Emu Loader 8.7.7 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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4K Video Downloader 功能介紹:
從互聯網上下載整個播放列表和頻道,並保存為 MP4,MKV,M4A,MP3,FLV,3G,生成.m3u 文件播放列表。以高清 1080p,高清 720p 或 4K 質量下載視頻,並在高清電視,iPad 或其他設備上欣賞高清視頻。高級字幕下載,選擇是否要在視頻文件中包含.srt 文件或嵌入字幕,以便在 Mac 上觀看。激活“智能模式”為了將所選的設置應用到所有的下載,方便,快捷。以 3D 格式下載視頻,在視頻解析之後,您會在可用的格式中找到一個小的特殊圖標。在 3D 中觀看現場表演和漫畫真是令人印象深刻。從任何網頁下載嵌入的視頻,只需複制 / 粘貼鏈接,程序會找到下載的來源。從 Vimeo,SoundCloud,Flickr,Facebook 和 DailyMotion 下載視頻和音頻。在您的 PC,Mac 或 Linux 上使用 4K Video Downloader,不管您喜歡什麼操作系統。注意:您不能下載包含字幕和超過 25 個剪輯的 YouTube 頻道和播放列表.

也可用:下載 4K Video Downloader 為 Mac

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Emu Loader 8.7.7


16.5 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


OpenMedia LLC.



What's new in this version:

Emu Loader 8.7.7
- Popup menus can now display Unicode texts, but this implementation is far from perfect
- Copy/move/delete game ROMs was not working due to an "Exit" command I forgot to remove, preventing further code from executing
- Removed some beeps playing while creating games lists
- Fixed bad Windows theme painting in my TPanelEx component, affecting all components in it... highly noticeable in light mode
- Hint text of separator lines were missing in popup menus

- Improvements to my TBitBtnEx component
- font color is forced to black if button is not in "custom mode" and Windows theme is enabled
- BitBlt() function used to paint bitmap buffer into button canvas instead of Canvas.Draw() function
- replaced "Glyph" property by "Images" (TImageList container), for 32-bit+alpha channel icons (.ico)
- Improvements to my TSpeedButtonEx component
- font color is not changed when clicked (only applies if button style is set to "flat")
- font color is forced to black if button is not in "custom mode" and Windows theme is enabled
- BitBlt() function used to paint bitmap buffer into button canvas instead of Canvas.Draw() function
- replaced "Glyph" property by "Images" (TImageList container), for 32-bit+alpha channel icons (.ico)

- Custom border for menu/popup menus
- night mode only
- you can customize the border color in preferences screen "Night Mode 2" page
- experimental feature, might be buggy on Windows 10

Emu Loader 8.7.6
- Fixed: Crash caused by my custom TBitBtnEx / TSpeedButtonEx components when frontend is in light mode (default theme)

Emu Loader 8.7.5
- Fixed: buttons font color was black when in night mode

Emu Loader 8.7.3

- Parent .ico file not showing up in clone sets if clonename.ico doesn't exist ("MAMu_ icons" feature)
- Buttons "OK" / "Cancel" were invisible when viewing the simpler "arcade system select" dialog
- Wrong read/write of game info "playtime" / "last played" / "times played" if your have multiple games in the same system with same zipped filename but of different media types
- Example: 2 files named "Elevator Action (1995) (Nidecom).zip", both MSX1 games, one is cartridge media type and the other is floppy disk
- Wrong game info written in played games files after exiting a console/computer game
- Wrong game info read from played games files when loading games lists at startup
- The media type was missing when searching for the game entry
- Bugs related to files located in "console_computerplayed_games" folder
- Arcade systems and MAME software lists do not suffer from this bug
- Wrong "extra game info" data parsing for "Games Editor" (main menu "Console/Computer")
- Night mode was not toggled on/off correctly with the checkbox in messages dialog
- PaneEx "inner border color" was not set correctly in procedure uCommon.SetPanelNightColors() causing it to be the same as outer border color
- MAME arcade input files were not handled correctly in "Run Game (Extra Parameters)" screen
- Files "arcade_name.inp" in the "inp" root folder were not added to the files list, only "inpgamename*.inp" files
- For arcade games only, excluding MAME softlist games
- MAME save state files were not handled correctly in "Run Game (Extra Parameters)" screen
- Files from "stamachine_namesoftwarenamegamename" folder were completely ignored
- For MAME software list games only, excluding arcade games
- The image layout currently in use could be disabled in "Layout Settings" screen, causing corruption in layouts .ini file read/write routine
- Extra title/machine type text color of selected systems were hard to read in night mode; light gray color replaced by dark gray
- Selection bar was not red color for CHDs with bad checksum ("Arcade Audit Results" screen)
- "CPU Filter" edit box was not correctly painted in night mode
- Search games floating panel was not showing up at startup

- Improvements to "version info" detection in "Arcade Emulators Setup" screen and at frontend startup
- Changes and tweaks to AlterMAME feature
- RAM variables were not initialized at startup, it could cause the frontend to crash
- Added a second AlterMAME slot so you can use two alternate emulators to run MAME games ("Arcade Emulators Setup" screen)
- new "Autorun Game With AlterMAME 2" checkbox ("Arcade Emulators Setup" screen and games popup menu)
- if game cannot be run with "AlterMAME 1", it will try again with "AlterMAME 2"
- new "Run Game With AlterMAME 2" option in games popup menu to run games directly with AlterMAME 2
- Added proper detection for "FinalBurn Alpha" and "Raine" emulators in "Arcade Emulators Setup" screen and when running games
- FBA website: https://www.fbalpha.com
- Raine website: http://raine.1emulation.com
- For Raine emulator, the "-nogui" parameter is added automatically to the execution command line and there's no way to toggle it off
- Better handling of CreateProcessW() exit codes "0, 1, 2, 5" after exiting emulators
- Tweaks and fixes to texts in "run game confirmation" and "execution error" dialogs
- Renamed file "image_category_overlay.ico" to "image_category_overlay_light.ico" ("resourcesmain_iconsoverlay" folder)
- Image category/layout icons updated to support overlay icons ("resourcesmain_icons" folder)
- Icon files "option_check.ico" and "option_radiogroup_on.ico" replaced by better versions, suitable for light and dark backgrounds ("resourcesmain_icons" folder)
- Changes and fixes to menu/popupmenu drawing colors
- Fixed a couple painting bugs in the selection bar outer border
- Fixed unreadable shortcut text color in selected items
- Added "help text" and "selected help text" in the colors array, changed them to "gray" to fix unreadable texts
- Added inner frame color to the selected items, slightly darker than menu background color
- Replaced TEdit standard component by my custom "TEditEx" component, to be used in "night mode"
- New properties: "Color Frame", "Color Frame Focused", "Color Frame Disabled", "Round Frame"
- Property "Use Custom Border" for an easy on/off toggle when changing between light/dark backgrounds; this property if OFF by default
- Allow custom frame colors instead of the fixed Windows themed frame
- Remove the fixed white inner frame when setting edit box background color to anything other than white
- Improvements to my custom "TShadowLabel" component for dark backgrounds compatibility
- Added new "Disabled Font Color" and "Disabled Font Shadow Color" properties so you can change font colors when the component is in "not enabled" state
- Added new "Use Disabled Font Color" property for an easy on/off toggle when changing between light/dark backgrounds; this property is OFF by default
- Modified image category/layout .ico files, removed monitor frames / texts to use with overlay .ico files ("resourcesmain_icons" folder)
- Moved "Tool Bar Overlay Icons Folder" setting to "Night Mode" page since this feature is not for the light mode (preferences screen)

- All code related to "AlterMAME Default Emulator Settings" and "AlterMAME custom ini settings" completely removed from the source code

- New night mode .ico overlay files for image categories/layouts ("resourcesmain_iconsoverlayimg_dark" folder)
- Support custom game icons for MAME software list games; "MAMu_ Icons" feature
- File "softwarenamegamename.ico" in arcade "icons.zip" is no longer supported
- Zipped icons for each software list must be in: - "user_mame_icons_pathsoftwarenameicons.zip" filename or
- "user_mame_icons_pathsoftwarename.zip" filename (alternate .zip name, exclusive Emu Loader feature!)

Unzipped icons must be in:
- "user_mame_icons_pathsoftwarenamegamename.ico" or
- "user_mame_icons_pathiconssoftwarenamegamename.ico"
- Minor tweaks to improve RAM usage and .zip files handlinga

Emu Loader 8.7.2

- Commented ROM / DISK entries were added as game files when creating MAME software games lists (softwarename.xml files) ROM or DISK entries ending with "-->" tag will not be added ("rocnrope" from "msx1_cart.xml" is one of the affected games) you must create MAME software list games again to fix this bug (main menu "Arcade", "Create MAME Software Games List")

- PDF game manual updates support for MAME software lists scan support for a sub-folder "manuals" added at the end of your selected PDF folder
- File "console_computermame_systems_softwarelist.ini" updated to MAME .204

- Some code cleanup, mostly commented out and deprecated

- "Search game" bar in "View Missing ROMs/CHDs" screen (audit results) the frontend searches the entered string in game title and then game name if title is not a match it works like the incremental search in the main games list, partial strings supported you can press ENTER key in the edit box instead of clicking the "search" button if there's no match, the edit box blinks red

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