CudaText (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AirDC++ 是先進的直接連接和直接連接網絡的現代,易於使用的客戶端。您可以與其他用戶加入“集線器”,聊天,執行搜索並瀏覽每個用戶的共享。它允許您與朋友和其他人共享文件,例如,在以下情況下:
與來自世界各地的共同興趣的人在局域網 / 廣域網 AirDC++ 是性能極高,具有許多高級功能。即使有數百萬的共享文件或數百 TB 的數據,它也已經過測試,可以平穩運行。源代碼適用於所有人,沒有任何捆綁軟件或任何形式的廣告.

AirDC++ 還包括許多獨特的功能,用於人們共享和下載文件的標準化發布格式(原始版本).

AirDC++ 功能:
易於使用的設置嚮導適用於新用戶允許在不同的集線器中共享不同的目錄實時監控共享變化可以為一個用戶開放多個用戶連接全面的 IPv6 支持將排隊的文件分組到目錄可以添加自己的搜索,定期搜索並在找到時自動下載高級共享部分下載的目錄 / 文件和更有效的查找替代資源的方式支持 NMDC 和 ADC 協議以及帶寬控制功能上的加密傳輸

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CudaText (64-bit)

12.33 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Fredrik Ohlsson


What's new in this version:

Improved TRegExpr engine:
- regexp: supported recursion: (?R) with alias (?0)
- regexp: supported subroutine calls: (?1) ... (?89)
- regexp: supported possessive quantifier: a++ a*+ a?+ a{n,m}+
- regexp: supported atomic groups: (?>foo|bar|ok)
- regexp: supported negative lookahead: foo(?!bar)
- regexp: supported Perl syntax for named groups: (?'name'expr) and subroutine calls: (?&name)
- regexp: supported Unicode characters after U+FFFF (ie surrogate pairs) for '.', 'W', 'S', 'D' etc.
- regexp: added z; changed behavior of  (match also before final line-break)
- regexp: added error message for unknown metachars (like X E)

- option "ui_reopen_session_cmdline"
- before: editor doesn't load last session when command-line file is opened; now: it also doesn't save current session in this case, so old session is not lost
- lexer C++: keywords of C++20

- issue with "Add next occurrence of selected word"
- engine of lite lexers: broken highlighting after horizontal scrolling
- lexer Python: code-tree for func "def name(param: type)"
- lexer Python: code-tree for "class name("
- regression in Markdown tree-helper

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