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Actual Transparent Window 是一個創新的 Windows® 桌面增強功能,可以為系統中的任何特定窗口設置任何級別的透明度.

使用 Actual Transparent Window 可以很容易地組織同時打開的窗口。這是桌面空間組織的一種真正的新方法。現在,您不必每次都最小化和恢復窗口。除了在窗口之間切換的常用技巧 Actual Transparent Window,還提供了基於深度的窗口排序,這要歸功於為每個窗口單獨保存的完全可自定義的透明度級別。當一個聰明的想法與一個良好的實現相結合,結果是出色的!

Actual Transparent Window 是為廣泛的 Windows® 重視時間並渴望現代計算的審美快樂的用戶。 Windows 和 REG; 是多功能的,有時它適用於多種不同的應用。在 Microsoft Word 中輸入內容時,例如,需要在 Internet 瀏覽器中查看一些信息。推 Win + T(切換透明度),所需的窗口變得透明,你將很容易地解決你的任務。此外,使用半透明的窗戶減少對你的眼睛的負面影響!

注意:7 天試用版.

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Actual Transparent Window 8.12.1


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


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What's new in this version:

Actual Transparent Window 8.12.1
- Windows x64: In some rare cases applications might crash
- Title Buttons, Windows 10: In some applications extra buttons looked and located incorrectly when dragging an application window between monitors with different DPI resolutions (from lower to higher)
- Title Buttons, Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: In some applications glyphs on extra buttons looked too large on monitors with high DPI

Actual Transparent Window 8.12
- Title Buttons: Extra buttons overlapped the My Account button in Google Chrome since its version 64
- Title Buttons: In some cases extra buttons in Firefox Quantum got misplaced and drawn in wrong color
- Some applications (e.g. Malwarebytes) might hang at startup if Actual Transparent Window was running

Actual Transparent Window 8.11.2

- Windows 10 Creators Update: Metro (UWP) apps crashed at startup if Actual Transparent Window was running

Windows 10 Creators Update: Extra title buttons now have correct glyph/background colors in Metro (UWP) apps with custom-colored title bars (Edge, People, Store, Maps, Settings, Connect, Xbox, Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Paint 3D):
- While being mouse-hovered/pressed
- In the Compact View popup toolbar
- Title Buttons: In Metro (UWP) apps, popup toolbar popped up again instead of closing after a second click on the Compact View title button
- Title Buttons: Metro (UWP) apps crashed after invoking twice the semi-transparency slider (right click on a Make Transparent additional title button)

Actual Transparent Window 8.11.1
- Title Buttons: Auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons is improved in the latest versions of Google Chrome
- Windows 10: Some apps (like Visual Studio 2012 installer and components, or iTunes Helper) crashed when Actual Transparent Window was running
- Windows 10: Windows Magnifier got hung when its Lens mode was active and Actual Transparent Window was running
- Title Buttons: System window menu flickered constantly in apps where auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons enabled (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office apps)

Actual Transparent Window 8.11
- Windows 10: Now you can create specific window settings for Metro (UWP) apps (e.g. Settings, Edge, Skype, Store, Xbox, Calculator, etc.)
- The factory exclusion rule "All unnamed windows" is added to skip all windows with an empty caption
- Windows 10: Actual Transparent Window prevented the background spellchecking in Microsoft Word 2016
- Configuration: Captions on the Tools panels got cut in high DPI resolutions
- Configuration: Exclusion detail panel did not refresh after adding a new exclusion in the list

Actual Transparent Window 8.10.2

- Title Buttons: Extra buttons overlapped the standard ones in the Start Screen window of Office 2016 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) since the recent update
- UltraEdit main window consumed CPU a lot with Actual Transparent Window running
- Configuration: In Windows 7+, web links always opened in Internet Explorer, not default web browser

Title Buttons: Numerous Windows 10 compatibility fixes:
- incorrect Compact View background color fixed
- incorrect glyph color fixed with the enabled auto-selection of the main UI color
- incorrect glyph color fixed in UWP apps in the recent builds of Windows 10 Insider Preview

Actual Transparent Window 8.10.1
- Localizaton: Arabic language is added (translation made by Thamer Mousa)
- Windows 10: Title buttons now look correct in the Office 2013/2016 apps when their "File" tab gets active
- Configuration: Test Regexp dialog displayed an error if it was opened on a monitor with high DPI resolution
- Updating: If the "New version is available" balloon notification was shown, right click on the Actual Transparent Window notification area icon started the installation instead of displaying icon's context menu

Actual Transparent Window 8.10
- Windows 10: Extra title buttons now look correct on windows with colored title bars (Messaging, Phone, Photos, Windows Mail) and in the Dark visual theme
- Windows x64: Stability is greatly improved (there should be no more high CPU usage or app crashes at Actual Transparent Window startup)
- Configuration: Test Regexp and Select Window From List dialogs now look and work correct in high DPI resolutions
- There was possible (of low probability, though) security breach when running Actual Transparent Window library from the %Temp% folder
- Extra title buttons covered standard title buttons in the Microsoft Office 2016 apps
- Windows 10: Extra title buttons covered tabs in Google Chrome windows
- Windows got completely opaque upon activation instead of restoring their initially set transparency level when both the "Make transparent - At startup" and "Make transparent - While inactive" options were enabled
- Configuration: Check box and radio button captions got cut in high DPI resolutions

Actual Transparent Window 8.9
- The CFL command line switch is expanded with the ability to specify an arbitrary folder where the configuration files should be - stored: ActualTransparentWindowCenter.exe CFL ""
- Overall stability is improved.
- Evaluation dialog has been restyled.
- Proper scaling in high DPI resolutions has been finally implemented for program dialogs (About, Register, Check for Updates, - etc.).
- Auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons worked incorrectly in high DPI resolutions for Windows Explorer and - Microsoft Office windows.
- Some features stopped working in Skype windows after saving the Actual Transparent Window configuration.
- Windows 7+: Specific window settings with certain Window Caption criterion specified did not apply to Microsoft Management - Console windows (Event Viewer, Task Scheduler, Disk Manager, etc.).
- Intuit QuickBooks windows hung for a while after right clicking the extra title buttons.

Actual Transparent Window 8.8.2
- Configuration: Navigation pages now display a tooltip with the full caption text over their header if the caption text does not fit the header visible area
- Configuration: With large interface font size (either set manually in the User Interface settings or generated automatically because of a high screen DPI resolution), navigation page captions did not fit the headers

Actual Transparent Window 8.8.1
- Windows 10: False-positive SmartScreen warning about setup file corruption is finally remedied.

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