job, duration – to enclosed fields. When Pinegrow exports the theme it will append the session id “exp1_” to fields ids, thus creating unique fields ids “exp1_company”, “exp1_job” and “exp1_duration”
- If we copy paste these actions on related elements in other experience sections we’ll get fields experience2_company and so on, provided that “Use section id as prefix…” is checked on their Customizer section actions
- We can go a step further and create a reusable component in the Actions panel with editable attributes that control section id and name

Then we make the other three items instances of this component:
- Then we use the Properties panel to configure section id and name of Work Experience instances
- Using global customizer fields inside a section
- When “Use section id as prefix…” is on the section id will be prepended to all field ids – regardless is fields are registered or just used
- If we want to simply use a value of customizer field from another section – for example, a color value defined in Colors section – we can use Display theme mod action and check its “Don’t use enclosing section id as field prefix” setting

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