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Ableton Live 64 位軟件用於創建音樂創意,將其轉化為完整的歌曲,甚至將其帶入舞台。有兩個視圖 - 經典的排列視圖,沿著時間線佈置音樂創意,以及獨特的會話視圖,在這裡您可以即興創作并快速體驗音樂創意 --Ableton Live 64 位是一種快速,有趣,直觀的方式製作音樂。 Ableton Live 有三個版本:Intro,Standard 和 Suite。這些版本具有共同的功能,但標準版和套件有附加功能,樂器,包和效果.

Ableton Live 功能:

無論您如何開始音樂,Live 都會提供一個工作流程,幫助您順利完成工作。從任何來源錄製音頻或 MIDI。從任何速度混合和匹配循環和样本。與包括的聲音,樂器和效果的一個巨大的範圍工作.

Live 幫助您從一個音樂創意集合到一首完成的歌曲。憑藉廣泛的編輯工作流程,出色的音效均衡器和壓縮器,精美的米和波形,以及快速,靈活的導出選項,Live 為您提供了完成音樂所需的一切.

將您的音樂帶出演播室,帶上舞台。強大的性能工作流程。由於 Live 處理所有事情,您可以播放硬件或軟件樂器,觸發循環,處理來自其他音樂家的音頻,並專注於製作音樂.

獲取更多聲音,添加控制器或自定義幾乎所有關於 Live 的工作方式。從 Ableton 訪問幾十個附加軟件包,或訪問數千個社區建立的 Max for Live 樂器,效果器等等。用 Live.

注意事項,使用任何 MIDI 硬件來實現:30 天試用版。限制(保存和導出被禁用).

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Sonic Visualiser 4.1 (64-bit)


20.1 MB

Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Ableton Team


What's new in this version:

- Support "dark mode" on Windows and Linux as well as macOS
- Add right-click (or Ctrl-click, on the Mac) context menus to the layer property tabs, pane zoom controls, and all dial controls providing some basic edit and reset functions
- Provide format options when exporting layers to CSV, allowing control over column separator, header row, and timestamp format
- Permit and handle optional header row when importing from CSV
- Add export of spectrogram data to CSV formats
- Support doubling escapes for quotes in quoted CSV fields on import
- Fix truncated image export when exporting from spectrogram view that hasn't finished loading when the export is requested
- Fix failure to show parameter updates when changing the current program in a Vamp plugin that supports programs (e.g. Melodia)
- Fix inability of Windows builds to open https:// URLs
- Add references to Vamp Plugin Pack in "Find a Transform" results for plugins that are not yet installed but are available in pack
- Improve and tidy various aspects of OSC support, and update documentation for it
- Improve performance of peak-frequency spectrogram
- Fix missing undo/redo of layer renames
- Fix failure to audition effects plugins live, while adjusting their parameters in preparation for applying them - this worked in some cases, but not the most common ones; it should now work everywhere

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