Nuclino 1.4.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Adobe DNG Converter 是一個免費的實用程序,可以將 600 多個攝像機的文件轉換為 DNG 格式,使您能夠輕鬆將相機專用的原始文件轉換為更通用的 DNG 原始文件.

Digital Negative 的開發旨在解決缺乏專有和開放的標準每個數碼相機創建的獨特的原始文件。 DNG 允許攝影師將其原始相機文件歸檔為單一格式,便於將來進行編目和訪問。隨著格式規範免費提供,任何開發人員都可以構建支持和利用 DNG 的軟件。欲了解更多信息,請訪問數字負片頁面。

添加了以下相機的支持。訪問 Camera Raw 頁面以獲取支持的攝像機的完整列表.

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Nuclino 1.4.0


92.7 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64


Adobe Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

Nuclino 1.4.0
Improved navigation and search experience:
- Being able to explore and quickly retrieve the information you need without losing context is essential to staying productive. We have always made it a priority to continuously optimize the navigation and search experience in Nuclino and have just released another update to make it even better.
- When you have a lot of deeply nested, interconnected items, it can be easy to get lost. Now, you will always know where you are. After finding the item you needed through search or navigating to it using internal links, you will be able to see exactly where this item is in the hierarchy of your workspace, thanks to the following updates

Responsive images:
- Images in Nuclino are now rendered differently depending on your screen size and DPI.
- That means that images will now:
- load faster;
- look sharper on high DPI displays;
- consume less bandwidth on mobile and other small screens.
- As you explore your content using internal links or using the quick access menu, the sidebar will always show where each item is located in the hierarchy.
- Search now allows you to not only find the item you need, but also its context. Hover over the item and click on Show in workspace and you will be instantly taken to the exact location of the item in the workspace structure.
- If you get lost while navigating through your sidebar, you can always go back to your open item by selecting Show in workspace option in the item menu.
- Enhancements and fixes:

Code blocks:
- Code blocks no longer display an unnecessary vertical scroll bar.
- Horizontal scrolling of code blocks now works correctly in all browsers.
- Lines of code no longer breach the borders of code blocks in shared items.

- It is now possible to see the full path of an item, including all clusters it belongs to, by hovering over the clusters displayed over the item title.
- Videos in shared items are now correctly aligned.
- When the sidebar is hidden, resizing the browser window no longer automatically opens it.
- The margins between image grids and other elements have been adjusted.
- Text links in italics now have correct styling.
- The item comment experience has been improved to handle longer comments.
- Guests no longer see menu items for actions inaccessible to them, such as permanently deleting content from trash or moving items and clusters between workspaces.

Nuclino 1.3.0
Dropbox integration:
- If your team is using Dropbox to store and share documents, you can now easily link to your files from Nuclino. Simply paste a link to a Dropbox file or folder and Nuclino will automatically fetch its title.

Improved embedding experience:
- Embedding content inside Nuclino can bring your documents to life and save you the trouble of having to keep multiple tabs open. Nuclino supports embeds from 15+ different apps, including Google Drive, Figma,, and more.
- We are committed to continuously improving the experience of working with embeds. This month, we have added the ability to easily open the link to the embedded content, comment on, or delete an embed. Simply open the newly-added menu in the top-right corner of the embed.
- Additionally, now you can browse the full list of available embeds directly from Nuclino. Use the insert menu or the slash command and navigate to Apps & integrations to access it.

More enhancements and fixes:
- You will no longer get duplicate notifications when you are mentioned in a comment or a reply.
- When you delete, archive, or move an item or a cluster, you will now get a confirmation message.
- The workspace export has been optimized to work for particularly large workspaces.
- Scrollbars in the insert menus are now visible on Windows and Linux.
- Pressing Undo (Ctrl/Cmd + Z) after pasting a link will now remove the automatically fetched link title and show the original URL. Automatic link embedding can be reversed the same way.
- The in-app toast notifications have been redesigned.

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