Octave 6.3.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

3uTools 是一款用於閃動和越獄的工具蘋果 iPhone,iPad,iPod touch 提供了三種方式:輕鬆模式,專業模式或多重閃光,可以自動選擇合適的固件並支持快速下載速度。 3uTools 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完全離線設置安裝程序的 3uTools.

最高效的 iOS 文件& 數據管理!
3uTools 可以輕鬆管理應用程序,照片,音樂,鈴聲,視頻和其他多媒體文件。全面查看 iOS 設備的不同狀態,包括激活,越獄,電池和 iCloud 鎖定狀態,以及詳細的 iOS& iDevice information.


閃存和越獄是方式智能 61035896 自動匹配適用於 iOS 設備的可用固件。在正常模式,DFU 模式和恢復模式下支持 iOS 閃存。一鍵越獄使得越獄過程變得如此簡單和容易。更高級的功能,包括 SHSH 備份,基帶升級 / 降級等。

一體機 iOS 助手帶來實用,令人愉悅的功能
我們為 iOS 用戶設計了一系列功能,例如數據備份,鈴聲製作,視頻轉換,無效圖標刪除等。

3uTools 其他功能:
備份 / 恢復清理垃圾製作鈴聲轉換視頻遷移數據壓縮照片實時屏幕實時日誌刪除無效圖標打開 SSH 注意:需要 iTunes 和連接的 iOS 設備.

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Octave 6.3.0 (64-bit)


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


3uTools Team



What's new in this version:

Important notice:
- This bug fix release breaks ABI compatibility with Octave 6.2.0. Re-build binaries (like .oct or .mex files) when updating to this version.

Improvements and fixes:
- ls-hdf5.cc: Avoid throwing inside HDF5 function
- ls-hdf5.cc: Handle non-zero terminated type strings
- Fix occasional segfault in symbfact
- fsolve.m: Fix undefined output error when using Output function
- Avoid ambiguous call to pow
- Fix context link when creating handle to nested function
- print.m: Warn when figure is too large to be printed to output page
- Defer clearing function vars until stack frame is deleted
- Avoid memory leaks when returning handles to nested functions
- Hold references to closure frames in anon functions if needed
- eigs: Prevent possible segmentation fault at exit
- Issue warning when gnuplot graphics toolkit is initialized
- mpoles.m: Fix detection of pole multiplicity
- Perform shutdown actions in interpreter destructor
- qz.cc: Return correct number of eigenvalues
- qz.cc: Let test pass with LAPACK 3.9.1 and earlier versions
- pkg.m: Use default prefixes unless otherwise set previously
- betaincinv.m: Correctly handle small inputs
- betaincinv.m: Correctly handle inputs very close to 1.0
- unistd-wrappers.c: Allocate sufficient memory for new_argv
- Mark system functions correctly if OCTAVE_HOME is non-canonical
- Mark compiled system functions correctly if OCTAVE_HOME is non-canonical
- Return proper number of stack frames for dbstack (N) call
- Avoid ambiguous match of overloaded function
- print: Fix error when "px" word is present in a figure
- logm.m: Fix check for real negative values in complex vector
- hist.m: Improve handling and docstring for third parameter “norm”
- logm.m: Allow tolerance in check for real negative values in complex vector
- expm.m, logm.m: Use function isdiag to detect if input is a diagonal matrix
- Fix scoping issue for handles to sibling nested functions
- ls-mat5.cc: Avoid integer overflow in calculation of buffer size for zlib
- Avoid crash with dbquit when executing command in terminal from GUI

- Fix calling external editor
- Fix missing file suffix .m when saving a new script
- Do not run files that are not saved as Octave files
- Fix confirm overwrite for native editor file “save as” dialogs
- Fix crash when GUI tries to restore missing previous Octave dir
- Fix restoring the horizontal position of docked GUI widgets
- Prevent floating widgets from re-opening after restart
- Avoid crash in GUI for rmdir("")
- Fix EOL mode when saving files under new names
- Fix auto indentation of switch-structure in GUI editor
- Avoid crash when closing GUI with open editor tabs
- octave-qscintilla.cc (contextmenu_run): Fix keyboard command handling

Build system / Tests:
- build: Check for stropts.h
- build: Make relocation of dependencies with Octave optional
- build: Set necessary flags to allow execution on Windows Vista
- build: Use correct path to octave binary in build tree on macOS.
- build: Fix typo in folder to libraries when building .oct or .mex files
- build: Set DL_LDFLAGS in the build rules for .oct or .mex files
- Declare base_parser destructor virtual
- Move top-level REPL from interpreter to evaluator
- Fix compilation error with iconv_t on Solaris
- lo-array-errwarn.cc: Include <limits>
- Use std::size_t and std::ptrdiff_t in C++ code
- Use std::size_t in more instances
- Fix error if test suite is run before Octave is installed
- tests: Relax tolerance for some tests on macOS
- logspace.m: Mark tests as known to fail on macOS
- hist.m: Use deterministic test
- rgb2ind.m: Reduce memory usage and eliminate randomness in test
- logm.m: Allow larger tolerance for test on macOS
- rgb2ind.m: Suppress output in test
- lscov.m: Relax BIST tolerance to pass with OpenBLAS

- Improve documentation for log2 function
- ind2sub: Fix typo in “see also” section of docstring
- mrdivide, mldivide: Document that functions might return minimum norm solutions
- Improve Differential Equations chapter and example for lsode
- Clarify usage of “Depends” keyword in package DESCRIPTION file
- Add note that wildcard patterns for save are glob patterns
- Change example for Delaunay triangulation to match the generating code
- Document single precision issues with OpenGL graphics toolkits
- Minor changes to documentation of single precision issues with OpenGL
- Expand on documentation for command syntax
- isprop.m: Document that function only works on graphics objects in Octave 6.X
- Explain how to write dual-purpose executable scripts and Octave functions
- Update keyword docstrings
- Use Texinfo commands to improve transpose() docstring rendering
- betainc.m, betaincinv.m: Correct non-TeX definition of beta incomplete integral
- Grammarcheck documentation ahead of 6.3 release
- Spellcheck documentation ahead of 6.3 release

3uTools 相關參考資料