Gravit Designer 3.5.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AdwCleaner 是從您的計算機搜索並刪除廣告軟件,工具欄,潛在有害程序(PUP)和瀏覽器劫持程序的程序。通過使用 AdwCleaner,您可以輕鬆刪除許多這些類型的程序,以便在計算機上瀏覽網頁時獲得更好的用戶體驗。 AdwCleaner 釋放有害程序和惡意軟件的計算機!下載 AdwCleaner 脫機安裝程序安裝程序。現在刪除廣告軟件和其他有害程序!

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什麼是 adware
Adware 是一個軟件,顯示您不需要的廣告。它也可能是一種由廣告支持的免費軟件,這些廣告會顯示在計算機或瀏覽器的彈出窗口或工具欄中。大多數廣告軟件是煩人的,但安全。但也有一些是用來收集您的個人信息,跟踪您訪問的網站,甚至記錄您的擊鍵.



使用廣告軟件清潔工具來使用防病毒軟件。確保您的瀏覽器,操作系統和軟件具有最新的更新和安全補丁。使用互聯網時打開防火牆。下載 AdwCleaner for Windows PC 現在!

注意:該程序不需要安裝,AdwCleaner 是便攜版本程序.

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Gravit Designer 3.5.0


90.24 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Malwarebytes Corp


What's new in this version:

New features:
- Illustrator (AI) file import: Files saved with the “Create PDF Compatible File” option can now be opened in Gravit Designer. A message will be shown in case the file isn’t compatible
- Version History: Access up to 20 past versions of your designs saved on the Gravit Cloud. Continue working from a different point, restore a critical element or see how your design evolved. It can be accessed from File → Show Version History. Please read more in this article

- Massive improvements to the rendering performance. Gravit Designer should perform way better in all situations now
- Increased compatibility of EPS files. They should open without any flaws now
- Generally improved loading times of all kinds of files
- The divider between the Pages and Layers panel can now the moved to give more space to either
- Removed “Mask” blending modes to prevent confusion. Please use one of the ways shown in this video to mask content instead
- Brought back “Fit All” in the toolbar by popular demand. Always listening to our users
- Added a warning about linked images (File → Link Image...), that they will not be available when opening the file on another computer or in the web app
- Added a couple of new presets, including Apple Watch 4, new iPhones, Google Pixel 2/XL and more
- Removed Retina Display option in Export dialog (File → Export → Export...) as this term is quite outdated. Please use the Size field with “2x” for example instead
- Our support team can now be reached from the brand new support form. Linked it in Help → Contact us in the menu bar
- Hidden layers are not considered for snapping anymore
- In turn, locked layers are now considered for snapping and they also show smart guides
- Improved precision for the Position and Size of SVG files
- Further improved exporting elements with borders to SVG
- Ensured that files finished saving when closing Gravit Designer
- Locked layers can now be used as “Key objects”: When selecting multiple layers alongside a locked element, the other elements are aligned to the locked layer. Please see this video

- Fixed a bug that prevented Cloud files to be exported to PDF
- Finally eradicated the “Loading has failed” bug
- Dashed and dotted lines now show properly in imported SVG files
- Locked layers aren’t affected by aligning anymore

PDF export:
- Fixed multiple problems that prevented designs from exporting
- Semi-opaque elements (patterns, groups) are properly exported now
- Fixed some bugs when uploading a profile picture and added a correct error message
- Showing correct message again when trying to close a file with unsaved progress
- We continued to improve SVG import and fixed various bugs
- Fixed a bug with toggling the visibility of layers

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