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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
全新的 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 與 Adobe 文檔雲在這裡。這將改變你永遠與重要的商業文件工作的方式。當您使用 Acrobat 或我們的在線服務創建 PDF 時,您將獲得的不僅僅是文檔的圖片。您可以編輯,簽名,共享,保護和搜索一個智能文件。另外,你知道它會在任何屏幕上看起來是正確的.

使用 Acrobat Reader 移動應用程序在任何地方處理文檔。它包含了在移動設備上轉換,編輯和簽名 PDF 所需的所有工具。您甚至可以使用設備相機掃描文檔,白板或收據,並將其另存為 PDF .

Acrobat DC 為全球超過 10 億台設備帶來了電子簽名功能。現在任何人都可以用手指在支持觸摸的設備上合法簽署文檔,或者在瀏覽器中快速點擊幾下。不僅僅是一個簽名應用程序,Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 也可以方便地發送,跟踪和存儲簽名文檔.

讓用戶可以訪問全球最好的 PDF 解決方案,同時保持文檔,數據和桌面應用程序的最高級別的安全性和合規性。為 Citrix XenApp,XenDesktop 和 VMware Horizo​​n 提供對指定用戶的全新支持,為 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 提供安全的遠程訪問。現在,您可以使用 Document Cloud 服務獲取 Acrobat Pro DC,您將可以:
在任何地方工作。使用新的 Acrobat DC 移動應用程序創建,編輯和簽名 PDF。並使用 Mobile Link 訪問桌面,網頁和移動設備上的最新文件。編輯任何東西即時編輯 PDF 文件和掃描文件,與其他文件一樣自然 - 使用革命性的成像技術。更換墨跡簽名。使用完整的內置電子簽名服務發送,跟踪,管理和存儲簽名的文檔。保護重要文件。防止他人復製或編輯 PDF 中的敏感信息。消除隔夜信封。以電子方式發送,跟踪和確認文檔的傳送。注:30 天試用版.

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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Adobe Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

- Processing dialog fix for new Stop After Current Job feature
- Web URL is included in the search of the Apps dialog
- Numerous bugs fixed
- The Processing dialog has a new feature: Stop After Current Job
- D2V Witch added and enabled by default for VOB/MPG
- Command line for some processes like ffmsindex wasn't shown while processing
- Render, scaling and layout fixes and improvements, especially for 96 DPI
- PowerShell script host supports events, script examples use events, better error handling
- Improved Log File Viewer (Main Menu > Tools > Log File)
- Tip: The Log File Viewer has a context menu
- The Preview dialog can be resized with the mouse
- Support for character # in filenames because MP4Box was finally fixed
- Various dialogs made resizable and remember their size
- Maximum number of parallel processes increased from 4 to 16
- The documentation was greatly improved (still far from perfect though)
- Muxer dialog supports Drag & Drop for subtitles, audio and attachments
- Video Comparison has hardware render support added
- aomenc.exe GUI re-enabled
- Dark color theme for built-in help
- Improved built-in F1 help
- ffmpeg video encoder codec FFV1
- x264 and x265 dialogs have a new Bitrate option, the default value is 0 which means the bitrate of the project/template in the main dialog is used
- For file batch jobs only the file name is shown in the jobs dialog and not the full path
- Audio encoder supports extracting DTS core using ffmpeg
- The audio Copy/Mux profile has a Extract DTS Core feature
- The command line audio encoder has a Default and Forced option
- New chunk encoding feature for x265 parallel processing
- Media info dialog replaced with MediaInfo.NET
- The command line video and audio encoder uses cmd.exe directly without creating a bat file
- this avoids creating a temporary bat file and adds full unicode support
- Portable support added, no need to install anything
- Setting to allow to use tools with wrong version
- for this a Danger Zone tab was added in the settings
- The auto crop feature shows progress both in the processing dialog and in the crop dialog
- Improved issue templates on the github issue tracker
- The ExecuteCommandLine command has a new Working Directory parameter
- The launch button in the Apps dialog for a console tool shows its help via Windows Terminal
- Windows Terminal available in the main menu with special StaxRip environment (apps and macros)
- The video encoder dialog feature Show Command Line is shown using Windows Terminal
- Execute Command Line in video encoder dialogs is shown via Windows Terminal
- In the Apps dialog the tools can be listed using PowerShell Out-GridView
- Shell Execute flag was added to the command ExecuteCommandLine
- The global setting 'Add filter to convert chroma subsampling to 4:2:0
- uses now ConvertToYUV420 instead of ConverttoYV12
- In various command line features the path environment variable of the process has all exe tools
- added and all macros are available as environment variables
- Check added that blocks source files with too long path or filename
- A setting that allows to change the limit exists in the Danger Zone section
- SVT-AV1 support with GUI
- Media info folder view was replaced with a new powershell based (Get-MediaInfo)
- dialog that supports caching for fast startup perforance
- When a Event Command executes it writes a log entry, this is now disabled by default
- but there is a new setting: 'Write Event Commands to log file'
- In the Jobs dialog there is a button that shows a menu, this menu can now also be shown
- as context menu via right-click on the jobs list and it has various new features
- The Apps dialog allows to clear custom paths
- The Apps dialog allows to locate files via Everything
- Check for Updates added to main menu in Help section
- Version is shown in main dialog title bar
- 'Main Menu > Help > Info' shows list with contributors

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