Atom 1.12.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Atom 是一款文本編輯器,它是現代的,平易近人的,但對核心有破壞性的工具 - 你可以自定義的工具,但是也可以高效地使用,而不需要觸摸配置文件。您可以從數以千計的為 Atom 添加新特性和功能的開源軟件包中進行選擇,或者從頭構建一個軟件包並將其發布給其他人使用。 Atom 預裝了四種 UI 和八種語法主題,分別為黑色和淺色。 Atom 免費下載最新版本的 Windows PC。它是 Atom.

的完整脫機安裝程序安裝程序。如果找不到要查找的內容,也可以安裝由 Atom 社區創建的主題或創建自己的主題。 Atom 的定制和風格很簡單。您可以使用 CSS / Less 來調整 UI 的外觀和風格,並使用 HTML 和 JavaScript 添加主要功能。看看設置 Atom 的視頻。 Atom 是一個使用 HTML,JavaScript,CSS 和 Node.js 集成構建的桌面應用程序。它運行在 Electron 上,這是一個使用 Web 技術構建跨平台應用程序的框架.

Atom 功能:

Atom 適用於所有操作系統。您可以在 OS X,Windows 或 Linux 上使用它.

搜索並安裝新包,或者從 Atom.

Smart 自動完成
ATIom 開始創建自己的內容 - 智能靈活的自動完成,幫助您更快地編寫代碼.

文件系統 browser

將 Atom 界面分割為多個窗格,以便跨文件比較和編輯代碼。


也可用:下載 Atom for Mac

Atom (32-bit) Screenshot 1
Atom (32-bit) Screenshot 2
Atom (32-bit) Screenshot 3
Atom (32-bit) Screenshot 4
Atom (32-bit) Screenshot 5

Atom 1.12.0


93.5 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Atom Team


What's new in this version:

- Add atom.project.observeBuffers
- Fix source maps for typescript and babel on Windows
- Fix height when splitting panes
- Remove window load time console output
- Don't wait for spec windows to save state
- Update
- Ensure pane is added to container before invoking onDidAddPane listeners
- Upgrade Electron to v1.3.6
- Don't include destroyed panes in result of PaneContainer.getPanes() after PaneContainer is destroyed
- Improve support for international keyboards
- Add atom.restartApplication
- Don't remeasure the first character of a line
- Always return an empty array in TokenizedBuffer.getInvalidatedRanges
- Avoid adding non-existent project directories
- Simplify Windows build instructions
- Always invalidate yardstick measurements when the editor becomes visible
- Don't interleave package serialization with package deactivations
- Tildify path in title bar
- Make it easier to define user key bindings
- Use app 'activate' event instead of defunct 'activate-with-no-open-windows'
- Make main-process/main.js as minimal as possible
- Update languages
- Adds support for variable-width terminals
- Fixes documentation for TextEditor::indentationForBufferRow()
- Add link to article on glob patterns
- Allow Atom on Windows to run multiple instances e.g. on Windows server
- Fix uses of call-window-method IPC channel in specs
- Update coffee-script to 1.11.0
- Remove unused variables (obvious ones)
- On Circle, clear screensaver right before running tests
- Guard against null tab length value
- Use inline source maps when transpiling coffee-script
- Fix a typo and grammar error in
- Always return Disposable from maintain{Config,Grammar}
- Move emacs editor bindings to Darwin to avoid Windows menu conflicts
- Add methods for checking if initial packages have been loaded/activated
- optimize png images using zopflipng
- Return a Disposable when stubbing observePreferredScrollbarStyle
- Include TextEditor in Atom exports
- Update languages
- Don't share overlayDimensions across instances
- Fix keystroke resolution problems on Linux

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