Rust 1.39.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

4K Stogram,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
4K Stogram 是一個 Instagram 查看器和 PC,macOS 和 Linux 的下載。從你的朋友下載照片,視頻和故事’ 公共和私人 Instagram 帳戶,備份您的 Instagram 個人資料,並導入您的 Instagram 訂閱列表。下載 Instagram 帳戶,主題標籤和位置!免費開始!

同時收集帳戶的照片,並在桌面上以 JPEG 格式保存。跟隨您最喜愛的攝影師,並自動獲取他們的最新照片。用您的 Instagram 憑據登錄並下載私人朋友帳戶的照片。直接從應用程序訪問您的查看器。下載 MP4 格式的 Instagram 視頻,享受應用程序的簡約界面!立即下載 4K Stogram for Windows PC!

4K Stogram 功能:

發現 4K Stogram
只需輸入一個 Instagram 的用戶名,標籤或位置,然後按 '訂閱' 按鈕。探索來自不同地方的照片,視頻和故事,訂閱任何帳戶的照片和他們的下面的列表。最好的是它是免費的 Instagram 下載器.


下載私人朋友 photos
登錄你的 Instagram 的憑據和下載私人朋友帳戶的照片.

Browse 你的朋友 Instagram feed
訂閱任何 Instagram 用戶的以下帳戶列表,並實時上傳他們上傳的新照片.

下載 Instagram Stories
保存從任何 Instagram 帳戶很短的生活每天的圖像和視頻為好 6.1235896
下載視頻 posts
從 Instagram 帳戶,標籤採取 MP4 格式的視頻並在啟用此便利功能後的位置.

它只需點擊一下,從您的 Instagram 帳戶下載所有照片.

關閉您的訂閱在一個 click
Press ‘ 訂閱帳戶我正在關注’ 並且您在 Instagram 上關注的所有帳戶都將自動添加到 4K Stogram 並下載.




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Rust 1.39.0


5.8 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


OpenMedia LLC.


What's new in this version:

Rust 1.39.0
- You can now create async functions and blocks with async fn, async move {}, and async {} respectively, and you can now call .await on async expressions.
- You can now use certain attributes on function, closure, and function pointer parameters. These attributes include cfg, cfg_attr, allow, warn, deny, forbid as well as inert helper attributes used by procedural macro attributes applied to items. e.g.
- fn len(
- #[cfg(windows)] slice: &[u16],
- #[cfg(not(windows))] slice: &[u8],
- ) -> usize {
- slice.len()
- You can now take shared references to bind-by-move patterns in the if guards of match arms. e.g.
- fn main() {
- let array: Box<[u8; 4]> = Box::new([1, 2, 3, 4]);
- match array {
- nums
- // ---- `nums` is bound by move.
- if nums.iter().sum::<u8>() == 10
- // ^------ `.iter()` implicitly takes a reference to `nums`.
- => {
- drop(nums);
- // ----------- Legal as `nums` was bound by move and so we have ownership.
- _ => unreachable!(),

- Added tier 3* support for the i686-unknown-uefi target
- Added tier 3 support for the sparc64-unknown-openbsd target
- rustc will now trim code snippets in diagnostics to fit in your terminal. Note Cargo currently doesn't use this feature. Refer to cargo#7315 to track this feature's progress
- You can now pass --show-output argument to test binaries to print the output of successful tests
- * Refer to Rust's platform support page for more information on Rust's tiered platform support

- Vec::new and String::new are now const functions
- LinkedList::new is now a const function
- str::len, [T]::len and str::as_bytes are now const functions
- The abs, wrapping_abs, and overflowing_abs numeric functions are now const

Stabilized APIs:
- Pin::into_inner
- Instant::checked_duration_since
- Instant::saturating_duration_since

- You can now publish git dependencies if supplied with a version
- The --all flag has been renamed to --workspace. Using --all is now deprecated

- You can now pass -Clinker to rustdoc to control the linker used for compiling doctests

Compatibility Notes:
- Code that was previously accepted by the old borrow checker, but rejected by the NLL borrow checker is now a hard error in Rust 2018. This was previously a warning, and will also become a hard error in the Rust 2015 edition in the 1.40.0 release
- rustdoc now requires rustc to be installed and in the same directory to run tests. This should improve performance when running a large amount of doctests
- The try! macro will now issue a deprecation warning. It is recommended to use the ? operator instead
- asinh(-0.0) now correctly returns -0.0. Previously this returned 0.0

Rust 1.38.0
- The #[global_allocator] attribute can now be used in submodules
- The #[deprecated] attribute can now be used on macros

- Added pipelined compilation support to rustc. This will improve compilation times in some cases. For further information please refer to the "Evaluating pipelined rustc compilation" thread
- Added tier 3 support for the aarch64-uwp-windows-msvc, i686-uwp-windows-gnu, i686-uwp-windows-msvc, x86_64-uwp-windows-gnu, and x86_64-uwp-windows-msvc targets
- Added tier 3 support for the armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi and armv7-unknown-linux-musleabi targets
- Added tier 3 support for the hexagon-unknown-linux-musl target
- Added tier 3 support for the riscv32i-unknown-none-elf target

- ascii::EscapeDefault now implements Clone and Display
- Derive macros for prelude traits (e.g. Clone, Debug, Hash) are now available at the same path as the trait. (e.g. The Clone derive macro is available at std::clone::Clone). This also makes all built-in macros available in std/core root. e.g. std::include_bytes!
- str::Chars now implements Debug
- slice::{concat, connect, join} now accepts &[T] in addition to &T
- *const T and *mut T now implement marker::Unpin
- Arc<[T]> and Rc<[T]> now implement FromIterator.
- Added euclidean remainder and division operations (div_euclid, rem_euclid) to all numeric primitives. Additionally checked, overflowing, and wrapping versions are available for all integer primitives
- thread::AccessError now implements Clone, Copy, Eq, Error, and PartialEq
- iter::{StepBy, Peekable, Take} now implement DoubleEndedIterator

Stabilized APIs:
- <*const T>::cast
- <*mut T>::cast
- Duration::as_secs_f32
- Duration::as_secs_f64
- Duration::div_duration_f32
- Duration::div_duration_f64
- Duration::div_f32
- Duration::div_f64
- Duration::from_secs_f32
- Duration::from_secs_f64
- Duration::mul_f32
- Duration::mul_f64
- any::type_name

- Added pipelined compilation support to cargo
- You can now pass the --features option multiple times to enable multiple features

- rustc will now warn about some incorrect uses of mem::{uninitialized, zeroed} that are known to cause undefined behaviour

Compatibility Notes:
- The x86_64-unknown-uefi platform can not be built with rustc 1.38.0
- The armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf platform is known to have issues with certain crates such as libc

Rust 1.37.0
- #[must_use] will now warn if the type is contained in a tuple, Box, or an array and unused.
- You can now use the cfg and cfg_attr attributes on generic parameters.
- You can now use enum variants through type alias. e.g. You can write the following:
- type MyOption = Option;
- fn increment_or_zero(x: MyOption) -> u8 {
- match x {
- MyOption::Some(y) => y + 1,
- MyOption::None => 0,
- You can now use _ as an identifier for consts. e.g. You can write const _: u32 = 5;.
- You can now use #[repr(align(X)] on enums.
- The ? Kleene macro operator is now available in the 2015 edition.

You can now enable Profile-Guided Optimization with the -C profile-generate and -C profile-use flags. For more information on how to use profile - guided optimization, please refer to the rustc book.
- The rust-lldb wrapper script should now work again.

- mem::MaybeUninit is now ABI-compatible with T.
- Stabilized APIs:
- BufReader::buffer
- BufWriter::buffer
- Cell::from_mut
- Cell<[T]>::as_slice_of_cells
- DoubleEndedIterator::nth_back
- Option::xor
- Wrapping::reverse_bits
- i128::reverse_bits
- i16::reverse_bits
- i32::reverse_bits
- i64::reverse_bits
- i8::reverse_bits
- isize::reverse_bits
- slice::copy_within
- u128::reverse_bits
- u16::reverse_bits
- u32::reverse_bits
- u64::reverse_bits
- u8::reverse_bits
- usize::reverse_bits

- Cargo.lock files are now included by default when publishing executable crates with executables.
- You can now specify default-run="foo" in [package] to specify the default executable to use for cargo run.

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