Bitwig Studio 3.2.2 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Actual Transparent Window 是一個創新的 Windows® 桌面增強功能,可以為系統中的任何特定窗口設置任何級別的透明度.

使用 Actual Transparent Window 可以很容易地組織同時打開的窗口。這是桌面空間組織的一種真正的新方法。現在,您不必每次都最小化和恢復窗口。除了在窗口之間切換的常用技巧 Actual Transparent Window,還提供了基於深度的窗口排序,這要歸功於為每個窗口單獨保存的完全可自定義的透明度級別。當一個聰明的想法與一個良好的實現相結合,結果是出色的!

Actual Transparent Window 是為廣泛的 Windows® 重視時間並渴望現代計算的審美快樂的用戶。 Windows 和 REG; 是多功能的,有時它適用於多種不同的應用。在 Microsoft Word 中輸入內容時,例如,需要在 Internet 瀏覽器中查看一些信息。推 Win + T(切換透明度),所需的窗口變得透明,你將很容易地解決你的任務。此外,使用半透明的窗戶減少對你的眼睛的負面影響!

注意:7 天試用版.

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Bitwig Studio 3.2.2

Bitwig Studio 3.2.2.msi

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Actual Tools


What's new in this version:

- When showing the Commander window ([CTRL]+[ENTER]), plug-ins and other windows are now temporarily hidden
- Pasting a time selection that spanned multiple track groups would only paste (or misplace) some of the data
- Dragging a multi-track time selection between two projects would sometimes only bring (or misplace) some of the data
- Moving a time selection to the end of an Arranger note clip in the Detail Editor Panel in Track mode could delete other notes
- When showing Expanded Device View, don't steal input focus from the application window
- Device parameters' default values were sometimes out of range
- Fix rare crashes that could happen when deactivating the audio engine for a project that contained plug-ins
- Rare crash when reshowing plug-in windows and a plug-in crashes
- VST3: fixed message allocation
- Values shown on controllers for choice style parameters could sometimes be wrong
- Windows: fixed some occasional audio engine crashes when unplugging a controller
- Double clicking a device in the side browser using touch screen loads wrong device
- HW instrument is sending CC controller for Pan in MPE mode
- Shortcut for toggle micro-pitch editing has no effect

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