Thunderbird 91.1.1 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

ACDSee Photo Studio Standard (64-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 64bit 允許攝影師在一個地方執行創意攝影過程和分配的所有基本元素。管理你不斷增長的照片收藏從來沒有這樣的痛苦。 ACDSee 包裝的工具可以幫助您組織照片,完美展現自己的最佳狀態,並激發您的朋友和家人。 ACDSee 64bit 具有令人印象深刻的一系列自動功能,旨在保持您的工作流程,大量新過濾器以保持創造力,并快速訪問云,ACDSee 64bit 為您提供前所未有的效率.

ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2018 經過幾十年的發展,滿足現代圖像處理的需求。照片工作室標準 2018 繼續提供值得信賴的,效率驅動的數字資產管理工具配對照片編輯要點為實際的業餘愛好者。通過基於生產力的改進,例如移動同步,簡化的導入,改進的關鍵詞和分類工具等等,Photo Studio Standard 提供了您的攝影工作流所需的所有基本元素.

尋找,排序,移動,組織和分享— 在您的攝影工作流程中完成掌握所需的一切就在這裡,觸手可及。將評分,分層關鍵字,類別和位置數據添加到您的圖像。利用可視標籤或可自定義的顏色標籤快速識別照片以進行進一步處理.

借助 ACDSee Mobile Sync,您可以通過移動設備無線和即時將照片和視頻直接發送到 ACDSee Photo Studio!只需選擇並發送。在 iPhone 和 Android 上可用,ACDSee Mobile Sync 應用程序會跟踪哪些照片已發送,因此您不必這樣做。通過靈活的選擇選項和可配置的文件名和子文件夾縮放您的流程.

ACDSee 新增功能:

Mobile Sync
通過無線方式將照片從手機傳輸到 ACDSee 64 位,同時為 iPhone 和 Android 提供 ACDSee Mobile Sync 應用程序,即可啟動您的流程.

選擇上傳到 Facebook 並在後台完成時繼續處理工作流程.



類別 / 關鍵字 Panes

ACDSee 現在工作室預裝了超過 1 00 新的邊框和紋理.

注意:31 天試用版.

也可用:下載 ACDSee for Mac

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ACDSee Photo Studio Standard (64-bit) Screenshot 2
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Thunderbird 91.1.1 (64-bit)

Thunderbird Setup 91.1.1.exe

Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


ACD Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

- Menu item for disabling subject encryption for a single message added

- Printing messages that are not currently displayed is no longer supported, including printing multiple messages at once

- Buttons on compose window dialogs did not have a visual indication of focus
- Dropdown fields in message compose window were unreadable on Windows 7 with a dark theme
- Multiple bulk mail notification warnings were displayed
- Enabled/Disabled state of message filters did not persist as expected
- Printing a message did not print a list of its attachments
- Images attached from a web page were not sent as expected
- OpenPGP public key was attached multiple times when forwading a message
- Windows tray icon disappeared if Thunderbird was started by a shortcut with "Run" set to "Minimized"
- Windows tray message count badge displayed the "unread" count instead of the "new" message count
- Some downstream Thunderbird builds were incorrectly checking addons for a signature, causing all addons to be disabled
- Addressbooks set up with autoconfig showed no search results
- Various CardDAV setup and auto-detection fixes
- Dates (such as birthday) stored in contacts may display the wrong date; a one-time manual fix may be needed for dates that are incorrect.
- Attached VCards displayed as plain text when an email was HTML formatted
- Mailing list names with non-ASCII characters incorrectly displayed with an error
- LDAP directories were not searched for matches when adding recipients to an email
- Clicking "Connect to an LDAP address book" in account setup opened CardDAV setup dialog
- LDAP address books using Kerberos/GSS-API authentication did not authenticate
- LDAP search queries containing non-ASCII characters produced no results
- IRC server connections did not automatically retry after a timeout
- Calendar event editor did not honor mail.spellcheck.inline

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