Silhouette Studio 4.4.090 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC(以前的 Adobe Reader)比其他 PDF 軟件更強大,是用於查看,打印和註釋 PDF 的免費可信標準。而現在,它已經連接到 Adobe Document Cloud— 所以在計算機和移動設備上處理 PDF 文件比以往更容易。您可以點擊免費下載按鈕,從我們的網站上下載 Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC 離線安裝程序.

Acrobat Reader DC 具有新的現代外觀。這包括一套完整的評論工具來添加便簽,突出顯示文本,並在您的 PDF 上使用線條,形狀和圖章.

查看和註釋 PDF 文件
使用 Acrobat Reader DC,您甚至可以打開和查看 PDF 文件。使用一套完整的評論工具,可以輕鬆地為文檔添加註釋.

通過 Mobile Link,最近查看的文件可以輕鬆地從您的所有計算機,瀏覽器和移動設備進行訪問。無論您上次查看的是哪個文件夾.

將 PDF 轉換為 Word
只需點擊一下鼠標即可獲得附加的 Adobe Document Cloud 服務。在 Reader 內部,您可以訂閱激活其他功能來創建 PDF 文件並將其導出到 Word 或 Excel。  

填寫,簽名並發送 PDF 表格
告別紙質表格。相反,請在 PDF 表單上輸入回复。添加您的電子簽名。以電子方式提交表格。並為您的記錄保存一份副本.

使用 Adobe 和 Microsoft 工具來管理和部署更新。獲得對各種文檔安全標準的支持。使用免費的 Acrobat SDK 擴展閱讀器功能。更多信息:下載 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 為 Mac

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Silhouette Studio 4.4.090 (64-bit)


357 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Adobe Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Smart Snapping - re-position shapes easily with smart snap guides! Press ‘S’ to toggle Smart Snapping
- Print Preview - see a preview of how your Print & Cut job will print before you send
- Transparent PNG Auto-Trace - drag PNG files with transparent backgrounds to create instant cut lines around the solid areas of your image!

Standard Edition Fixes:
- 32-bit Release versions are no longer displaying the beta dialog upon startup
- Font installer is now verified
- Application window size is now remembered on start-up
- 'Restore factory defaults' no longer causes SS to crash
- Performance improvements
- Fixed log file cleanup
- Crash no longer occurs when trying to use Studio in a very small window
- OK button is now visible on the 'Device detected' pop-up on Windows 7 machines
- Added a right-click context menu to document tabs
- UI is now better aligned in Preferences
- Default blade choice in preferences is now working
- All options in the Display tab of preferences now work as expected
- Preference window buttons now fit Mac OS OK/Close conventions
- Reduced the size of the Preferences window
- Removed 'Silhouette Device Connections' options from Preferences
- ‘Restore Defaults’ is now correctly restoring changed settings in Preferences
- Tutorial text is easier to read when using the Grey theme

Design Fixes:
- You can now hold shift while panning a pattern to constrain it to a vertical or horizontal direction
- It is possible to collapse panels again
- Image scale is now transferred correctly when using the eyedropper tool
- Warping no longer creates many more points than necessary on a filled shape
- Specify Dimensions section is now disabled when no object is selected
- Using the Move tool in the Quick Access Toolbar will no longer move objects when the distance is set to 0
- Moved Print Bleed to the 'Registration Marks' panel
- Restored the Custom option in the media size dropdown of Page Setup
- Page Setup sliders are now more accurate
- You can no longer snap to hidden guides
- The eraser cursor no longer appears to snap to grid
- Pressing 'i' to select Eyedropper no longer causes Cross-hairs to become frozen
- Applying a new default orientation now greys out the "Apply" button
- Text panel advanced options now work with Dark Theme
- Made Pixscan warning text more readable on the Dark Theme
- Added an 'X' to Sticky Note top-right corner when a Sticky Note is active
- Sticky Notes can now be edited once the file has been saved
- Added a 'Do you want to delete this Sticky Note' warning when a note with text is deleted
- Sticky Notes can now be re-scaled
- Created a Dynamic Toolbar for Sticky Notes
- Sticky Notes can no longer be resized to the point the text is pushed out of the note
- Pan Pattern icon now moves with a shape
- The Silhouette icon on the Toolbar is no longer pixelated
- Zoom is no longer reset when you switch from design to send
- Glyphs panel is no longer white in the Dark Theme
- Add a checkbox on page setup for ‘constrain media to cutting mat’
- Spanish translation for reg mark on/off checkboxes are now correct
- Updated Japanese text for certain materials
- Commercial font indicator is now displaying for commercial fonts
- Files saved in a .jpg/png format now respect DPI settings
- Increased size of the grid lines on the Cameo 4 Plus 15" cutting mat
- Improved the time it takes to change the line and fill properties of text objects

Send Fixes:
- Extended media-only cutting range to 60ft for machines which support the roll feeder
- Carriage now returns to origin after a Test Cut
- Updated the "Load Media" text when a Cameo 4 is connected
- Enabled advanced users to turn off Smart Cut loop generation in Material Settings
- Smart Cut can now raise blade when traversing loops
- Removed unusable 'cut' settings from CAMEO4 Tool 2 materials
- Renaming a duplicated material no longer crashes Studio
- Sketch Pen settings have been updated to improve the "Dragging lines" issue
- Stipple sorting has been re-added
- Barcode cuts are now more reliable
- Adjusted the Send Panel dropdown UI
- Cardstock, Plain and Cardstock, Textured Emboss settings have been corrected
- Updated Wood Paper settings
- Sketch action has been removed from the materials "Metal Sheets, Etching" and "Metal Sheets, Stippling"
- Default Punch force is now 7 and can be set higher if required
- Added Rotary Cut action to Crepe Paper
- Renamed 'Skim Force' to 'Loop Force' in Rotary cut settings
- Increased the maximum force to 23 for Rotary Blade
- Made the force 1 by default on all newly created custom materials for Tool 2
- Blade Depth dial for 3mm Kraft Blade now goes up to 30 in all areas
- Calibration distance adjustment lines are now printing
- Red and Blue circles have been removed from the Calibration sheet to avoid confusion
- Changed '(Auto) Tool Name' to 'Tool Name (Detected)' in the Tool dropdown
- Cameo 3 is no longer defaulting to ratchet blade when 'Choose Automatically' Preference is enabled
- Studio no longer crashes when you send a stipple design to a Curio
- 'Other' is now at the bottom of the material categories list
- Weed Lines now cut with settings for Tool 1
- Languages are now changing appropriately on the Send panel

Library Fixes:
- 'Could not sync' message is now more obvious
- Update to Library cached image access
- Speed improvements to Library UI
- Color changes to improve readability in the Snapshot panel
- Library banner no longer appears if you click 'X' while an account is syncing
- Changed Right-Click 'Open' label to 'Use' for fonts
- Made the Font drop-down wider and longer
- There is now a warning when users are about to remove a user from the library
- Tooltips have been added for show/hide library icon and library status icons

Designer Edition and Above Fixes:
- It is now possible to adjust the color of crosshairs
- Pop-up now uses its own line colors, rather than the default line style
- Right-clicking with the Magnet Trace tool selected will now start undoing the Magnet Trace
- Exported SVGs with Compound Paths should now render correctly in other programs
- Studio no longer crashes when opening the glyph tab of the font creation panel or the text panel on Mac
- Media area is now correct when editing font glyphs
- Reduced the number of points created when saving a font
- Improved the time Studio took to save a Handwritten Font
- Opening another panel whilst editing a glyph no longer closes the glyph
- UI no longer flickers when upgrading/downgrading
- Nesting boundary is no longer incorrect when using registration marks
- Puzzle sliders no longer intermittently fail
- Using 'Puzzle Selected Shape' on an image fill no longer results in a tiled image
- Designs should no longer be able to be pasted into locked Layers
- Page no longer resets to 12 inches when adjusting size in Media Layout view
- Added units of measurement to 'Margin' and 'Nesting' sliders in Media Layout View
- Studio no longer crashes when turning on crosshairs after setting a default line color
- Shape no longer invisible when the angle of the Rhinestones is set to Perpendicular
- Rhinestone Spacing and Angle Offset sliders no longer snap back to default values when using the arrows

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