GameMaker Studio 2.2.1 Build 375 軟體資訊介紹&下載

3uTools 是一款用於閃動和越獄的工具蘋果 iPhone,iPad,iPod touch 提供了三種方式:輕鬆模式,專業模式或多重閃光,可以自動選擇合適的固件並支持快速下載速度。 3uTools 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完全離線設置安裝程序的 3uTools.

最高效的 iOS 文件& 數據管理!
3uTools 可以輕鬆管理應用程序,照片,音樂,鈴聲,視頻和其他多媒體文件。全面查看 iOS 設備的不同狀態,包括激活,越獄,電池和 iCloud 鎖定狀態,以及詳細的 iOS& iDevice information.


閃存和越獄是方式智能 61035896 自動匹配適用於 iOS 設備的可用固件。在正常模式,DFU 模式和恢復模式下支持 iOS 閃存。一鍵越獄使得越獄過程變得如此簡單和容易。更高級的功能,包括 SHSH 備份,基帶升級 / 降級等。

一體機 iOS 助手帶來實用,令人愉悅的功能
我們為 iOS 用戶設計了一系列功能,例如數據備份,鈴聲製作,視頻轉換,無效圖標刪除等。

3uTools 其他功能:
備份 / 恢復清理垃圾製作鈴聲轉換視頻遷移數據壓縮照片實時屏幕實時日誌刪除無效圖標打開 SSH 注意:需要 iTunes 和連接的 iOS 設備.

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GameMaker Studio 2.2.1 Build 375


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


3uTools Team


What's new in this version:

Release Notes:

Beta Channel:
- Added a new Preference to opt-in to the beta release programme
- For more info, see this FAQ

Updated macOS IDE's Mono version:
- The installer will now try to download and use v5.10.1.57 - if you have to install Mono manually, please install this version first
- Fixes a number of issues with building large projects in the Mac IDE - please note that we are aware these large projects currently build very slowly using the Mac IDE
- Also stops Mojave warnings that GMS2 is not optimised for Mojave and/or uses old components
- Note: Asset compiler errors are no longer shown as a dialog, now an .saencryptedreport file is written to a location specified in your Output Window - attach this to a Helpdesk ticket instead

Systems for avoiding project-saving issues:
- Changed the way saving is done, so we now save to a temporary location, then attempt to modify/remove the old files (a few times, if required), only throwing an error if the files continue to be locked externally
- Note: Reduces likelihood of issues for users who have agressive antivirus/anti-malware software or still continue to use OneDrive/Dropbox/Google, etc., folders for working on their projects
- Note: Also means if saving does fail it will only be the temp new files which are affected and your originals are still there, with the recent changes still in memory, so you can try saving again
- Fixed a number of project-saving and stability issues with the resource tree, especially if you had created custom tree views in your projects
- Added a new system to detect projects which have been corrupted by this issue and GMS2 will now offer to fix the project for you during a project load
- Note: We would suggest choosing "No", then immediately closing GMS2 and taking a backup of the project first, then load the project again and say "Yes"
- Added extra logging into ui.log for when your machine has access permissions issues with GMS2's files/folders or if tools have been lost from your GMS2 installation

Android Adaptive Icons Support:
- Added Game Options > Android > Adaptive Icons for generating new icons or importing existing ones
- Use the foreground/background pickers and the Generate button at the top of the page to create icons and view them in the mask preview area
- Scroll down the page if you want to import existing icons instead, then they will appear in the mask preview area too
- Note that this feature requires you to be using a 2.2.1+ runtime also, otherwise the icons won't end up in your .apk

Fixes for Ctrl+Shift+F:
- Fixed a variety of bugs with this tool
- Added the ability to select text in output windows, the debugger, etc., and Ctrl+Shift+F will use this string
- Fixed Ctrl+F so it moves the cursor to the first match after the current caret location, not the first match in the file

- Preferences: Added new Workspace background stretch mode - Screen Stretch. Resizing left/right docks won't cause your wallpaper to move also. Is now the default if you have not set this Preference previously
- Game Options: Changed Main > Game Speed to default to 60fps in new projects, not 30
- Game Options: Removed the checkbox for MOGA Gamepads from Android, as this is no longer relevant in 2.2.1+ runtimes, as we have changed the gamepad integration
- Game Options: Added a checkbox into iOS > Social for whether you want Push Notification support included in your game or not
- Game Options: Added a checkbox into iOS to control whether you want the iPhone X home bar to require a double-tap to wake, rather than a single-tap
- Game Options: Removed the architectures for MIPS and ARMv5 from Android, as these are no longer supported by Google in their current build tools
- Object Editor: Can now press Delete on an event to remove it
- Object Editor: Fixed an issue with some inherited instance variable values not being shown correctly when in the room editor
- Code Editor: Added new DnD nodes for "Get Draw Font" and "Get Text Alignment"
- Resource Tree: Fixed an issue which could cause the tree to be locked in "reorder mode" when clicking off a resource to confirm a rename
- Resource Tree: Fixed an issue where cloning the Default view would leave the resource tree blank

- There are a lot of bugs fixed in the IDE and the runner for this release, so we would strongly recommend you check the change log pages and be aware of anything which applies to your project(s)
- See the bug database's Change Log for the list of public issues fixed in this version
- Known Issues can be found on the bug database also - for the current IDE headline list see this page

3uTools 相關參考資料