GameMaker Studio 2.1.5 Build 322 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Adobe Camera Raw,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Adobe Camera Raw,它允許您導入和增強原始圖像,自 2003 年首次發布以來一直是專業攝影師必備的工具。支持 Adobe Camera Raw 的應用程序包括 Photoshop,Photoshop Elements,After Effects 和 Bridge。此外,Adobe Lightroom 建立在相同的功能強大的原始圖像處理技術 Adobe Camera Raw.



注意:需要 Adobe Photoshop.

也可用:下載 Adobe Camera Raw 為 Mac

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GameMaker Studio 2.1.5 Build 322


179 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Adobe Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

- Please note that whilst not mandatory, 2.1.5 is highly recommended. We have changed the licensing server to better protect against DDoS attacks and made several fixes to offline usage (especially for our Mac IDE users). If you get "license is invalid" the first run after updating - please just login again once to fix.

As well as a large number of fixes to the IDE and runtimes, we've added in this version:
- Support for building to Android 64bit architectures
- Collision functions which return a list of all colliders, not just the first
- New collision type for sprites: Non-axis-aligned bounding box
- Virtual keyboard functions for iOS, Android, and UWP

Startup / Offline / Licensing Fixes:
- Fix for Mac IDE requiring you to relicense when changing network
- Fix for being asked to get a new licence too often in cases of being unreachable
- Fix for incorrectly checking licence expiration dates in some cases
- Fix for crash when unable to download carousel images on the start page
- Fix for crash when returns invalid runtime rss information
- Changed the "Unable to log - no network connection" message to be more accurate and avoid confusion in the case of being offline

New collision type for sprites:
- Sprite Editor: Added support for a non-axis-aligned bounding box mask type
- Preference: Added option to set the default collision shape when creating new sprites

Spine Agreement:
- A Spine agreement is now shown before you can build projects which contain Spine
- Note: This agreement is shown per-project so that teams/contractors can accept with one click

- Game Options: Added controls for building 64bit architectures
- Game Options: Added control for adding Google Cloud Sync support into your Android manifest, used in the Google Play Services extension

Misc IDE Changes:
- Saving: Fixed an issue with object variable strings containing "n" which meant projects from 2.1.3 "lost" rooms when imported to 2.1.4
- Saving: Fixed a saving issue with external tools locking files which meant object event code could appear in the next project you opened that IDE session if that project had an object with the same name
- Saving: Fixed events "losing" code when the object name is changed or the object is duplicated when a save is already pending and then the object is locked by an external process
- Note: Another reminder that we do not recommend working with your project source saved in Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive, etc., folders!
- Saving: Fixed the check for when to warn about iOS icon changes being required in your project so it no longer warns unneccesarily
- Code Editor: Fixed autocomplete window being offset if autocompleting an enum on a long line of code
- DnD Editor: Fixed not being able to Cut/Copy/Paste nodes using keyboard shortcuts when using the macOS IDE
- Image Editor: Fixed the "Convert to Frames" dialog opening up too small when using the macOS IDE
- Object Editor: Fixed event names showing a unwanted '-' if the Object is opened in the Workspace and that event is empty
- Object Editor: Changed opening events to require double-clicks - fixes issues with single-click to select the event changing focus to the script and causing event copy/paste/delete workflow problems
- Workspaces: Fixed Middle Mouse Button scrolling the workspace at the same time as a code window if you happened to click on a scroll bar
- Resource Tree: Fixed/changed the highlight around text during a rename in the dark skin to improve clarity
- Resource Tree: Fixed duplicating a resource whilst at the Trial license limit crashes the IDE rather than showing a warning
- Resource Tree: Fixed "Add Existing" and then picking a resource from same project causes fatal error
- Resource Tree: Fixed how GMS2 calls Finder so Finder now shows results when doing "Add Existing"
- Room Editor: Fixed rectangle selection of rotated items to stop instances outside the rectangle being selected
- Room Editor: Fixed the loading of room inheritance settings if you reload the project
- Room Editor: Fixed a crash when copy/pasting multi-select objects across multiple layers
- Room Editor: Fixed issue which causes rooms to reopen at massively offset co-ordinates (usually approx -20k, -20k) after reloading project
- Note: If you have this room offset issue in a project already it will still load like this - just fix the position once and then save the project
- Room Editor: Changed Room width and height fileds so they can no longer be set to 0, as this just causes D3D errors during builds
- Preferences: Fixed "Delete old runtimes" to now delete everything other than the currently-used runtime and the runtime the IDE shipped with (if these differ)
- Search & Replace: Fixed to check instance creation code for instances on sub-layers
- Search & Replace: Fixed "Replace" to now replace the text in comments as well
- Localisation: [French] Fixed "Mouse Down" and "Mouse Pressed" event localisation texts and so they now differ
- Localisation: [German] Fixed Finder dialogs not being in German
- Font Editor: Fixed the preview and range windows to use the font's "Style" value, so text will now appear bold/italic, etc.
- Sound Editor: Fixed only getting white noise when playing a high-quality .ogg
- Sound Editor: Fixed sounds under a second long not playing completely in preview unless you turn on looping

- See the bug database's Change Log for the list of public issues fixed in this version
- Known Issues can be found on the bug database also - for the current IDE headline list see this page
- Not a bug, but be aware all download links for 2.1.3 and older have now been removed from this page, as 2.1.4 is mandatory

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