DisplayFusion 9.7 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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DisplayFusion 9.7


87.5 MB

Windows 10 64-bit


Amazon Inc



What's new in this version:

- This version updates some values in Window Position Profiles. It will automatically backup the settings before doing so, and if you run into any trouble, please let us know

- Auto-Updater now uses a different method to launch the installer
- Added a filter box to the Window Position Profile edit window
- Removed the Aero Colour Mode option, as it causes performance issues in Windows 10
- Wallpaper Image Info text no longer trims blank lines at the start or end of the info
- Removed the last bit of the Windows version number from Wallpaper Image Info because Windows doesn't accurately provide it
- New wallpaper source: Google Earth View
- Google Photos login is now done in external browser, you'll need to re-login after updating to this version
- WallHaven wallpaper source will now choose from most recent 100 (instead of 25) when loading a new image
- You can now right-click a monitor in Monitor Config to manually enter position values
- New "if-and-only-if" operator for BFTextQuery, used for Match Conditions in Trigger rules (e.g. ==Downloads in the Window Text condition will only match the window title if it has the word Downloads and no other text)
- Added a new option to ignore minimized windows when loading Window Position Profiles
- Added the ability to filter the list on the Settings > Window Position Profiles tab
- Scripted Function engine improvements
- New Function: Restore Window Positions from Last Save (ignore minimized)
- New Function: Mirror Monitor with Splits
- New Function: Mirror Monitor with Splits (no border)
- New Scripting Function: BFS.Input.SendKeysWithoutWait
- New Scripting Function: BFS.DisplayFusion.MirrorMonitorNoBorder
- New Scripting Function: BFS.DisplayFusion.MirrorSelectedAreaNoBorder
- New Scripting Function: BFS.DisplayFusion.MirrorWindowNoBorder
- New Advanced Setting: Monitor Configuration: Force Primary Monitor ID
- New Advanced Setting: Taskbar: Keep Microsoft Teams on DisplayFusion Taskbar When Minimized
- New Advanced Setting: Taskbar: Accent Colour Override
- New Advanced Setting: Troubleshooting: Send Custom Data with Crash Reports
- New Advanced Setting: Window Management: Offset Window Move/Size ToolTips
- New Advanced Setting: Taskbar: Disable Show Desktop on Hover
- New Advanced Setting: General: ListView Background Colour Override
- New Advanced Setting: General: ListView Foreground Colour Override

- Resolved a monitor order issue for functions on some machines
- Resolved many "Error 87" failures with Monitor Configuration/Profiles (if you still get them after updating to this version, try re-saving the affected Monitor Profile)
- NVIDIA helper processes now disabled correctly with DCH drivers when using monitor splitting
- Resolved an issue where some monitors were not being detected
- Desktop window gets refreshed after loading a Monitor Profile now to resolve any weirdness with desktop icons
- Citrix Virtual App (XenApp) windows now constrain to splits
- Questrade app now works with Monitor Splitting
- Resolved an issue where Royal TS wasn't maximizing to splits
- Monitor Selector now works correctly with scaling + many Monitor Splits
- Windows now maximize fully when split monitor taskbar is disabled with "Position > Disabled"
- BFS.Monitor.GetMonitorWorkAreas scripting function now returns the correct values
- Monitor selector overlay no longer turns black when dragging a window
- Auto-Update dialog will no longer show if a full screen window is detected
- Titlebar Button app compatibility improvements
- TitleBar Buttons now aligned correctly on SnagIt 2020
- Titlebar Buttons now show up on Microsoft Teams window when maximized
- TitleBar Buttons now correctly hide behind context menus and on Chrome on setups that had many TitleBar Buttons enabled
- TitleBar Buttons no longer cover the search button in Opera
- "Windows Key Opens Secondary Start Menu" Advanced Setting now works correctly in Windows 10
- Start button no longer stuck behind taskbar for 2 seconds with Monitor Fading and auto-hide enabled
- Start menu now moves to correct monitor in latest Windows 10 Insider build
- Start menu now moves to correct monitor in non-English Windows
- Windows 10 Task View no longer hangs when DisplayFusion is running
- Taskbar icons for UWP apps are now correct in the latest Windows 10 updates
- Taskbar no longer blinks in front of Monitor Fading overlay
- Chrome "app" windows now pin correctly to the DisplayFusion taskbar
- Resolved an issue where taskbars on other monitors were forced to the bottom if there was a full screen window on a different monitor
- Microsoft Teams taskbar button now gets removed when it's closed to the tray
- Clicking Process Hacker tray icon now shows the popup correctly
- Hovering Show Desktop on the DF taskbar no longer causes Aero Peek to fade in/out every second
- API update for Digital Blasphemy wallpaper source
- Resolved an issue with Unsplash, Facebook, Reddit, and Dropbox wallpaper providers
- Wallpaper Image Info for Bing Desktop source now gets the correct description
- Wallpaper Image Info text no longer sits under the taskbar with Monitor Splitting enabled
- Functions are no longer delayed when run
- Compatibility fixes for "Dissenter" browser
- Resolved an issue where Windows would show more than one entry for DisplayFusion in the taskbar notification area settings
- Window Position Profiles and Trigger rules now work correctly with Citrix Published Apps
- Window Position Profiles now restore windows correctly when they're restored to a monitor with a different scaling level
- Window Position Profile values are now consistent with Triggers and Custom Functions when saving, DF will auto-adjust existing profiles
- Window Position Profiles will ignore Citrix Window Class in cases where the class is random for every new window
- Restore Window Positions from Last Save function now remembers windows that are maximized to the full monitor in splitting setups
- Mirror Window function can now scale the window larger than the original window
- Resolved many issues with window positioning when using Functions
- Windows no longer have gaps around the edges when using Functions or monitor splitting on multi-DPI systems
- Monitor overlay no longer shows when dragging windows that can't be maximized
- Drop-down menus on websites in Chrome no longer get moved by Trigger rules
- Trigger rules with Window Text condition now have a 150 ms delay added to allow for things like page titles and file names to load before checking for a match
- SlimJet browser no longer moves both windows to the next monitor when tearing out a tab
- Window Snapping should now be smoother and more reliable
- Resolved an issue preventing you from switching from the trial key to free version before the trial is expired
- Resolved an issue where Auto Update policy setting wouldn't be correctly read in some cases
- No longer tries to hook Norton Security
- Resolved a micro-stutter issue that was happening approximately every 5 seconds on some systems
- Blacklisted hidden PowerToys window from Alt+Tab Handler

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