Joplin 1.0.216 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AdwCleaner 是從您的計算機搜索並刪除廣告軟件,工具欄,潛在有害程序(PUP)和瀏覽器劫持程序的程序。通過使用 AdwCleaner,您可以輕鬆刪除許多這些類型的程序,以便在計算機上瀏覽網頁時獲得更好的用戶體驗。 AdwCleaner 釋放有害程序和惡意軟件的計算機!下載 AdwCleaner 脫機安裝程序安裝程序。現在刪除廣告軟件和其他有害程序!

您的電腦是否正常運作?它可能充滿了廣告軟件,可能有害的程序(PUP),或者瀏覽器劫持者。 Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 刪除令人厭惡的程序,這些程序會降低並阻礙您計算機的性能.

AdwCleaner 目標通常與您從網絡上下載的免費程序捆綁在一起。在許多情況下,當您下載並安裝程序時,安裝程序將聲明這些程序將與您下載的程序一起安裝。除非您執行自定義安裝,否則這些不需要的程序將自動安裝在您的計算機上,給您帶來額外的瀏覽器工具欄,廣告軟件和其他有害程序。下載 AdwCleaner 脫機安裝程序安裝程序。 AdwCleaner 旨在搜索和刪除這些類型的程序。 AdwCleaner 解放你的電腦有害程序和惡意軟件.

什麼是 adware
Adware 是一個軟件,顯示您不需要的廣告。它也可能是一種由廣告支持的免費軟件,這些廣告會顯示在計算機或瀏覽器的彈出窗口或工具欄中。大多數廣告軟件是煩人的,但安全。但也有一些是用來收集您的個人信息,跟踪您訪問的網站,甚至記錄您的擊鍵.



使用廣告軟件清潔工具來使用防病毒軟件。確保您的瀏覽器,操作系統和軟件具有最新的更新和安全補丁。使用互聯網時打開防火牆。下載 AdwCleaner for Windows PC 現在!

注意:該程序不需要安裝,AdwCleaner 是便攜版本程序.

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Joplin 1.0.216


Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Malwarebytes Corp


What's new in this version:

- Add + to access 'Zoom In', allows to use the numpad (#2630 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
- Add option to "Reveal file in folder" when right-clicking on image
- Added support for basic search
- WYSIWYG: Added localisation support
- WYSIWYG: Added support for scroll restore
- Added more info on how to switch to Markdown editor
- Add support for system theme auto-switching

- Filter SVG element event attributes to prevent XSS vulnerability

- Made sidebar chevrons consistent
- Add note history (back/forward buttons)
- Moved note-related toolbar button next to tag bar
- Switch to Font Awesome as icon library (#3137)
- Upgraded to Electron 8.2.5
- WYSIWYG: Allow pasting images in editor
- Handle compositionend event in TinyMCE
- Improve automatic title generation (#2955) (#2915 by anirudh murali)
- Remove colour gradient from sidebar and replaced expand icons with chrevrons
- Started resource fetcher service when a note has been decrypted
- Support Windows tiles (#3063 by Giacomo Rossetto)
- WYSIWYG: Enable context menu on resources, links and text
- WYSIWYG: Handle "Paste as text" when pressing Ctrl+Shift+V
- WYSIWYG: Handle drag and drop of notes and files
- Themes switched for more appealing text highlighting (#3192) (#2883 by @infinity052)

- Fix undo issue when loading new note
- Fixed inserting templates into existing notes
- Fixed issue with the editor showing previous note when it should show nothing
- Fixed two way scrolling issue in Markdown editor
- Fixed infinite rendering loop, which would cause the app to crash (white window)
- Markdown editor would not scroll in sync with viewer in some cases
- Sync would fail in some cases due to a database error
- Better handling of missing table field bug on Linux
- Disable or enable menu items depending on the current view
- Fix focus after exiting GotoAnything (#3075) (#3066 by Mohammed Rabeeh)
- Fix format of geolocation data
- Fix issue where last used filename was displayed when exporting directory
- Fixed KaTeX font issue in exported PDF and HTML
- Fixed background color on large Mermaid graphs (#3111)
- Fixed note toolbar layout
- Fixed order of notebooks in "Move to notebook" dialog
- Fixed regression with Ace Editor (switching layout had bugs)
- Fixed regression with Ace Editor list indentation, and cleaned up code
- Fixed regression with local search (could not be closed anymore)
- Fixed the Goto Anything item list overflow
- Fixed various bugs and regressions following note editor refactoring
- Long URIs break Note Info dialog (#3136) (#3131 by Mohammed Rabeeh)
- Prevent Goto Anything from freezing when inputting special characters
- WYSIWYG: Fix CODE element style
- WYSIWYG: Fixed clicking a link within a checkbox label
- WYSIWYG: Fixed undo issue when pasting text
- Fix notebook associated with note when doing search, and expand correct notebook
- Make sidebar resizable when note list is not displayed
- WYSIWYG: Fixed UI translation issue for certain languages
- Word/character counter includes Markdown syntax and HTML tags

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