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Amazon Chime 是一種通信服務,可以通過一個您可以信任的安全,易於使用的應用程序轉換在線會議。 Amazon Chime 無縫地在您的設備上工作,以便您可以保持連接。您可以使用 Amazon Chime 進行在線會議,視頻會議,電話,聊天,以及在組織內部和外部共享內容。 Amazon Chime 解放你從任何地方高效地工作. Amazon Chime 使您的在線會議毫不費力。會議開始準時...

Amazon Chime 舊版本資訊

Chime 4.39.10290 舊版本資訊


Chime 4.39.10282 舊版本資訊


Chime 4.39.10263 舊版本資訊


Chime 4.39.10239 舊版本資訊


Chime 4.39.10232 舊版本資訊


Chime 4.39.10197 舊版本資訊


FocusMe 舊版本資訊


PDF Studio 2020.4.0 (64-bit) 舊版本資訊


What's new in this version:

PDF Studio 2020.4.0 (64-bit)
Enhancements: / Fixed:
- Regression: Brighten the color of the annotation comment bubble
- Flatten option was missing from form field context menu
- PDF to Word integration unable to locate MS Office 2016
- Many Word to PDF conversion improvements
- Type 3 font characters cutoff in HTML/SVG output
- Resize handles and cursor for callout annotation not being placed correctly on rotated pages
- Parentheses used in CJK vertical writing not rendered correctly
- Fixed nullPointerException when importing an xfdf annotation with null intent
- Opening document in multiple windows with modal dialog could lock PDF Studio
- Path gradient with separation color space is not showing correct color (Added Support for Lab color space)
- Not rendering thin content lines when gradient applied to them
- Doc Specific: Missing font in DA String causes error when changing font

PDF Studio 2020.3.1 (64-bit)
Enhancements / Bug Fixes:
- Fast Sign Improvement: Display a larger signing pane for drawing handwritten signatures
- (Mac) Right click tab selection broken
- Text selection box can be too wide due to invalid values in embedded font description
- Find Tools moves to left side under some circumstances overlaying below the open button
- Regression: Issue when opening a PDF Form with JavaScript from the SWT file dialog
- Regression: 2 comment bubbles showing on perimeter and area annotations
- Word to PDF: For Vertical Text in Table Cell Clipped Incorrectly (Add Support for Cell Max Width)
- Word to PDF: Vertical header is missing on a table in vertically merged cells + table does not keep together

PDF Studio 2020.3.0 (64-bit)
Enhancements / Bug-Fixes:
- Improvements in Word and Excel to PDF Conversion
- Incorrect focus behavior on Message Dialog
- Regression: Focus on password field when opening a protected PDF
- Issues with setting custom zoom level with decimal point
- Current bookmark: Change the highlight color from pink to earthy orange
- Regression: “Signature timestamp is from a timestamp server but the message digest could not be validated” due to mismatch between timestamp and message digest algorithms
- “Save as default” & Locked missing from Pencil Annotation properties dialog
- Multi tab selection in dark theme doesn’t look good
- Replace Pages from PDF option is not working when selecting from Pages Pane
- JavaScript Validation Dialogs Sometimes Hidden Behind In Java 8+
- Some PDF documents report being tagged for fast web wrongly.
- Regression: Euro Symbol in Text Annotations Editor is displaying wrong character

PDF Studio 2020.1.1 (64-bit)
- PDFium Documents: Fixed error rendering page: Missing Extended Graphic State Dictionary
- Fixed Find Tools field focus issues
- Fixed null Author would show on new Comment tree
- Document Specific – NPE when editing comments
- Word Convert Enhancements
- Re-added Ribbon / classic toolbar option to preferences

PDF Studio 2020.1.0 (64-bit)
- Darken background of page view area
- Option to set color of non-page area in Reading Mode
- New options added to right click menu on tabs (Overlay, Side by Side, Close All, Close all to right, Close others)
- Ability to open files by dragging to new tab area
- “Keep Alive” option is now enabled by default for faster launch times
- Improved Despeckle and Reduce Noise tool tip descriptions
- Demo mode enhancements
- Resolved file association being reset on updates
- OCR & Print dialogs no longer block the application and can now be used in separate frames

Bug Fixes:
- ESC key not working in reading mode when starting with Ctrl + H
- Status bar showing when entering full screen thru document initial view
- Center aligned date fields would throw error
- Export text & XML options broken in comments pane
- Inconsistent panel/toolbar state when closing a document while in Reading Mode
- Classic toolbar: Status bar and page number broken
- Classic toolbar: tools would not work on second document open in tabbed document view
- Touch mode did not enlarge resize handles for annotations
- “PDF to Microsoft Word” preferences in should not be in standard version
- (macOS) Blue border showing around frame
- (Linux) saving scanning profiles did not save properties
- Specific document: Checkboxes disappear after using sequential renaming

PDF Studio 2020.0.1 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

PDF Studio 2020.0.0 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

PDF Studio 2019.2.3 (64-bit)
- Fast Search – Options to search in comments and fields broken
- Switching from single page to continuous page would go to page 1
- Switching from overlay to side by side would not maintain current page location
- Issues connecting to Canon P21511 WIA scanners
- Mac app store: error “operation not permitted” when saving without file extension
- Issue when rendering pages with negative font size leading to displaying some pages with reversed text
- IRT annotations not imported correctly from FDF & XFDF
- PDF to HTML – Convert lines with 0 width in PDF to 0.1 width in SVG so Browsers render them
- PDF to HTML – Detect and handle BIDI and RTL to avoid Arabic text or parenthesis being flipped
- Document Specific: ClassCastException when creating a field due to invalid field format
- Optimizing a PDF with JPEG images with Decode Array sometimes results in black pages
- Fixed issue where opening new document would restore (un-minimize) all other frames
- Word to PDF – Table header somehow duplicated at bottom of table
- Word to PDF – Auto resized columns conversion enhancments
- PDF/A validation did not catch fonts embedded as TTC (True Type Collection)

PDF Studio 2019.2.0 (64-bit)
- Scanning broken in macOS 10.15 Catalina due to Apple Image Capture API changes
- Dropbox update: security changes now require using system browser for authentication
- Save button not enabled when applying Fast Sign signature
- Fixed issue with some special characters (þÿ) showing in form fields
- Added support for dash array in border style for link annotations
- Word to PDF: Handling for transform & clipping on EMF images
- Word to PDF: Improved PNG image resolution issue due to “Indirect” color models

PDF Studio 2019.1.4 (64-bit)
- Type 3 fonts now supported in SVG conversion
- Handle saving & opening file attachments with invalid characters in filename
- Regression: Caret no longer displays when starting to type in text annotations (first character)
- Rendering improvements for PDFs created by MacOSX Quartz PDF Context
- (Document Specific) Vector overlay colors not blending
- (Document Specific) Text not showing behind the image (Color Key Mask + Indexed)
- Word to PDF conversion enhancements

PDF Studio 2019.1.3 (64-bit)
- Scanning broken by notarization process for upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Recent file list on menu bar did not work
- PDF to HTML5 now converts in-document links, supported by Chrome and Firefox


Chime 4.38.10186 舊版本資訊


Chime 4.37.10179 舊版本資訊