SplitCam 10.4.96 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AIMP 是一款功能齊全的音樂播放器,設計時考慮到音質和寬廣的可定制功能。支持三十種音頻格式。音頻處理為 32 位,清晰的聲音。該播放器具有一個帶有額外內置音效的 18 頻帶圖形均衡器。您可以擴展 Winamp 的輸入,DSP 和 Gen 插件的現有功能。所有本地和全球熱鍵都可以自定義。完整的 Unicode 支持。您可以將音頻 CD 轉換為 MP3,OGG,WAV 或 WMA。同樣,您可以將電腦上任何音頻設備的聲音抓到 MP3,OGG,WAV 或 WMA 格式。您可以從我們的網站下載 AIMP 免費下載按鈕。

AIMP 主要特點和功能:
DirectSound / ASIO / WASAPI 18 波段均衡器和內置音效
Reverb,Flanger,Chorus,Pitch,Tempo ,Echo,Speed,Bass,Enhancer,Voice Remover 多種格式播放:
.CDA,.AAC,.AC3,.APE,.DTS,.FLAC,.IT,.MIDI,.MO3,.MOD,.M4A,.M4B ,.MP1,.MP2,.MP3,.MPC,.MTM,.OFR,.OGG,.RMI,.S3M,.SPX,.TAK,.TTA,.UMX,.WAV,.WMA,.WV。 XM 32 位和 64 位音頻處理
當一個人玩 - 你用另一個偉大的功能和用戶友好的界面工作創建書籤和播放隊列 CUE 表支持插件支持
您可以添加新的使用情況或擴展已有的 LastFM Scrobbler 互聯網 radio
將網絡電台收聽和捕獲到 OGG / WAV / MP3 / AAC / AAC + 格式。為 MP3 / AAC / AAC + 格式捕獲流多用戶模式支持
您可以輕鬆編輯音頻文件標籤並重命名文件組,按模板排序文件或將標籤應用於一組文件 Hotkeys
根據需要配置本地和全局熱鍵!文件 search

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SplitCam 10.4.96


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


AIMP DevTeam



What's new in this version:

- Added Romanian language
- Added Italian language
- Added Spanish laguage
- Added restart query on UI language change

- Changed eyedropper cursor
- Updated code for UI translations
- Changed color of the progress bar in video selection frame
- Updated naming scheme in snapshot series
- Added additional error handling to project loader to skip scenes which load with errors but keep on with the project itself and other scenes
- Webcam name fix in log output on capabilities enumeration
- Added required runtime dlls to setup project
- Added error check in GIF loader to account for non-existing files

- Fixed bug with UI in statistics
- Fixed errorusly closing main window when hitting Esc or Enter key while a floating panel is active
- Fixed bug with some gifs delay
- Fixed bug with black background in slideshows
- Fixed threads syncing in webcam preview initilization
- Fixed errors working with webcams selection frames used for moving and resizing layers
- Addressed the wrong tooltips appearing for random controls
- Fixed disappearing name of an audio source layer list item when the item is close to the bottom of the main window
- Fixed leaking user object system resources (static selection frames were not deleted properly thus orphaned windows accumulated)
- Fixed error with disappearing text in UI elements
- Modified some text strings in translation files
- Fixed crashing when deleting video sources having audio tracks with the same name and path
- Fixed memory leaks in layers management code
- Fixed webcams FPS selection not always working
- Fixed web browser layer not always waorking
- Overall program stability enhanced

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