Autodesk EAGLE 9.3.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

ALLPlayer 可能是最流行的與匹配字幕看電影的節目。它播放所有已知的媒體格式,RAR 文件,而且還有一個實現的 LiveUpdate 功能來更新最新的編解碼器,如果打開電影文件時出現問題。該程序還自動搜索所有語言的匹配字幕。智能字幕將字幕保存在屏幕上一段時間,供您閱讀。 AVI Doctor 幫助你下載一個 torrent 文件並且想要預覽電影。與 AVI 醫生,你也可以修復損壞的文件。

最受歡迎的格式,如 DivX,XviD,MP3 和 AVI,FLV,MP4,3GP,MKV,M2TS,MPG,MPEG,RMVB,WMV,QuickTime,MOV,FLAC,APE 等等。 liveupdate 編解碼器下載。其他功能:DVD 支持,CD 支持。從網絡攝像頭,DV 或任何其他視頻源(如電視調諧器)預覽電影的選項。兩個監視器或監視器和電視支持。支持杜比環繞,SPDIF 和 3D 音頻。能夠選擇任何音頻輸出,包括 SPDIF,允許放大器無損的數字音頻傳輸。字幕支持所有已知格式.

ALLPlayer 特點:
免費簡單易用的多媒體播放器免費簡單的視頻編輯器匹配字幕下載內置免費視頻菜單創作免費轉換器內置字幕音頻閱讀器播放任何視頻和音頻格式支持杜比環繞聲,3D 音頻和 SPDIF 視頻封面和電影信息下載最佳 MKV 和 Divx Plus 編碼器在兩個監視器上顯示視頻播放列表和均衡器免費 DivX 字幕 muxer RAR 播放器

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Autodesk EAGLE 9.3.0


122 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


ALLCinema Ltd


What's new in this version:

CAM Processor:
- Automatic generation of Drill Output Items and manufacturing Fly-out Drill tab now reflect all valid via layer spans (even interior spans implied by blind vias in layer stack definition).
- Example JSON CAM Job Files now reside in $EAGLEDIR/examples/cam/examples sub-folder of EAGLE installation.
- Load and Save of CAM Job files now behaves more predictably, with "Save" and "Save As" options added.
- Detection of modified CAM Job file data in CAM Job editor has been improved.
- Load performance of board files containing large polygons is improved by deferring creation of preview data until actually required.
- Drill Output Item dialog page now shows preview of drill holes.

FANOUT command:
- Added a new "Allow Violations" mode to allow performing a fanout even if the via causes violations. This can ease trying to track down the source of problems when the fanout can potentially fail for some vias. This mode is available through an icon on the parameters toolbar.
- The command line now allows an optional input for the fanout direction IN | OUT | ALTERNATE.

GROUP and INFO command:
- Added a new selection feature that allows for filtering out attributes for either group or single selection. The option is found on the parameters toolbar when the INFO or GROUP commands are active.

- With this command you can send schematic, board, and manufacturing files to Fusion Team.
- Once published a design to Fusion Team, the user can view, share, and comment on the schematic and board file in the web, and additionally view the 3D board on Fusion Team, even if you do not have EAGLE or Fusion installed.

SPICE Simulation:
- Simulation dialog is now non-modal. It will watch schematic design changes and let user know when update is needed, instead of blocking.
- Bugfixes: Several fixes related to model mapping, particularly when changing the spice type of an already mapped part.
- Performance lag issue fixed in schematics with lots of parts, pins, and lots of connectivity.
- LTSpice support removed. It was confusing to users since EAGLE has an integrated ngspice simulation.

- Local and global attributes in devices are now displayed correctly, if multiple attribute texts of the same attribute are used in the device.
- After changing layers while routing in the layout editor it could happen that the board display was not properly refreshed.
- Fixed a crash in the layout editor that could potentially occur while changing the thickness value while editing the layer stackup in the Design Rules.
- The warning message shown on placing a part that has more than two pins with two of its pins on a common net that could not be split into two parts has been corrected.

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