CudaText 1.94.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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憤怒的 IP 掃描器是一個非常快速的 IP 地址和端口掃描器。它可以掃描任何範圍的 IP 地址以及任何端口。它是跨平台和輕量級的。不需要任何安裝,任何地方都可以自由複制和使用它.

Angry IP 掃描器只需簡單地 ping 每個 IP 地址,以檢查它是否存在,然後可以選擇解析其主機名,確定 MAC 地址,掃描端口等。每個主機收集的數據可以通過插件進行擴展.

它還具有其他功能,如 NetBIOS 信息(計算機名稱,工作組名稱,當前登錄的 Windows 用戶),最喜歡的 IP 地址範圍,Web 服務器檢測,可定制的開啟者等。掃描結果可以保存為 CSV,TXT,XML 或 IP 端口列表文件。借助插件,Angry IP Scanner 可以收集有關掃描的 IP 的任何信息。任何可以編寫 Java 代碼的人都可以編寫插件並擴展 Angry IP Scanner.

注意功能:需要 Java 運行時環境。

也可用:下載 Angry IP Scanner 為 Mac

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CudaText 1.94.0 (64-bit)

11.96 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Angryziber Software


What's new in this version:

- Project Manager improvements (show pretty paths in recent file list; fixed crash on unfolding deleted folder; use case-insensitive sorting)
- program starts little faster (Linux/Windows: by 10..20%)
- command line supports all params (-r -e -nh -z) for single instance mode too (thanks @dinkumoil)
- command line parameter -i, to read the contents of stdin (Unix only)
- command line parameter -ns, to disable loading saved session
- if mouse selecting was started, and mouse is moving over gutter, selecting must continue
- lexer Python: support Unicode ids, fix rules for hex/octal/binary numbers
- lexer JavaScript: support in code-tree functions like "name: function(...){}"
- lexer Markdown: support Unicode text
- lexer HTML: proper highlight few more attribs
- Addon Manager shows new dialog for "Download all" command
- HTML auto-completion must insert "<" char if called on empty place
- optimizations in Python API speed
- show Go To dialog on clicking statusbar first cell

- lexers removed to add-ons: Diff, Makefile, Pascal, Properties, Ruby
- plugin Sort: changed config file to settings/plugins.ini, [sort] section

- memory leak in TreeHelpers
- command line param -n was broken on Windows
- auto-completion was broken in PHP block (bad default of "autocomplete_html_lexers")
- command "settings: reload/apply config"
- commands didn't support paired file-tab: "save file", "save file as", "reopen file", "copy filename", "lexer properties"

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