ACDSee 15.0.169 軟體資訊介紹&下載

ACDSee Photo Studio Standard (32-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 允許攝影師在一個地方執行創意攝影過程和分配的所有基本元素。管理你不斷增長的照片收藏從來沒有這樣的痛苦。 ACDSee 包裝的工具可以幫助您組織照片,完美展現自己的最佳狀態,並激發您的朋友和家人。隨著設計,讓您的工作流程流自動功能令人印象深刻,新的過濾器主機,以保持未來的創造力和快速訪問雲,ACDSee 的給您帶來前所未有 efficiency.

Developed 幾十年來,ACDSee 相片工作室標準 2018 站起來現代圖像處理的要求。照片工作室標準 2018 繼續提供值得信賴的,效率驅動的數字資產管理工具配對照片編輯要點為實際的業餘愛好者。與基於生產率的改進,如移動同步,簡化進口,改善了關鍵字提取和分類,以及更多的設施,照相館標準提供了所有你需要為你的攝影 workflow.

Finding 的基本要素,分揀,移動,組織和分享— 在您的攝影工作流程中完成掌握所需的一切就在這裡,觸手可及。將評分,分層關鍵字,類別和位置數據添加到您的圖像。利用可視標籤或可自定義的顏色標籤快速識別照片以進行進一步處理.

借助 ACDSee Mobile Sync,您可以通過移動設備無線和即時將照片和視頻直接發送到 ACDSee Photo Studio!只需選擇並發送。在 iPhone 和 Android 上可用,ACDSee Mobile Sync 應用程序會跟踪哪些照片已發送,因此您不必這樣做。通過靈活選擇選項和配置文件名和你的過程放大 subfolders.

ACDSee 最新消息:

Mobile Sync
Jumpstart 您的過程從您的手機與 iPhone 和 Android.

Choose 可用 ACDSee 的手機同步應用無線傳輸照片到 ACDSee 的上傳到 Facebook 和繼續關於您的工作流程,同時它完成在 background.

Improved Import
Avoid 與導入工具,通過與供您 workflow.

Categories / 關鍵詞的每一個階段熱鍵你的進程會記住您以前導入 photos.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Whip 連連上傳同樣的老照片 Panes
With 關鍵字和自己各自的窗格類別,你可以享受適當的空間用於管理不斷增長的 hierarchies.

ACDSee 影樓現在預裝有超過 100 個新邊框和紋理.

注意:31 天試用版.

也可用:下載 ACDSee for Mac

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ACDSee 15.0.169


81.88 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


ACD Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

# New Features
* Edit Brush
* Hierarchical Keywords
* New Noise Reduction
* Clarity – Mid-tone contrast adjustment
* Smart Blur – Added to Edit mode Blur filter
* Red Eye – improved
# Enhancements
* Color Management
- Basic color management added – images not in sRGB will be correctly displayed on your monitor
* Metadata Improvements
- Lens model information supported added for select manufacturers
- Lens model added to Auto Categories
- Detailed White Balance information can now be found in the EXIF section of the property panel
- Flash Bias information can now be found in the EXIF section of the Properties panel
- Added support for Sony and Panasonic maker notes
* Blu-ray disc support added to the Burn Basket
* Increased width of various controls in Edit mode to amplify usability (adjustment sliders and curve control)
* Can now set rating and color label from status bar in View and Edit modes
* Improved video playback supporting HD formats*
* Added Expand All and Collapse All commands to the context menu of both the Category and Keyword trees
# Fixes
* Fixed an issue that prevented database backup names from being longer than 16 characters
* Fixed an issue that would not allow the preservation of Unicode file names when burning to optical media
* Fixed an issue that would not allow use of the space bar to pan an image when zoomed in while in the Edit mode Sharpen filter
* Fixed an issue that caused video files to not be correctly detected during Import when camera connected directly to computer
# Trimmed Functionality
* In the database backup wizard, the ability to backup database and files to optical media has been removed
* Removed ability to burn a slideshow to optical media at end of Create Slideshow wizard
* Removed HighMAT, MPV and HTML Slideshow options from burn basket
* Removed Create Video or VCD wizard
* Removed Publish to TiVo
* Removed Device Detector

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