Silhouette Studio 4.2.471 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Adobe DNG Converter,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Adobe DNG Converter 是一個免費的實用程序,可以將 600 多個攝像機的文件轉換為 DNG 格式,使您能夠輕鬆將相機專用的原始文件轉換為更通用的 DNG 原始文件.

Digital Negative 的開發旨在解決缺乏專有和開放的標準每個數碼相機創建的獨特的原始文件。 DNG 允許攝影師將其原始相機文件歸檔為單一格式,便於將來進行編目和訪問。隨著格式規範免費提供,任何開發人員都可以構建支持和利用 DNG 的軟件。欲了解更多信息,請訪問數字負片頁面。

添加了以下相機的支持。訪問 Camera Raw 頁面以獲取支持的攝像機的完整列表.

Adobe DNG Converter Screenshot 1
Adobe DNG Converter Screenshot 2

Silhouette Studio 4.2.471


Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64


Adobe Systems Inc


What's new in this version:

- Newly pasted items are now selected as expected
- New preference within Tools to decide whether newly pasted items should be selected or not - "New Shape Becomes Selected" is selected by default
- Page width can now be set above 12”
- The line effect spacing for hash patterns now successfully updates below 0.079 inches
- Input fields no longer lose focus when a tooltip opens
- Replicated objects no longer lose their z-order
- Right-clicking an empty space no longer deselects all before opening the context menu
- Fixed an issue where ‘Scale By’ was not scaling by the expected amount
- Right-click “Show Registration Marks” is no longer greyed out
- Advanced Fill Gradient handles can now be removed via a new right-click context menu or by the new 'x' icon
- Line effects can now be opened in Standard Edition once saved
- Terminology updates for file extension within the File > Open dropdown
- Panel menu order has been updated
- .Studio3 will no longer appear on the operating system’s title bar
- Label for the "Enable Performance Improvement data collection" preference has been reinstated
- The drawing area is now appropriately renamed when designs are saved to the Library
- Silhouette Design Store and user-created files opened from the Library no longer appear as “data.xxxx” within the File > Open Recent menu
- DXF files now import as expected
- New Project Wizard is no longer truncated
- Buttons are now greyed out correctly in the pop-up panel when no shapes are selected
- Removed the unexpected blue box that appeared in the 'Restore Factory Defaults' window
- Minor UI update to document tab toolbar
- Line Effects panel can now be used by all users, not just those with a CURIO / CAMEO3
- Fixed an issue in Line Effects panel that caused some effects to apply an emboss effect to the selected objects
- Fixed an issue in Line Effects panel that caused the Spacing and Angle sliders to apply incorrect values
- Closing a MacBook lid, while Studio is active, will no longer crash Studio when the lid is re-opened
- Studio no longer crashes when cancelling the 'Restore Defaults Material' modal window
- Studio no longer crashes if words are added to the dictionary after closing the first document tab
- Accented characters will now display correctly within the Spelling tab
- Selected dictionary section now displays correctly while the dark theme is in use
- The Spelling tab's back button will no longer trigger the undo action
- Spelling tab will now only compile of misspelt words for the document tab in use
- Using the Eraser and Knife tools no longer cause a crash
- Using the Offset feature no longer causes a crash
- Using the features in the Modify panel now work as expected
- Modified the Sketch Panel to include Emboss options
- Added padding in Trace Panel to conform to SS Standard
- Buttons that are ‘greyed-out’ now show correctly on Popup Panel
- Added a scrollbar in the Updates section of the Preference Window
- ‘Rotate By’ can now use negative values in Transform Panel

- Library folders now open as expected when double-clicked in Grid view
- Library split-screen view opens as expected when selected
- Silhouette Studio no longer crashes when Unicode characters are used in Library file names
- .GST files that were purchased from the Silhouette Design Store now open correctly within Silhouette Studio
- Fixed an issue where some users could not sync to the library correctly
- File directory is now shown when hovering over library thumbnails
- Added a ‘Select All’ option and label to the Library’s File Types dropdown menu
- The ‘Are you sure?’ prompt no longer appears twice when deleting snapshots
- Library designs are now marked as “Seen” when the expanded thumbnail is opened
- Email addresses now truncate if too long to display within library menu
- Updated Library slideshow to clearly identify what the library update does
- Added a ‘Select All / Deselect All checkbox in the Library Filter
- Using the Expanded Thumbnail View on designs in the library now mark the design as ‘seen’
- Deleting snapshots no longer display the ‘Are you sure’ prompt twice
- Studio no longer crashes when dragging the Library view across two monitors
- Studio no longer crashes when double-clicking 'OK' to save a file to the Library
- Studio no longer crashes when scrolling over a tooltip within the Library
- The context menu, that appears when right-clicking library designs, no longer closes when a tooltip opens

- The Silhouette AutoBlade will no longer readjust after each row within Action by X if the blade settings for each row are the same
- The Send tabs simple mode will now show as expected even when a perforated object is on screen
- Pauses are no longer ignored when designs are sent to Silhouette devices
- Fixed an issue where cut lines were defaulting to 'No Cut'
- Text objects will now default to ‘Cut Edge’
- Trace and Detach now defaults detached objects to ‘Cut’

- Newly installed system fonts are now recognised by Silhouette Studio (Windows 10 only)
- SS_Bluetooth now closes correctly on the exit of Silhouette Studio resolving future installation issues
- Designer Edition and above fixes:

- New SVG Import preference allowing you to set default cut style (Cut, Cut Edge, No Cut, Cut 0.1pt lines)
- Opening the Advanced Line Effects tab with an emboss-filled shape no longer causes a crash
- You can now click and drag to select objects that appear on top of locked layers.
- The Eye-dropper tool now successfully transfers properties when used on text
- Frequently using Trace by Colour on a large bitmap image will no longer crash Studio
- Improved ability to select objects on top of locked layers
- Reinstated the ability to select objects behind locked layers
- Re-implemented the updates to Guides and Ruler behaviour:
- While rulers are visible, guides can be created
- While rulers are invisible, guides cannot be created
- While 'Show Guides' is active, guides will be shown. This option does not rely on rulers being visible
- While 'Show Guides’ is inactive, guides will not be shown
- Toggling the SVG Import preference for 'Join lines into polylines' now correctly updates the 'Apply' button state
- PDF files no longer open as black rectangles when the file contains a pattern

- Imported SVG's now default to 'Cut'
- Business Edition fixes:

- SVG's created in Studio now open correctly. SVG files that display a “File type not supported” error when opened will need to be re-saved within Studio
- Editing a new Glyph now updates the current document tab rather than opening a new tab
- Can no longer open more than one Font Creation Glyph at a time
- Double-clicking a Glyph within the Digital Font Creator panel acts as ‘Edit Glyph’
- The name of selected font will now display in the remove created font warning message
- The file extension will no longer be added to font names when imported via a photo
- Cut Border is now locked to an active state when Media Layout View is in use

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