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用於 Windows Vista 的 AMD 催化劑驅動程序 64 位是 AMD 的官方軟件包,旨在讓所有的 Windows 用戶能夠毫不費力地提供 Windows 操作系統,應用程序以及使用 DirectX,OpenGL 和其他 API 接口的無數電子遊戲之間的完全兼容性他們自己的所有處理能力,功能和服務都可以從著名的 Radeon 產品線中提供幾代強大的圖形處理單元(GPU)卡。在過去的十年裡,Radeon GPU 芯片成功地為處理圖形和直接計算流程鋪平了新的技術,使完美的新手誰需要只有穩定的 Windows 操作系統環境,多媒體愛好者誰完美的視頻和音頻想要為遊戲提供最後可能的力量的電子遊戲玩家,需要堅如磐石的穩定性的專業人士和設計師,以及可以通過他們的商業項目輕鬆訪問的廣泛功能集。

AMD 催化劑驅動程序包可安裝在任何版本的 Windows 上,方便任何人即時訪問嚮導輔助設置,支持多顯示器,高級 3D 配置選項(抗鋸齒,紋理過濾,紋理質量等),支持 DSUB 和 HDMI 配置,集成支持 HDMI 傳輸聲音,傳感器監測 GPU 溫度和風扇速度,集成 GPU 超頻工具以及更多服務,可幫助任何人充分利用每一代新一代 Radeon GPU 的所有功能 cards.

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ATI Catalyst Drivers 10.1 Vista 64


70.06 MB

Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


What's new in this version:

# Performance Improvements

The following performance gains are noticed with this release of ATI Catalyst™ 10.1:
* Left 4 Dead 2 – Overall performance improves as much as 3% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5700 series products and ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 series products
* Crysis – Performance improves as much as 3% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5700 series products and as much as 4% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 series products

# All Systems

* Confirmation dialog box will now appear while extending the display through ATI Catalyst™ Control Center
* "Enable Manual Fan Control" check box will now be checked when utilizing external tools to apply fan speed
* [ATI Catalyst™ Control Center] The display order will now reflect changes properly when Eyefinity is re-arranged while desktop is rotated to portrait mode
* Hot unplugging one of the displays in an Eyefinity configuration no longer causes rotation modes to disappear from ATI Catalyst™ Control Center

# Windows Vista

* Changing basic color settings will now reflect properly during playback with Adobe Flash Player using Internet Explorer or Firefox
* The right side of HD progressive playback screen will no longer freeze while enabling split screen mode and dynamic contrast
* Green horizontal line no longer visible at the top of the playback window when viewing SD HQV content with desktop resolution set to 25x16

# Windows 7

* [ATI Catalyst™ Control Center] Enabling LCD Overdrive will no longer cause mouse cursor to magnify when moved overtop of the "Calibration Preview"
* DisplayPort™ "Lower Setting Applied" and "Link Failure" messages will no longer appear after driver installation and reboot with DP displays connected to the mini DP port
* Firefox now works properly and video no longer drop frames when playing Youtube clips with Adobe Flash Player 10
* CrossFire™ logo now appears properly in CFX enabled applications like "3DMark Vantage" or "Call of Juarez"
* [ATI Catalyst™ Control Center] Newly added custom modes will now appear properly in desktop area tree view
* Confirmation dialogue window will now appear when setting up Eyefinity mode
* 120 Hz is no longer missing from display modes for specific digital displays
* Specific configurations will no longer cause Ubisoft "Wheelman" to stop responding during gameplay
* Loss of HDMI signal may no longer occurs when viewing Blu-ray content, and rescanning for the HDMI signal no longer cause the entire screen to shift and display a green border
* Overscan/underscan issue no longer occurs when setting displays to HDTV modes
* Performance drop no longer observed during some scenes of Resident Evil 5 cinematics
* Blocky grass and trees no longer visible in Unigine "Heaven" in OpenGL mode

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