Blockbench 3.4.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AIDA64 Extreme Edition,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
AIDA64 Extreme Edition 是業界領先的系統信息工具,受到世界各地電腦愛好者的喜愛,它不僅提供了關於硬件和已安裝軟件的非常詳細的信息,而且還幫助用戶診斷問題並提供衡量電腦性能的基準。

AIDA64 Extreme 擁有無與倫比的硬件檢測引擎。它提供了有關已安裝軟件的詳細信息,並提供診斷功能和超頻支持。由於它實時監測傳感器,它可以收集準確的電壓,溫度和風扇速度讀數,而其診斷功能有助於檢測和防止硬件問題。它還提供了幾個測量單個硬件組件或整個系統性能的基準。它與所有 32 位和 64 位 Windows 版本兼容,包括 Windows 8.1 和 Windows Server 2012 R2.

AIDA64 極限特徵:

AIDA64 提供超過 50 頁的硬件配置信息和超過 50 頁的安裝程序,軟件許可證,安全應用程序和 Windows 設置.

AIDA64 系統穩定性測試使用 64 位多線程壓力測試模塊將計算機驅動到其絕對限制。還提供硬盤,SSD 和 OpenCL GPGPU 視頻適配器壓力測試.

AIDA64 擁有同類產品中最精確的硬件檢測功能,可在計算機內部提供詳細信息,而無需打開計算機內部。硬件檢測模塊通過一個包含超過 176,000 個條目的詳盡硬件數據庫加以強化.

AIDA64 提供了超過 50 頁有關已安裝程序,軟件許可證,安全應用程序和 Windows 設置的信息。已啟動的進程,服務,DLL 文件,啟動程序和已訪問網頁的列表也可用.

AIDA64 可以在連接到計算機的各種 LCD / VFD 設備上顯示重要的系統數據。最新的 AIDA64 版本支持超過 50 個 LCD 和 VFD 屏幕,並且引入了對智能手機和平板電腦上傳感器值的無線遠程監控.

AIDA64 支持 250 多種傳感器設備來測量溫度,電壓,風扇速度和功耗。測量值可以顯示在系統托盤圖標,OSD 面板,桌面小工具,羅技 G15 / G19 遊戲鍵盤液晶顯示器和 Razer SwitchBlade LCD.

注:免費試用 30 天試用,功能有限。您還可以下載 AIDA64 商業版,中小型企業管理解決方案.

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Blockbench 3.4.0 (64-bit)


51.4 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


FinalWire Ltd.


What's new in this version:

- Added Rectangle/Circle paint tool
- Added texture selection and copy/paste tool
- Added mirror paint option
- Sketchfab uploader now supports animations
- Added glTF export format
- Added Camera Angle Presets
- Added mute toggle for animation channels
- New Transform Space selector
- Added length modes to GIF Recorder
- Extended Paint Bucket color mode: Global Colors and Connected Colors
- Added support for more palette formats: ACT, ACO, ASE
- Removed .bbpalette export in favor of more common .gpl palette format
- Added two new palette presets
- Unlocked animations for Free format
- Added buttons to scale tool to scale around element pivot or selection center
- Keybindings are now displayed in description tooltips
- Restyled toolbar select widget
- Added new Skin Mode templates: Evocation Fang, Hoglin, Piglin, Chest, Bell, Blaze
- Base grid is now hidden in Paint mode
- Removed noise brush option
- Added Shading toggle to the view menu
- New icon for Move tool
- Added new settings category “Interface”
- Added Developer submenu
- Added more event hooks
- Updated to Electron 8.0.2
- Updated to Three.JS 114
- Various performance improvements

- GIF recorder renders black colors as transparent
- Exported GIFs have a black outline
- Drag handler extensions are case sensitive
- Drag handlers don’t read binary files correctly
- Number Sliders use cube grid resolution by default
- Confirm button in pop-up color pickers is offset
- Transform gizmo visually messes up after using rescale gizmo
- Cannot use phantom model template in Skin Mode
- UV mapping issue when generating templates
- Gif Compression
- Project Resolution for 2nd Template Textures
- Nothing is rendering.
- When opening a .bbmodel with multiple textures, assigned textures are reset
- Saved as text background box doesn’t scale depending on name length
- Setting cull face to None causes it to immediately reset when UV editor is closed

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