Pano2VR 7.0.3 軟體資訊介紹&下載

開放源代碼 Arduino 軟件(IDE)可以輕鬆編寫代碼並將其上傳到開發板。它運行在 Windows,Mac OS X 和 Linux 上。環境是用 Java 編寫的,基於 Processing 和其他開源軟件。這個軟件可以與任何 Arduino 板一起使用。


等待新的 arduino-builder

可插拔的 USB 核心
你的 Arduino 終於可以作為很多不同的 USB 設備,而無需改變核心,這要歸功於新的模塊化架構。基於新子系統的庫已經在開發中!

您現在可以實時繪製您的數據,就像在您的循環內寫入 Serial.println(analogRead(A0))一樣簡單.


ArduinoISP 示例
已經改進了很多,現在您可以使用任何其他闆卡來刷新 AVR 芯片。

如果圖書館 / 核心可以通過簡單的彈出式菜單更新,請通知我們。沒有更多過時的代碼浮動!

注意:需要 Arduino 平台.

也可用於:下載 Arduino 為 Mac

Arduino Screenshot 1
Arduino Screenshot 2

Pano2VR 7.0.3


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Arduino Team



What's new in this version:

- Added: Keyboard shortcut to bring the Main Window forward
- Added: Clickable file path to access Autobackup files
- New: All viewer elements given unique ID when copied and pasted

- Gyro skin actions’ settings were resetting when opened consectively
- skin_vr.js missing from GGPKG output
- Node images in the skin were not using the default view FoV
- Missing leveling information from Theta X images sometimes caused images to not be visible in the Viewer
- an issue where Pano2VR would crash for some when removing links between map pins in the tour map
- another crash issue when converting a Patch to a Point Hotspot
- Preview images not loading with “Unload image to save memory” selected
- Mouse Over action was not triggering correctly
- User Data using placeholders was not being sorted in the Tour Browser
- Crash caused by converting a patch to point hotspot
- Move to View action not smooth with large flat images
- User Data custom properties not triggering logic blocks in any node other than node one
- Map Pin placement shifts in the Tour Map when changing map providers
- The splashscreen in built in skins requires a double click to proceed with sound on
- Cannot change Lottie file using the change image button or components toolbox
- Converted Images get patches applied with the option deselected
- Blurred Patches are sticking to tiled TIFF images
- Viewing limits is breaks the hotspot target view
- HTML text added to web element will flash on screen before moving to next node
- 360 video filename not updating when locating file
- Save with Assets does not save project background sound
- material_dart.ggsk mobile thumbnail menu leaves the blur background if closed from the node view
- Missing variable in variable logic block not showing up in Find Warnings
- Crash when adding nodes to the skin editor with a markertemplate
- Tracking Hotspots using the wrong VideoPano track
- The copy button in the Venis skin is not copying
- Convert Patch to Point Hotspot not working with roll
- Project background sound not included in Support Package
- Map pins not showing next panorama’s user data custom properties
- Alternative Background Sound cannot be removed using clear
- Crash when duplicating a clip that’s been duplicated before
- Cannot paste type decimal values to North and Altitude

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