TC Games 2.0.0 (32-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

ALLPlayer 可能是最流行的與匹配字幕看電影的節目。它播放所有已知的媒體格式,RAR 文件,而且還有一個實現的 LiveUpdate 功能來更新最新的編解碼器,如果打開電影文件時出現問題。該程序還自動搜索所有語言的匹配字幕。智能字幕將字幕保存在屏幕上一段時間,供您閱讀。 AVI Doctor 幫助你下載一個 torrent 文件並且想要預覽電影。與 AVI 醫生,你也可以修復損壞的文件。

最受歡迎的格式,如 DivX,XviD,MP3 和 AVI,FLV,MP4,3GP,MKV,M2TS,MPG,MPEG,RMVB,WMV,QuickTime,MOV,FLAC,APE 等等。 liveupdate 編解碼器下載。其他功能:DVD 支持,CD 支持。從網絡攝像頭,DV 或任何其他視頻源(如電視調諧器)預覽電影的選項。兩個監視器或監視器和電視支持。支持杜比環繞,SPDIF 和 3D 音頻。能夠選擇任何音頻輸出,包括 SPDIF,允許放大器無損的數字音頻傳輸。字幕支持所有已知格式.

ALLPlayer 特點:
免費簡單易用的多媒體播放器免費簡單的視頻編輯器匹配字幕下載內置免費視頻菜單創作免費轉換器內置字幕音頻閱讀器播放任何視頻和音頻格式支持杜比環繞聲,3D 音頻和 SPDIF 視頻封面和電影信息下載最佳 MKV 和 Divx Plus 編碼器在兩個監視器上顯示視頻播放列表和均衡器免費 DivX 字幕 muxer RAR 播放器

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TC Games 2.0.0 (32-bit)


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


ALLCinema Ltd


What's new in this version:

TC Games 2.0.0 Build 0635350 (32-bit)
- Android 10 supported
- HongMi Note8 need upgrade Android 10
- Please don't use TC games and the finger click on mobile at the meanwhile in that case will be caused uncontrolling
- Fixed the connection problems on xiaomi based on debuging system
- Know compatibility issues
- Some phone can not be move the visual angle such as OPPO Reno Ace and realme
- Some phone has much more latency on projection mode such as Huawei Mate 30

TC Games 2.0.0 Build 0433572 (32-bit)
-Smart key function for PUBG mobile, support 720p and 1080p resolution in TC Games, please re-select a set of official default keymapping
- MOBA mobile games (such as the king's glory) add Intelligent spellcasting key
- MOBA mobile games add the right mouse key to move, drag the key to the joystick in the game, and right mouse to click on the map to move freely
- 10% discount for all valid vips renewal
- Optimize the occupancy of mobile phone resources in Projection mode
- Fixed the mouse can't roll the box in the pubg mobile ( just for 2340*1080 resolution mobile phone), please re-select a set of official default keymapping

TC Games 2.0.0 Build 0232223
Smartkey function: This function realizes smart and precise buttons through macro commands and search picture:
- Check the smartkey button in the keymapping and re-select the official one-click cut VIP key.
- Only supports tc games with 720 resolution and mobile phones with *1080p resolution
- Recommended laptop cpu i5, desktop pc cpu i3 above use this feature
- This function is disabled after pause the screen with F6
- You can add commands to existing keymapping by yourself

New: mouse wheel up and wheel down:
- You can set the wheel up or down to any macro key / slide key or normal key
- In PUBG Mobile, it can be set to switch the gun by use wheel up and down.

PUBG Mobile:Implement smart mouse wheel in multiple scenes:
- 6x/8x scope adjustment
- Zoom in and out the map
- Page up and down in the Pick up window or enemy's crate
- Smart mouse wheel cannot be used at the same time with the mouse wheel up and down
-  Check the smartkey button in the keymapping and re-select the official one-click cut VIP key

Add the usb projection function:
- users who only need to projection, can use the tc games app-fast projection - usb projection function
- Can automatically search for PCs in the same LAN, manually click to connect
- PC name can be modified

Lock the mouse in the screen, the default shortcut: ctrl+alt+M Remarks:Can be modified in the software settings - input settings

TC Games 2.0.0 (0130571)
- Projection mode: high-precision Projection mode can adjust brightness/contrast/saturation (VIP)Note: The dynamic picture quality and the static picture quality will be kept conformably, but it required the high performance mobiles
- Added a Longpress command to the macro key list (VIP)
- Added a macro command to unlock/lock mouse automatically (VIP).Note: This command was configured by default in the official key TAB/MUsers can modify the TAB/M key to the other keys
- Compatible with new phones Xiaomi MI9 and Samsung s10
- Support more keys to be set map keys, such as enter/delete/end/home/pgup/PGDN/insert and keypad area + / - / * //
- The decoding and rendering mode can be switched directly without reconnection
- Sliding track button (VIP) : Execute the specific sliding track by user's settings.Note: A sliding track can be set by left mouse in the key setting interface, and a key with track can be generated after loosening.The sliding speed was consistent with the sliding speed when the key was generated, that was the sliding speed was fast when the key was generated and the speed was fast when the key was executed
- Added continuous click button (VIP) : The default execution frequency is 1 and the highest is 10, user can set it by themselfThe frequency number was higher that the clicking was faster and stop click after loosening
- Boss key: you can use Ctrl/Alt and a letter to set it
- Fixed the black edge problem when captured the screen by live streaming software
- Fixed the white screen problem of TC assistant on Android 9
- Fixed the problem that screen was become black or white
- Fixed the problem that MI 9 was splited the screen when recording on native mode

TC Games 1.8.1
- Added new High Precision codec option in projection mode to improve blur problem on moving imagesSelect "Settings/Phone Settings/Screening: Projection Mode/Coding: High Precision Mode" of the down left corner to enable this optionThis feature requires high performance hardware with enough USB cable power supply, e.g.: Desk PC with I5 CPU and Android Phone with Qualcomm 845 CPU or above(VIP only)
- Fixed macro DirectionReset does not function in WASD traditional mode and optimized the key does work to get in and out of cars sometimesPlease add a command line "DirectionReset 100" at the last line of the F/G macros for getting in/out of cars(VIP only)
- Optimized joystick control for Sausage Party Tour
- Fixed login failures for some of VIP users
- Fixed some of key mouse related bugs
- Fixed some of other known bugs

TC Games 1.7.1
- Added direction keys W/A/S/D joystick mode which can adjust touch sensitivity to simulate fingers touch operation. For the game PUBG Mobile, uses can zoom out the control range border of direction keys W/A/S/D in the keymapping, and check the option Shift Binding, then can use w+shift to run
- Joystick mode: Added a new macro command "DirectionReset" to avoid keymapping failures during driving cars in the game PUBG Mobile (just for VIP). Please update the official macro keymapping, or add a command "DirectionReset 100" in the last line of the macro keys (e.g.: F, G),to enable this function
- Added function that Key F1-F12 and Caps Lock can be set as keymapping for actions of games
- Fixed some of the keymapping failures
- Fixed several bugs

TC Games 1.7.0
- New:Macro key is a programmable button, through editing a Macro key can make a button perform multiple actions (Just for VIP)
- New:Quickly projection, scan QR code can quickly mirror android phone to pc (Just for VIP)
- New: Shortcut recovery, use ctrl+F5 to restore all keys and mouse to the initial unused status
- New:Perspective movement key, it can move the angle of view quickly in 3D games
- Fix several bugs

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