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Ableton Live 64 位軟件用於創建音樂創意,將其轉化為完整的歌曲,甚至將其帶入舞台。有兩個視圖 - 經典的排列視圖,沿著時間線佈置音樂創意,以及獨特的會話視圖,在這裡您可以即興創作并快速體驗音樂創意 --Ableton Live 64 位是一種快速,有趣,直觀的方式製作音樂。 Ableton Live 有三個版本:Intro,Standard 和 Suite。這些版本具有共同的功能,但標準版和套件有附加功能,樂器,包和效果.

Ableton Live 功能:

無論您如何開始音樂,Live 都會提供一個工作流程,幫助您順利完成工作。從任何來源錄製音頻或 MIDI。從任何速度混合和匹配循環和样本。與包括的聲音,樂器和效果的一個巨大的範圍工作.

Live 幫助您從一個音樂創意集合到一首完成的歌曲。憑藉廣泛的編輯工作流程,出色的音效均衡器和壓縮器,精美的米和波形,以及快速,靈活的導出選項,Live 為您提供了完成音樂所需的一切.

將您的音樂帶出演播室,帶上舞台。強大的性能工作流程。由於 Live 處理所有事情,您可以播放硬件或軟件樂器,觸發循環,處理來自其他音樂家的音頻,並專注於製作音樂.

獲取更多聲音,添加控制器或自定義幾乎所有關於 Live 的工作方式。從 Ableton 訪問幾十個附加軟件包,或訪問數千個社區建立的 Max for Live 樂器,效果器等等。用 Live.

注意事項,使用任何 MIDI 硬件來實現:30 天試用版。限制(保存和導出被禁用).

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Ableton Live 10.1.9 (64-bit)

1.8 GB

Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Ableton Team


What's new in this version:

New features and improvements:
Interface Improvements:
- When creating a time selection on a Group Track using keyboard commands, the selection behavior is now consistent with dragging with the mouse. This also applies to Group Tracks when making a time selection across multiple tracks
- Filenames containing Chinese and Japanese text are now properly indexed and searchable in Live's browser
- The translations for the Show Link Toggle and Start Stop Sync buttons is now consistent with other buttons in the Preferences

Device Improvements:
- When toggling between Width and Mid/Side Mode in the Utility device, the layout positions and size no longer change
- In the Delay device, it is now possible to toggle the filter on and off by clicking on the "Filter" text label next to the Filter On switch

Push 2:
- Updated Push 2's firmware to version 1.0.69. This firmware version fixes a bug that prevented LED animations from working, under certain circumstances

- VST3 plugins can now use the PreSonus VST extensions to observe the name and index of the track they are on and to control Live’s track volume, pan, mute, solo and sends. This support has been developed and tested against Softube’s Console One plugin but will also work with other plugins that implement the extensions.

- Interface
- Devices
- Midi Recording and Editing
- Automation
- Recording
- VST3 / Plugins
- Link
- Control Surfaces
- Max for Live

- Previously, zoom-adaptive grid lines would shift off position when their width was adjusted in the Arrangement or Detail View
- Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting Group Tracks, in certain circumstances
- On Windows, dialogs are now always centered on top of Live, even if Live is maximised
- Using a pinch gesture to vertically zoom the MIDI Editor and Arrangement tracks now works as expected on Windows
- Previously, fades would flicker when the cursor moved over fade handles
- Fixed a bug that prevented resizing a track by pressing ALT and scrolling with the mouse, if the track was placed after a folded Group Track
- Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging a template Set from the User Library into the Session View
- Fixed a bug which caused Live to hang when a Set contained very short Arrangement clips
- Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging or copying and pasting an unwarped clip over a tempo change
- Previously, notes playing in Session clips would be re-triggered by note chasing when the Arrangement loop caused playback to jump backward in time
- Auto-updates no longer interrupt the file recovery process after a crash

- Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to unfold a missing sample item in the File Manager, if the sample was used as an imported waveform in the Wavetable device
- Fixed a bug which prevented automation in the Wavetable device from playing

Midi Recording and Editing:
- It is no longer possible for zero-duration notes to exist at the same start time as another note. This corrects various unwanted behaviors that previously occurred in the MIDI Note Editor when working with zero-duration notes
- Fixed unwanted behaviors that occurred when a track's Arm or Solo buttons were mapped to MIDI CCs
- Live no longer crashes when pressing the Tab key while dragging MIDI notes

- Fixed a crash that occurred when redoing stretching or skewing automation envelopes
- Previously, duplicating a Rack chain would not result in duplicated automation
- Fixed a crash that could occur when a looped audio clip's automation was overridden, under certain circumstances
- Copying automation envelopes from one plug-in device to another now works as expected
- Fixed some crashes related to automation envelopes

- Live no longer allows freezing tracks while recording. This prevents any possible loss of the recorded audio

VST3 / Plugins:
- Previously, Live could crash when rearranging tracks containing certain VST3 plug-ins, if Push was connected. Also, if return tracks and/or the Master track were controlled and contained certain VST3 plug-ins, adding audio or MIDI tracks would caused unwanted behavior in track controllability and the plug-in device
- Fixed a bug that prevented VST3 plug-in parameters from updating correctly
- Live no longer crashes when running unlicensed Waves plug-in devices
- Fixed a crash that could occur when changing parameters in a plug-in device's floating window while Key Map Mode, MIDI Map Mode or Macro Map Mode was active
- Fixed a bug that prevented the HALion 6 VST3 plug-in device from enabling multiple outputs

- When Link is enabled, the tempo of the second Link-enabled app now adjusts to match the first Link-enabled app

Control Surfaces:
- Fixed a bug that prevented certain plug-in devices and track controllability from working as expected
- The Note Mode of the selected track will be correctly recalled when loading a Set, if the selected track has something other than the default Note Mode selected on Push 1 or 2

Max for Live:
- Max for Live devices will now correctly return to their normal state when ungrouped from a Rack while Macro Map Mode is enabled. This behaviour is now consistent as with other Live devices
- Fixed a crash that occurred when saving a Max for Live device that resided in the Master track, when the Crossfader had an assigned MIDI mapping

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