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Ableton Live 64 位軟件用於創建音樂創意,將其轉化為完整的歌曲,甚至將其帶入舞台。有兩個視圖 - 經典的排列視圖,沿著時間線佈置音樂創意,以及獨特的會話視圖,在這裡您可以即興創作并快速體驗音樂創意 --Ableton Live 64 位是一種快速,有趣,直觀的方式製作音樂。 Ableton Live 有三個版本:Intro,Standard 和 Suite。這些版本具有共同的功能,但標準版和套件有附加功能,樂器,包和效果.

Ableton Live 功能:

無論您如何開始音樂,Live 都會提供一個工作流程,幫助您順利完成工作。從任何來源錄製音頻或 MIDI。從任何速度混合和匹配循環和样本。與包括的聲音,樂器和效果的一個巨大的範圍工作.

Live 幫助您從一個音樂創意集合到一首完成的歌曲。憑藉廣泛的編輯工作流程,出色的音效均衡器和壓縮器,精美的米和波形,以及快速,靈活的導出選項,Live 為您提供了完成音樂所需的一切.

將您的音樂帶出演播室,帶上舞台。強大的性能工作流程。由於 Live 處理所有事情,您可以播放硬件或軟件樂器,觸發循環,處理來自其他音樂家的音頻,並專注於製作音樂.

獲取更多聲音,添加控制器或自定義幾乎所有關於 Live 的工作方式。從 Ableton 訪問幾十個附加軟件包,或訪問數千個社區建立的 Max for Live 樂器,效果器等等。用 Live.

注意事項,使用任何 MIDI 硬件來實現:30 天試用版。限制(保存和導出被禁用).

也可用:下載 Ableton Live for Mac

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Ableton Live 11.0.5 (64-bit)

Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Ableton Team


What's new in this version:

New features and improvements:
Arrangement View:
- Using "CMD"-click (Mac) / "CTRL"-click (Win) no longer deselects track headers that contain a hidden lane selection
- Take lane headers with a standby selection are now shown in the respective standby selection color when more than one track, take lane, and/or automation lane is selected
- It is now possible to rename multiple selected tracks simultaneously

Clip View:
- The Sample tab's Clip Gain control has been changed back to a vertical slider, and it has been repositioned above the Transpose controls
- The Sample tab's Reverse button now shows an icon instead of text
- The Sample tab's Reverse and Edit buttons are now positioned next to each other
- Added a Pitch dial to the Sample tab, which enables shifting an audio clip's pitch in semitones. The Transpose controls now appear as adjacent slider controls, positioned beneath the Pitch control
- When multiple audio clips with different Clip Gain values are selected, the value range is shown with split triangle handles on the Clip Gain slider
- Added some visual refinements to the Clip View tabs
- Improved the names of MIDI controllers that appear in the Control chooser when the Clip View's Envelopes tab is visible and the "MIDI Ctrl" is selected in the Device chooser

Follow Actions:
- The Follow Action Chance slider now displays a split triangle instead of just a black bar when it is showing multiple different values

- Updated various Help View lessons
- Updated various Help View lesson translations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese languages
- Updated some Japanese and Chinese info text translations
- The audio engine can now be turned on or off via a new "Audio Engine On" entry in the Options menu, or using the "CMD"+"ALT"+"Shift"+"E" (Mac) / "CTRL"+"ALT"+"Shift"+"E" (Win) keyboard shortcut
- The Overload Indicator is disabled by default for new Live 11 installations
- Live's performance is improved when deselecting many clips at once
- Max for Live:
- Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.11. For the changelog, visit:
- The following new properties and functions are available in the Clip API
- add_warp_marke
- move_warp_marke
- delete_warp_marke
- sample_rat
- sample_lengt
- The Max for Live API now supports large dicts

MIDI Editing:
- It is now possible to resize the velocity, probability, and per-note expression lanes in the MIDI Editor using the mousewheel/pinch gesture while holding "ALT"
- The background color of lane headers is now consistent with the Notes tab
- Clicking on a lane with a standby selection now selects that lane instead of collapsing the time selection

MPE Editing:
- The "Pitch Bend Range Settings..." context menu entry now appears when right-clicking in the area where per-note pitch-bend is editable
- When the Expression tab is open, making a time selection in the Note Editor or the Slide/Pressure expression lane while editing per-note expression now only shows the focused lane with a selection highlight, while all other lanes are shown with a standby selection highlight
- When the Expression tab is open, using the "Zoom to Clip Selection" command (or "Z" key shortcut) now adjusts the zoom level according to pitch bend values contained in the time selection
- It is now possible to clear all per-note Pitch, Slide and Pressure expression envelopes of a note at once by using the "Clear All Envelopes" entry in the context menu of the per-note expression breakpoint editor

Multi-Clip Editing:
- When clips are selected/unselected in the Session View, the highlighted track and scene now point to the foreground clip, if any exists
- Changing the foreground clip from the Clip View updates the highlighting of the track (in both the Session View and Arrangement View) and the scene corresponding to the new foreground clip
- Clicking on a clip's multi-clip loop bar in the Clip View updates the highlighted track, even if this clip is already the foreground clip
- New Devices and Device Improvements:
- The enabled/disabled state of a plug-in device's MPE Mode is now saved with that device's default configuration
- Plug-in devices now look similar to built-in Ableton devices when disabled

- The Chorus-Ensemble device now uses less CPU when certain settings are applied

- In the Phaser-Flanger device, when the LFO Stereo Mode is set to Spin and the Spin value is changed, a second LFO line is now visible and its frequency changes accordingly

Spectral Resonator:
- The Spectral Resonator device now uses about 15% less CPU
- The Spectral Resonator device now uses about 20% less CPU when very few partials are audible
- The spectrogram should now display about 30% of its former CPU load. Note: this is only visible in the system's CPU monitor, not in Live's audio processing meter
- When low polyphony and unison voices are set, less CPU usage should be shown

Spectral Time:
- The background of the Stereo slider now displays a blue color when its value is above 0%
- "Freeze On/Off" is now called "Frozen On/Off" in Automation Mode and on Push
- "Delay DryWet" is now called "Delay Mix" in Automation Mode, and "Mix" in the device UI and on Push
- In the Spectral Time device, the spectrogram should now display about 30% of its former CPU load. Note: this is only visible in the system's CPU monitor, not in Live's audio processing meter
- The Spectral Time device now runs at about 60% of its previous CPU load

- Added support for Drum Rack choke groups to the Wavetable device

- When editing multiple MIDI clips at once, a connected Push device now follows all highlight changes of tracks/scenes, and the focus on the corresponding track
- Updated the notification style for scenes, and updated the scene name visualization to include the absolute position, tempo and time signature on Push
- Adjusting multiple encoders while recording automation now creates less undo steps on Push 1 and 2

Session View:
- When a Session track slot is highlighted but not selected, using the Arrow Up/Down keys, Home/End, or PageUp/PageDown keys now moves the highlight to the adjacent track slot in the given direction
- It is now possible to rename multiple selected scenes simultaneously
- It is now possible to rename multiple selected tracks simultaneously
- In the Session View's Track Status display, the remaining play time of an unlooped clip now always displays the seconds with two digits (e.g., "10:07" instead of "10:7")

Control Surfaces:
- Added support for the Roland Fantom
- Added control surface support for the M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro, Oxygen Pro Mini and Oxygen MKV Series

The functionality of the Oxygen Pro control surface script has been drastically changed. Specifically:
- The Rewind and Fastforward buttons will now rewind and fastforward the Arrangement position
- Turning the Encoder will now scroll the Session frame up and down
- Holding the Encoder down and turning it will scroll the selected Scene up and down
- The Knobs can now control multiple features (Device parameters, Track Panning, Track Sends and, in the case of the 25 key, Track Volume) that can be selected
- by holding down Shift and pressing the Pads used for DAW KNOB CONTROL. Additionally, it is possible to toggle between controlling Send A and Send B
- by holding down Shift and pressing the SENDS Pad
- Live's Takeover feature is now enforced for the Knobs and Faders when switching between DAW and Preset Modes
- The Pads now provide LED feedback in respect to Clip/Clip Slot states in Live
- The Buttons beneath the Faders can now control multiple features (Track Arming, Track Muting, Track Soloing and Track Selection) that can be toggled
- between via the Mode button
- Fixed an issue where the Session frame was visible even when the hardware was not connected

Arrangement View:
- Fixed an issue where Live hangs when zooming in Arrangement View in some cases
- Previously, reordering automation lanes via dragging and dropping or using the "CMD" and Arrow Up/Down (Mac) / "CTRL" and Arrow Up/Down (Win) keys would not mark the document as modified
- Fixed the width of the divider line between Arrangement lanes and track/lane headers
- Previously, after selecting content by clicking on the Arrangement loop brace or pressing "CMD"+"A" (Mac) / "CTRL"+"A" (Win), content of tracks nested in a folded Group Track would not be selected when unfolding the containing Group Track
- Previously, track lanes and headers could not be deselected via "CMD"+click (Mac) / "CTRL"+click (Win) when their tracks contained hidden and selected automation lanes, take lanes, and/or Group Tracks
- Fixed a crash that could occur when restoring the Arrangement View's zoom state using the "Z" keyboard shortcut after deleting a take lane
- Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking in a track's main lane after track content had been selected during recording, under certain circumstances
- Previously, mixer controls in linked tracks would still be linked when selecting a take lane, after multiple track headers had previously been selected
- Arrangement clip headers no longer have an uneven appearance
- Previously, an Arrangement clip header would not be displayed as having a standby selection when the focus was moved away
- Previously, it was not possible to unlink all tracks when some tracks were nested inside a Group Track
- Fixed a crash that occurred when inserting a take lane
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to move a selected main automation lane by pressing the "CMD" and Arrow Up/Down (Mac) / "CTRL" and Arrow Up/Down (Win) keys

Control Surfaces:
- User Remote Scripts work as expected on Windows again
- Devices:
- The EQ Eight device will now scale the displayed spectrum the same way as the Channel EQ and Hybrid Reverb devices
- Previously, the Operator device could crash or calculate inaccurate frequencies when its Fixed Mode and Spread parameters were enabled
- In the Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time devices, the limiter's LED now correctly lights up when the limiter is active
- Switching between oscillator effects in the Wavetable device now changes labels within each matrix as expected
- In the Sampler, Simpler, and Wavetable devices, the MPE label text now updates according to the device's selected/deselected state
- Previously in the Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time devices, gaps would sometimes appear in the Spectrogram at high frequencies
- A Max for Live device's background color now updates correctly after moving that device between tracks
- Fixed two bugs in the MPE Control device:
- The Pressure curve would not follow Live's themes when the device was instantiated while using the Dark theme
- Global PB would be interpreted as Note PB under certain circumstances
- The Surge Synth Team's "Surge" VST/AU plug-in device now has its internal MPE Mode activated by default when started in Live. Deactivating the device's MPE Mode in Live will also cause Surge to deactivate MPE Mode internally

Interface Improvements:
- Mouse-clicks on a return track no longer "fall through" to audio/MIDI tracks or Group Tracks that are covered by that return track
- When left-clicking the CPU meter, the drop-down menu that appears is now aligned at the left-hand of the CPU meter
- The Launch Macro Variation button can be mapped as expected again
- Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging an empty frozen MIDI clip to an audio track
- Fixed a crash that could occur when freezing a track after recording, under certain circumstances
- Fixed the alignment of the Launch text label that appears in the expanded view of the Clip View's Clip box
- Previously, when copying a folder with audio files to another folder which was already in Places, the files would not appear in the browser
- Previously, when saving a Live Set file (such as a clip or preset) in the root folder of the temporary current Project, that file would not be copied over to the final destination Project
- Fixed the spelling of the "Sostenuto" parameter that appears in the Control chooser when the Clip View's Envelopes tab is visible and the "MIDI Ctrl" is selected in the Device chooser
- Previously, resizing the Device View, as a result of switching to the Arrangement View, while no clip was selected would result in automation lanes having the wrong height when switching back to the Session View
- Previously, using Tempo Follower and Tap Tempo at the same time could create a conflict with Live's tempo. To prevent this, Tempo Follower is now disabled as long as Tap Tempo is active
- Previously, the waveform of an audio clip in the Detail View would be displayed in a dimmed color, although that clip was not audible while Audition Mode was enabled
- Using pinch gestures to zoom once again works in expression lanes
- Previously, the vertical zoom level and scroll position in the MIDI Note Editor were sometimes wrong when switching from the Expression tab to the Notes tab
- Added the following changes for Windows:
- On Windows 10, Live requires version 1803 or higher to be used on HiDPI screens
- Live's second window is no longer shown separately in the list of windows that appears when pressing "Alt"+"Tab". It also cannot be minimized anymore. These changes highlight that the second window is not a stand-alone window, but secondary to the main window
- When switching virtual desktops, floating windows are no longer shown on the new virtual desktop
- When using virtual desktops, floating windows (e.g., the Max editor, plug-in devices, or Live's Preferences) are now only shown on the virtual desktop where Live is
- Fixed a bug that enabled performing certain actions (e.g., stopping playback) while a modal dialog was shown
- Previously, the selection on an auditioned take lane would look different when Draw Mode was active
- Previously, adding a device via double-clicking could create two undo steps
- Fixed a performance regression when loading a Live Set with many devices
- Previously, when exporting a video, the Export Audio/Video dialog would remain disabled when choosing an export file name that matched an existing video file (but not an existing audio file) and then choosing not to overwrite the existing file
- Fixed an issue where a Rack's selector buttons for chains and devices would swap places, under certain circumstances. Fixed various minor UI alignment and sizing issues that affected other elements within Racks
- Fixed a spacing issue in Drum Racks. In all Racks, the Rand and Map buttons now always align with the right border of the Macro Controls section, and they appear as "R" and "M" when six or less Macro Controls are shown
- For MIDI clips, program change controls now appear in the order [Bank][Sub][Pgm] instead of [Pgm][Bank][Sub]
- Fixed a crash when scrolling in the Clip View's Sample/Note Editor with the mouse button held down
- Fixed a bug that generated false disk overload indications, even when no sample dropouts occurred
- Previously, Link would not become disabled when opening a new Set
- Fixed a crash when unfolding a nested Group Track containing a selected clip
- The Pitch control in the Clip View's Sample tab once again works as expected when multiple clips are selected
- The Clip Activator button once again works as expected
- Previously, after selecting a Group Track header, the track highlight would sometimes immediately jump to a track within that Group Track
- Max for Live:
- Sending a getpath message to a live.object that operates upon the GroovePool no longer causes an error
- Sending a getpath message to a live.object that operates upon a Groove no longer causes an error
- GroovePool, Groove and DeviceIO now all have a canonical_parent property
- Replacing a licensed Max for Live device with an unlicensed one no longer creates a "fake" device that informs the user of a missing license. Also, it is no longer possible to inadvertently trigger Temporary Demo Mode when attempting to perform another action that breaches any current limitations, in cases where a "fake" device was created
- The LOM ID of a routable MIDI input/output is now retained after moving and saving the containing Max for Live device

MIDI Editing:
- Upon setting Scale Name and Root Note values for a MIDI clip, those values remain visible (but grayed out), even when Scale Mode is disabled
- When enabled, the Scale (aka Fold to Scale) button becomes disabled (instead of grayed out) whenever folding to scale is not possible
- Previously, when using the Arrow Up/Down keys in the Velocity or Chance Editor while no notes were selected, a false value was temporarily shown in the respective editor's lane header
- When multiple MIDI clips are selected and the Envelopes and Expression tabs are not displayed, the Notes tab is now left-aligned

MPE Editing:
- Previously, per-note pitch bend editing was unavailable when a MIDI Effect Rack or Instrument Rack was used, under certain circumstances
- Previously, when the Expression tab was visible, making a rectangular selection of a single note in the MIDI Note Editor would incorrectly set the focus to pitch bend expression editing
- Fixed a bug that caused a note's per-note pitch bend range to get reset to +/- 48 semitones when copying and pasting a track
- Fixed a bug that could cause notes to be affected by expression parameters (including pitch bend) from previous notes
- Previously, when the Expression tab was open and the MIDI Note Editor was folded, zooming to selected notes would sometimes scroll out of view

- Changes to a scale or root note on Push while recording a MIDI clip are now applied to that newly-recorded clip

Session View:
- When using a device parameter's "Show Automation" or "Show Modulation" context menu command while a Session clip is playing, Live now switches to the Envelopes tab in the Clip View when no clip is selected
- Shift-clicking on an empty track slot in the Session View no longer changes the scene and track highlighting
- Previously, the Follow Action Time marker was sometimes displayed at the wrong position in unwarped clips
- Improved the text contrast in the Session View's Track Status display for unlooped clips
- Previously, when triggering a scene with assigned Follow Actions after stopping Live's transport, that scene's tempo was not respected
- The "Stop" Follow Action now works as expected for scenes
- Setting the scene tempo or time signature from the Python API (Max and Push) will enable the respective scene control and display the correct value being set

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