TC Games 3.0.127875 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Ashampoo Photo Recovery,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Ashampoo Photo Recovery 可以幫助您恢復由於意外或技術故障而丟失的照片。刪除了錯誤的照片?你的記憶卡已經有缺陷了?照片擁有不可替代的,無形的價值。無論是婚禮,度假,度假還是童年的形象,都讓我們想起了人生中最難忘的時刻。如果他們丟失了,無論是意外還是由於技術故障,損失將是相當可觀的。那時你會很高興你有 Ashampoo Photo Recovery 在你的處置,照片恢復專家!

Ashampoo Photo Recovery 產品特點:
查找 PDF,EXE 或 word 文件中的圖像。從損壞的 RAW 文件中恢復照片。方便的預設為許多用例。針對 20 多種 RAW 格式進行了優化。也針對 Windows 10 和高分辨率顯示器進行了優化。罕見格式的特殊搜索過濾器(例如 APCDOC,PSD,TGA,PCX,SGI)。支持現代格式(JPEG 2000,WebP,JPEG XR)。支持超過 20 種不同的 RAW 格式!按尺寸或分辨率搜索以獲得更好的結果。從多頁圖像(動畫等)中恢復單個幀。恢復已刪除或損壞的圖像文件。掃描所有可用的驅動器從格式化的磁盤恢復照片。注意:10 天試用版.

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TC Games 3.0.127875


Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64




What's new in this version:

- Projection image quality can be adjusted to extremely-HD

Keymapping related updates in key setting:
- Keymapping can set to combination keys,such as 'ctrl+f1' or '1+2'
- View angle key can adjust sensitivity and set delay
- Added the vision extension key for Moba game: Area mode/look back/aim reset outside the area
- The left mouse can be set as a keymapping: Double click the left mouse to set and add a macro key as a trigger. the macro commond is 'LeftMouseSwitch'
- The macro key can execute other configured 2 macro keys
- Rightmouse move add a compatibility mode to adapt to some Moba games
- Intelligent casting add starting range and point attack calibration for some MOBA games

- Live streams: Click the button to directly push the mobilephone screen stream to the live room
- Pictures and files on the computer can be dragged to the projection screen window to transfer to the mobile phone
- The apk on the computer can be dragged to the projection screen window to install the apk directly
- Use the mouse to copy text from the mobile phone and paste it to the computer
- The keymappings downloaded from the keymapping center can be uploaded to the cloud keys
- The TC Games window can be pulled to an extremely small size in Laconic mode

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