Rust 1.38.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

3DMark Basic Edition,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
3DMark 是數百萬人使用的流行的遊戲性能基準,數百個硬件評論網站以及世界上許多領先的技術公司.

3DMark 包含了在一個應用程序中對 PC 和移動設備進行基準測試所需的一切。無論您是在桌面 PC,筆記本電腦,筆記本電腦還是平板電腦上進行遊戲,3DMark 都有一個專為您的硬件而設計的基準測試.

3DMark Basic Edition 包括 7 個基準測試:

Time Spy(NEW)展示了針對高性能遊戲的 DirectX 12 基準測試運行 Windows 10 的個人電腦。憑藉純粹的 DirectX 12 引擎,從頭開始支持異步計算,顯式多適配器和多線程等新功能,Time Spy 是測試 DirectX 12 性能的理想基準。用於 Windows 10 的 DirectX 12 基準測試。在 2560 和時間渲染; 1440 分辨率。包括一個演示,圖形測試和一個 CPU 測試。下載適用於 Windows 的 3DMark 最新版本!

Fire Strike 是為當今高性能遊戲 PC 設計的 DirectX 11 基準測試版。這是非常苛刻的,即使是最新的顯卡。如果幀率較低,請使用 Sky Diver。而不是使用 Sky Diver。

Sky Diver 是適用於遊戲筆記本電腦和中檔 PC 的 DirectX 11 基準測試程序。用它來測試帶有主流顯卡,移動 GPU 或集成顯卡的系統。它特別適用於在要求更高的防火測試中無法獲得超過一位數幀速率的系統.

Cloud Gate 專為 Windows 筆記本電腦和具有集成顯卡的典型家用 PC 而設計。該基準測試使用限於 Direct3D 功能級別 10 的 DirectX 11 引擎,使其適用於測試 DirectX 10 兼容硬件。下載適用於 Windows 的 3DMark 最新版本!

Ice Storm Extreme 是一款適用於低成本智能手機和平板電腦的跨平台基準測試程序.

Ice Storm 是一款適用於移動設備的跨平台基準測試程序.

Ince Storm Unlimited 是移動設備的離線測試版本。


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Rust 1.38.0


5.7 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

Rust 1.38.0
- The #[global_allocator] attribute can now be used in submodules
- The #[deprecated] attribute can now be used on macros

- Added pipelined compilation support to rustc. This will improve compilation times in some cases. For further information please refer to the "Evaluating pipelined rustc compilation" thread
- Added tier 3 support for the aarch64-uwp-windows-msvc, i686-uwp-windows-gnu, i686-uwp-windows-msvc, x86_64-uwp-windows-gnu, and x86_64-uwp-windows-msvc targets
- Added tier 3 support for the armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi and armv7-unknown-linux-musleabi targets
- Added tier 3 support for the hexagon-unknown-linux-musl target
- Added tier 3 support for the riscv32i-unknown-none-elf target

- ascii::EscapeDefault now implements Clone and Display
- Derive macros for prelude traits (e.g. Clone, Debug, Hash) are now available at the same path as the trait. (e.g. The Clone derive macro is available at std::clone::Clone). This also makes all built-in macros available in std/core root. e.g. std::include_bytes!
- str::Chars now implements Debug
- slice::{concat, connect, join} now accepts &[T] in addition to &T
- *const T and *mut T now implement marker::Unpin
- Arc<[T]> and Rc<[T]> now implement FromIterator<T>.
- Added euclidean remainder and division operations (div_euclid, rem_euclid) to all numeric primitives. Additionally checked, overflowing, and wrapping versions are available for all integer primitives
- thread::AccessError now implements Clone, Copy, Eq, Error, and PartialEq
- iter::{StepBy, Peekable, Take} now implement DoubleEndedIterator

Stabilized APIs:
- <*const T>::cast
- <*mut T>::cast
- Duration::as_secs_f32
- Duration::as_secs_f64
- Duration::div_duration_f32
- Duration::div_duration_f64
- Duration::div_f32
- Duration::div_f64
- Duration::from_secs_f32
- Duration::from_secs_f64
- Duration::mul_f32
- Duration::mul_f64
- any::type_name

- Added pipelined compilation support to cargo
- You can now pass the --features option multiple times to enable multiple features

- rustc will now warn about some incorrect uses of mem::{uninitialized, zeroed} that are known to cause undefined behaviour

Compatibility Notes:
- The x86_64-unknown-uefi platform can not be built with rustc 1.38.0
- The armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf platform is known to have issues with certain crates such as libc

Rust 1.37.0
- #[must_use] will now warn if the type is contained in a tuple, Box, or an array and unused.
- You can now use the cfg and cfg_attr attributes on generic parameters.
- You can now use enum variants through type alias. e.g. You can write the following:
- type MyOption = Option;
- fn increment_or_zero(x: MyOption) -> u8 {
- match x {
- MyOption::Some(y) => y + 1,
- MyOption::None => 0,
- You can now use _ as an identifier for consts. e.g. You can write const _: u32 = 5;.
- You can now use #[repr(align(X)] on enums.
- The ? Kleene macro operator is now available in the 2015 edition.

You can now enable Profile-Guided Optimization with the -C profile-generate and -C profile-use flags. For more information on how to use profile - guided optimization, please refer to the rustc book.
- The rust-lldb wrapper script should now work again.

- mem::MaybeUninit is now ABI-compatible with T.
- Stabilized APIs:
- BufReader::buffer
- BufWriter::buffer
- Cell::from_mut
- Cell<[T]>::as_slice_of_cells
- DoubleEndedIterator::nth_back
- Option::xor
- Wrapping::reverse_bits
- i128::reverse_bits
- i16::reverse_bits
- i32::reverse_bits
- i64::reverse_bits
- i8::reverse_bits
- isize::reverse_bits
- slice::copy_within
- u128::reverse_bits
- u16::reverse_bits
- u32::reverse_bits
- u64::reverse_bits
- u8::reverse_bits
- usize::reverse_bits

- Cargo.lock files are now included by default when publishing executable crates with executables.
- You can now specify default-run="foo" in [package] to specify the default executable to use for cargo run.

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