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憤怒的 IP 掃描器是一個非常快速的 IP 地址和端口掃描器。它可以掃描任何範圍的 IP 地址以及任何端口。它是跨平台和輕量級的。不需要任何安裝,任何地方都可以自由複制和使用它.

Angry IP 掃描器只需簡單地 ping 每個 IP 地址,以檢查它是否存在,然後可以選擇解析其主機名,確定 MAC 地址,掃描端口等。每個主機收集的數據可以通過插件進行擴展.

它還具有其他功能,如 NetBIOS 信息(計算機名稱,工作組名稱,當前登錄的 Windows 用戶),最喜歡的 IP 地址範圍,Web 服務器檢測,可定制的開啟者等。掃描結果可以保存為 CSV,TXT,XML 或 IP 端口列表文件。借助插件,Angry IP Scanner 可以收集有關掃描的 IP 的任何信息。任何可以編寫 Java 代碼的人都可以編寫插件並擴展 Angry IP Scanner.

注意功能:需要 Java 運行時環境。

也可用:下載 Angry IP Scanner 為 Mac

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CudaText (64-bit)

11.6 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Angryziber Software


What's new in this version:

- built-in bracket highlighting, no more need in plugin Bracket Helper, and it works much faster than plugin. It supports most of plugin's features, including show brackets on gutter, including checks for syntax elements
- option "bracket_highlight"
- option "bracket_symbols"
- option "bracket_distance"
- command "brackets: pair highlight: on"
- command "brackets: pair highlight: off"
- command "brackets: pair highlight: toggle"
- command "brackets: jump to pair"
- command "brackets: select to pair"
- command "brackets: select to pair, inside"
- plugin Spell Checker keeps font color of highlighted words
- lexer JSON: reworked code tree
- lexer Markdown: minor fixes, adapted for Spell Checker
- Project Manager: "Go to file" command reworked, much faster now on big projects
- Project Manager: feature from Kate editor: on opening a file from Git/SVN repo, project is created and file is focused in that project (if no named project was opened before); added option in the plugin dialog

- macOS: crash on copying vertical block to clipboard
- crash with non-ASCII text after showing Command Palette
- plugin Tabs List: font options didn't work

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