TestComplete 14.30 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Amazon Chime 是一種通信服務,可以通過一個您可以信任的安全,易於使用的應用程序轉換在線會議。 Amazon Chime 無縫地在您的設備上工作,以便您可以保持連接。您可以使用 Amazon Chime 進行在線會議,視頻會議,電話,聊天,以及在組織內部和外部共享內容。 Amazon Chime 解放你從任何地方高效地工作.

Amazon Chime 使您的在線會議毫不費力。會議開始準時,他們很容易加入。會議呼叫您,只需點擊一下,您就可以加入或通知參與者您遲到。視覺花名冊顯示誰在會議中,誰遲到,並允許任何人靜音背景噪音。如果您丟失,自動重新連接您。清晰的音頻和高清視頻讓您專注於討論.

使用適用於 Android,iOS,Mac 和 Windows 的豐富易用的應用程序,隨時隨地開會。會議和聊天始終保持同步,您可以通過任何設備加入會議,並可隨時在設備之間無縫切換。即使是在會議中間。


隨著 Amazon Chime,你可以放心,你安全地溝通。您的所有通訊都已加密,您的聊天記錄永遠不會存儲在您的設備上,您可以限制會議以驗證參與者。另外,Amazon Chime 可以設置為遵守貴公司的登錄政策。 Amazon Chime 是由亞馬遜網絡服務提供的服務,其中安全性是最高優先級.

注意:Amazon Chime 專業版可以免費試用 30 天,不需要信用卡。 30 天后,您可以繼續免費使用 Amazon Chime 基本版,只要您願意,或者您可以購買 Amazon Chime 訂閱.

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TestComplete 14.30


Windows 10 64-bit


Amazon Inc



What's new in this version:

- Azure DevOps integration improvements
- You can link TestComplete test items to test cases in Azure DevOps faster and easier. The new filter box in the Choose Test Case dialog helps you quickly find the test case to which you will link an item
- You can unbind TestComplete test items from Azure DevOps test cases directly from within the TestComplete UI. Earlier, you could do this on the Azure DevOps side only
- Now, you can also easily unbind your TestComplete project from an Azure DevOps team project. This will prevent TestComplete from showing you notifications when the team project is unavailable. Note that this “unbind” command doesn’t remove associations between test cases and TestComplete test items on the Azure DevOps side. So, if you re-bind the projects later, or if you clone your team project and bind the TestComplete project to the cloned team project, the associations will remain and will work fine.
- When you are configuring a Visual Studio Test task to run TestComplete tests, if your TestComplete project suite has several projects, you can now select a project whose tests you want to run
- Now, you can choose the test runner – TestComplete or TestExecute – to be used on the TestComplete Test Adapter. You can get the new version of the Test Adapter from the Microsoft marketplace, or you can install it from a computer in your local network. See Install TestComplete Test Adapter Extension.
- AI-based “self-healing” tests
- TestComplete 14.3 introduces an improved test-run mode to make your tests resistant to object recognition issues. In previous versions of TestComplete, when the test engine failed to find a window or control, it posted an error message to the log and often stopped the test or the entire run. So, you had to fix errors and re-run failed and unexecuted tests later.
- The new run mode improves the situation dramatically. Now, when the test engine fails to find a window or control, it uses a special AI-based algorithm to find a similar window or control in the application and continues running your tests using that similar object. This enables your tests to work to the end. The test engine also posts a warning message to the log to let you know about the replacement and about new recognition properties used. The message gives you a clear idea of what to change in object recognition properties in the Name Mapping repo (we don’t change these properties automatically to avoid confusion in case of possible false recognition).
- The new approach makes your tests more resistant to object recognition errors, saves the time needed to re-run failed and unexecuted tests, and helps you fix recognition issues easier. Just don’t ignore warning messages in the test log!
- The new “self-healing” approach is Beta so far and is off by default. If you want to try it, enable it in the Tools > Options > Engines > Name Mapping dialog. If you run tests from the command line, then to enable the new mode, use the new /SelfHealing command-line option. TestExecute and SessionCreator also has this option.
- Web testing improvements
- Support for Electron 7. You can now create, record, and run automated tests for Electron-based applications created with Electron version 7.0.0

Support for the recent versions of web browsers:
- Mozilla Firefox 70
- Google Chrome 78
- Version 14.3 includes special support for the --disable-renderer-accessibility command-line option of Google Chrome. You can put this parameter to the Chrome command line to streamline test performance. The effect is especially noticeable in testing large web pages with lots of web elements
- BDD improvements
- Version 14.3 can send results of individual BDD scenarios to test cases located in external test management systems like Azure DevOps and Zephyr for Jira. To do this, link your BDD scenarios to external test cases on the Test Items page of your project. Note: This will not affect your existing projects with BDD scenarios that are already included in the project’s list of test items. To link those BDD scenarios to external test cases, you will have to re-create the test items to be able to mark them as test cases.
- Mobile testing improvements
- Android testing
- Support for Android 10 (API Level 29)

After installing a mobile application on an Android device, you can see system requests to grant that app the permissions to use this or that resource on the device. These requests require user action and prevent automated tests from running smoothly. With TestComplete 14.3, you can grant all the needed permissions automatically. You can do this in the following ways:
- In Keyword tests – by using the new GrantPermissions parameter of the Install Package operation
- In script tests – by using the new GrantPermissions parameter of the PackageManager.InstallPackage method, or by setting the AndroidTestedApp.GrantPermissions property before calling the AndroidTestedApp.Run method
- In the TestedApps editor – by selecting the new “Grant all permissions listed in the application manifest after the package installation” check box
- TestComplete will grant permissions when installing the application package on a device

iOS testing:
TestComplete 14.3 includes support for the following devices, iOS versions, and applications:
- iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and iPad Air 3. Now, you can record and run tests for iOS applications running on these devices
- iOS 13.0 - 13.2
- iOS apps created with Xcode 11

Overall improvements:
- The “Unexecuted” metric on the Summary page of the test log now includes only those test cases whose execution has not started because the project run was interrupted. It no longer includes disabled test cases
- Now, the indicator that TestComplete shows during a test run displays the name of the executed test item and the project that contains that item.
We’ve also fixed a number of bugs reported by our customers

Discontinued Support:
- TestComplete no longer supports iOS version 10.x, as well as the iPhone 5, iPad Mini 1, and iPad 4 devices
- TestComplete no longer supports Objective-C and Swift applications created with Xcode 8
- TestComplete no longer supports Open Applications created in Visual C++ 6.0

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