Advanced Renamer 3.50 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Advanced Renamer 是一次重命名多個文件和文件夾的免費程序。通過配置重命名方法,可以以各種方式操作名稱.

使用多種方法在大量文件上設置高級批處理作業非常簡單。 14 種不同的方法使您可以一次更改文件的名稱,屬性和時間戳。也可以根據文件中的信息將文件複製或移動到新位置.

通過 Advanced Renamer,您可以通過添加,刪除,替換,更改大小寫或者根據已知的關於 file.


Image 文件

GPS data
如果你的圖像文件包含 GPS 數據,你可以添加城市的名字和拍照的國家。坐標用於從全球超過 10 萬個城市的數據庫中查找城市,國家和州名.

MP3 和其他音樂文件經常混淆名稱和奇怪的字符。隨著 Advanced Renamer 您可以更改您最喜愛的音樂文件的名稱,以使用內置的 ID3 函數更適合的名稱.

Ever 想添加編解碼器或視頻的分辨率的文件名?通過視頻標籤,您可以添加有關視頻和音頻內容的各種信息到名稱.

TV 顯示
從 網站導入顯示信息後,將節目標題或 airdate 添加到包含電視節目的視頻文件.

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Advanced Renamer 3.50


7.1 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Hulubulu Software


What's new in this version:

- Unicode support
- Support for JPEG 2000
- Support for reading EXIF and image dimensions from stereo MPO and JPS images
- Reintroduced up/down buttons for numeric edit boxes
- Fixed file size decimal point bug
- Created Date and Modified Date based tags is now using modified value if used with Timestamp method
- Support for using more than one Timestamp method
- Changed compiler and various libraries
- New method: Script. Can perform advanced actions based on custom JavaScript code.
- Active/Inactive checkboxes on methods

Integration with the ExifTool executable. Window for displaying ExifTool information and a new tag:
- Added two new command line options: -msk and -r for only performing batch on items matching a specific mask or regular expression
- List method now persists content of new names text field when saved
- Fixed access violation bug in Add Directory window
- Japanese translation
- Explorer right click context menu for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows
- Folder panel for easy access to adding files and folders (optional)
- New icons in the user interface
- Auto test button is now always pressed when program is started
- Occurence value added to Replace method
- If opening aren.exe with files as parameters and the first is a .aren file, the rest will no longer get ignored
- Batch move and batch copy no longer requires renaming methods
- Option for turning off wildcards (*) in replace method has been removed

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