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AOMEI Partition Assistant,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
AOMEI Partition Assistant 標準是一個免費的磁盤分區管理軟件,已經贏得了全球用戶的良好聲譽。它有很多強大的功能,你可以完全控制你的硬盤和分區。例如,“擴展分區嚮導”使您可以增加分區大小以完全解決磁盤空間不足問題,或者可以使用“調整分區大小”,“合併分區”,“分區分區”和“複製分區”靈活地管理磁盤空間。

AOMEI Partition Assistant 嵌入部門級數據保護技術。嚴格經過 R& 它使您能夠按照預期實現更安全的分區操作。無論您的磁盤風格是 MBR 還是 GPT,無論您的磁盤是小於還是大於 2TB,本產品都可以幫助您解決磁盤分區的各種問題。支持 Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Vista,XP 和 2000,免費使用家庭和商業用戶。

AOMEI Partition Assistant 功能:
調整大小 / 移動分區 - 更改分區大小,而不會丟失數據。擴展分區嚮導 - 擴展 NTFS 分區,無需重新啟動計算機。分配可用空間 - 將可用空間從一個分區重新分配給另一個分區。合併分區 - 將兩個相鄰的分區合併為一個。拆分分區 - 將一個大分區拆分成兩個小分區。創建分區 - 創建一個新的分區來存儲各種數據。刪除分區 - 刪除不必要和無用的分區。格式分區 - 清空分區上的所有數據。系統遷移 - 將系統遷移到固態驅動器(OS 到 SSD)。複製磁盤 - 將磁盤從一個克隆到另一個。複製分區 - 將分區復製到其他位置。動態到基本磁盤轉換 - 將動態磁盤轉換為基本而不丟失數據。 MBR 和 GPT 轉換 - 在 MBR 磁盤和 GPT 磁盤之間進行轉換,而不會丟失數據。 NTFS 和 FAT32 轉換 - 將 NTFS 轉換為 FAT32 分區,無數據丟失,反之亦然。第二個 Ext2 / Ext3 分區 - 在沒有格式化的 SD 卡和 USB 閃存驅動器上創建第二個分區 Ext2 / Ext3。主要和邏輯轉換 - 安全地轉換主要分區和邏輯分區。創建可啟動光盤 - 無需安裝 AIK / WAIK 即可創建 Windows PE 可啟動媒體。 Windows to Go Creator - 將 Windows 8 安裝到外部磁盤或可移動閃存驅動器。 SSD 安全擦除嚮導 - 在 SSD 上寫入數據的方式完全不同於 HDD(硬盤驅動器)上的方式。

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WriteMapper 2.3.1

WriteMapper Setup 2.3.1.exe

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


AOMEI Technology



What's new in this version:

WriteMapper 2.3.1

- Added method to easier include app and platform version info for debugging purposes in the Help menu
- New image export format

Bug Fixes:
- If quick search leads to a node that is collapsed, expand before selecting it
- Corrected an inconsistent behaviour that occurred in the “Collapse Other Nodes” option
- Fixed hitting Cmd+E causing a glitch while in the windowed editor on the macOS version
- Fixed OPML export bug that occurs when there are nodes with empty contents
- Fixed issue with zoom on Windows when triggered from trackpad or mouse wheel
- Fixed bug on desktop where arrow keys would traverse nodes during Quick Search

WriteMapper 2.3.0

Bug Fixes:
- Double clicking a node now works with the “Tap twice and drag to multi-select” setting for Windows trackpads
- Prevented the white collapse/expand button from glitching when clicked
- Fixed error that occurred when trying to select nodes above/below the root node
- Fixed overlapping elements in the Shortcuts tab of the Preferences window
- Corrected scrollbar from showing in the update window

WriteMapper 2.2.0

- WriteMapper now keeps a backup of a history of your work with this new feature. The five most recent versions of the five most recently saved WriteMaps are saved to Snapshots, which can be accessed from the “File” menu, and from the “Open” button on the iPad. There also exists the option to remove all Snapshots, if you’re worried about them occupying disk space

Export As OPML:
- We’ve added another export format, on top of the five existing ones. Adding OPML format export, with the app already supporting import of OPML files, will enable you to move your work in and out of WriteMapper and use it with other programs that support the format

Quick Search:
- Finally, you can now search an entire WriteMap’s node topics at once, and find exactly what you were looking for. Quick Search is accessible from the WriteMap view in the menu bar on desktop under the “Node” menu, the toolbar’s more options button (•••) on iPad, and with keyboard shortcuts on both (Cmd/Ctrl+F)

- On desktop, added optimisations for improving performance of viewing and editing WriteMaps with numerous nodes
- Added padded clearance of the cursor from the bottom edge of the content editor as the editor auto-scrolls while you type
- Increased content editor’s maximum font size upwards to 26px
- Added a separator to the zoom toolbar menu on desktop

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where a link’s destination would not show up in WriteMaps created from imported files
- On desktop, fixed a bug where images could not be inserted when the editor wasn’t yet focused
- Prevented source information of images getting lost whenever the content editor was opened/closed
- Character count in Full Document Preview now does not count spaces and newline characters
- Set ‘mins’ to singular (‘min’) instead of plural if the estimated read time info is one (1) minute

WriteMapper 2.1.1
- Contains a bug fix where the Editor Width setting would always be stuck in “Relative”, even if set to “Fixed” in Preferences

WriteMapper 2.1.0

Other Improvements:
- New setting added to preferences options for choosing between fixed or relative width of the content editor
- Enabled WriteMap to scroll as a node is dragged to the bounds of the WriteMap’s edges
- Added link to License Manager page to the Help section of the menu bar of desktop versions
- Adjusted layout and height of the Preferences window on desktop to fit better on smaller screens

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where imported PNG and GIF images might not be formatted in the right encoding
- In the Windows version, fixed the height of the general tab of the Preferences window
- Remedied issue where the Windows desktop version would not correctly handle images imported from a local file
- Fixed errant white flash when showing a new window on macOS, in dark mode
- On macOS, corrected how buttons for modifier keys might not display correctly in the custom keyboard shortcuts section of Preferences
- Corrected a typo in the tutorial WriteMap
WriteMapper 2.0.2
- This update fixes a bug that caused the auto update mechanism to not work
- Also, the Full Document Preview option was added to the menu bar, alongside the existing export options to help make it more accessible

WriteMapper 2.0.1
 Change log not available for this version

WriteMapper 2.0.0
 Change log not available for this version

WriteMapper 1.7.2
 Change log not available for this version

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