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AOMEI Partition Assistant,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
AOMEI Partition Assistant 標準是一個免費的磁盤分區管理軟件,已經贏得了全球用戶的良好聲譽。它有很多強大的功能,你可以完全控制你的硬盤和分區。例如,“擴展分區嚮導”使您可以增加分區大小以完全解決磁盤空間不足問題,或者可以使用“調整分區大小”,“合併分區”,“分區分區”和“複製分區”靈活地管理磁盤空間。

AOMEI Partition Assistant 嵌入部門級數據保護技術。嚴格經過 R& 它使您能夠按照預期實現更安全的分區操作。無論您的磁盤風格是 MBR 還是 GPT,無論您的磁盤是小於還是大於 2TB,本產品都可以幫助您解決磁盤分區的各種問題。支持 Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Vista,XP 和 2000,免費使用家庭和商業用戶。

AOMEI Partition Assistant 功能:
調整大小 / 移動分區 - 更改分區大小,而不會丟失數據。擴展分區嚮導 - 擴展 NTFS 分區,無需重新啟動計算機。分配可用空間 - 將可用空間從一個分區重新分配給另一個分區。合併分區 - 將兩個相鄰的分區合併為一個。拆分分區 - 將一個大分區拆分成兩個小分區。創建分區 - 創建一個新的分區來存儲各種數據。刪除分區 - 刪除不必要和無用的分區。格式分區 - 清空分區上的所有數據。系統遷移 - 將系統遷移到固態驅動器(OS 到 SSD)。複製磁盤 - 將磁盤從一個克隆到另一個。複製分區 - 將分區復製到其他位置。動態到基本磁盤轉換 - 將動態磁盤轉換為基本而不丟失數據。 MBR 和 GPT 轉換 - 在 MBR 磁盤和 GPT 磁盤之間進行轉換,而不會丟失數據。 NTFS 和 FAT32 轉換 - 將 NTFS 轉換為 FAT32 分區,無數據丟失,反之亦然。第二個 Ext2 / Ext3 分區 - 在沒有格式化的 SD 卡和 USB 閃存驅動器上創建第二個分區 Ext2 / Ext3。主要和邏輯轉換 - 安全地轉換主要分區和邏輯分區。創建可啟動光盤 - 無需安裝 AIK / WAIK 即可創建 Windows PE 可啟動媒體。 Windows to Go Creator - 將 Windows 8 安裝到外部磁盤或可移動閃存驅動器。 SSD 安全擦除嚮導 - 在 SSD 上寫入數據的方式完全不同於 HDD(硬盤驅動器)上的方式。

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


AOMEI Technology


What's new in this version:

- Turn your physical mouse to a virtual stick
- Add mappings to Xbox Elite Series 2 paddles
- Switch to the virtual controller in two clicks
- Pick Relative stick deflections in Combos
- Adjust the X and Y mouse sensitivity for sticks
- Create a two-button hotkey to switch slots
- Add mouse moves to Stick zones
- Remove all pauses from combo sequence in one click
- Lock paddles by pressing double-tap on Connect button of Xbox Elite 1
- Switch to the latest device you worked with after reWASD restart automatically
- Clone configs to another game
- Unmap Left Shift on the Keyboard
- Fixed: Shortcuts are not working for additional gaming mouse buttons
- Fixed: Combos created for Keyboard on a single key in Main and Shift are linked
- Fixed: The “paddles” for DualShock 4 and Joy-Con are remapped to gamepad mappings while Advanced mapping feature is not activated without the possibility to switch this behavior off
- Fixed: Physical Sticks are working while the gamepad is hidden and remapped to the virtual one
- Fixed: reWASD + additional apps that manage rumble on Nintendo Switch Pro controller cause BSOD when interface switches to this controller
- Fixed: Combo with a single stick deflection that is less than |100%| is saved as an ordinary mapping
- Fixed: Associated apps are not shown for keyboard & mouse sub-configs if gamepad sub-config is empty
- Fixed: After app uninstallation, reWASD Launcher icon is not removed from Startup links if reWASD was installed to the custom folder
- Fixed: Virtual Left Stick mapped to Left Stick is inherited to Shift even it is remapped to Virtual Right Stick inside this Shift
- Fixed: Feature prices are not shown for Combo, Four Slots and Rapid Fire for Korean users
- Fixed: Virtual devices created for Logitech gaming mouse are shown in reWASD
- Fixed: Analog control mapped to analog trigger for the first gamepad in a group of two or more gamepads uses the highest pressed position instead of the actual one

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