pgAdmin 4 4.18 軟體資訊介紹&下載

ABBYY FineReader Corporate,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
ABBYY FineReader Corporate OCR 準確地將紙張和圖像文檔轉換為可編輯格式,包括 Microsoft Office 和可搜索的 PDF– 使您可以重用他們的內容,更有效地歸檔和更快地檢索。 FineReader 無需重新鍵入文件,並確保重要信息隨時可用。它可以即時訪問任何大小的整個文檔,並以任意組合支持 190 種語言。下載適用於 Windows 的 FineReader Offline Installer 安裝程序。 FineReader Professional 是一款全功能的 OCR 和 PDF 軟件應用程序,可在處理文檔時提高業務生產力。它提供了功能強大且易於使用的工具,用於訪問和修改鎖定在紙質文檔和 PDF 中的信息.

ABBYY FineReader 功能:

轉換 PDF 和掃描
世界領先的 OCR 技術,可以將紙質文檔,掃描和 PDF 文件準確地轉換為 Word,Excel 和 reg ; 可搜索的 PDF 格式和其他格式.

編輯和註釋 PDF
編輯任何 PDF 包括掃描,從多個文件創建 PDF,評論和註釋,搜索,保護和準備共享,填寫表格和更多。下載適用於 Windows 的 FineReader Offline Installer 安裝程序.

快速識別同一文檔的不同版本之間的文本更改– 是否掃描,PDF,Word 文檔或演示文稿.

Automate conversion
Streamline 文檔轉換使用 Hot Folder 工具來安排批量處理和跟踪文檔進行轉換時使用“已觀看” (X),XLS(X),PPT(X),VSD(X),HTML,RTF,TXT 等格式的文件夾。 .


注意:30 天試用版。處理多達 100 頁。一次只能保存 3 頁.

也可用:下載 ABBYY FineReader for Mac

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pgAdmin 4 4.18


83.4 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


ABBYY Europe GmbH



What's new in this version:

New features:
- Added support for a multi-level partitioned table
- Added a Schema Diff tool to compare two schemas and generate a diff script
- Allow screen-reader to read label & description of non-textable elements
- Allow screen-reader to identify the alert errors
- Added labels and titles after parsing and validating all the pgAdmin4 web pages for accessibility
- Set input controls as read-only instead of disabled will allow tab navigation in the properties tab and also allow screen readers to read it

- Improve code coverage and API test cases for the CAST module
- Improve code coverage and API test cases for the LANGUAGE module
- Improve the test framework to run for multiple classes defined in a single file
- Updated wcDocker package which includes aria-label accessibility improvements
- Replace node-sass with sass for SCSS compilation

Bug fixes:
- Ensure that path file name should not disappear when changing ext from the dropdown in file explorer dialog
- Fixed an issue while editing char[] or character varying[] column from View/Edit data throwing an error
- Fixed an issue where Grant wizard unable to handle multiple objects when the query string parameter exceeds its limit
- Added tab navigation on close buttons for all the panels and create/properties dialog
- Fix column resizable issue in the file explorer dialog
- Logout the pgAdmin session when no user activity of mouse move, click or keypress
- Fix an issue where setting STORAGE_DIR to empty should show all the volumes on Windows in server mode
- Updated the incorrect icon used for the cast node on refresh
- Fix an issue where refreshing a package results in the change in the object completely
- Fix an issue where select, insert and update scripts on tables throwing an error
- Ensure Postfix starts in the container, now it runs as non-root by default
- Fixed an issue where Save Password control disappears after clicking on it while creating a server

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