Output Messenger 1.9.50 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Attribute Changer,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Attribute Changer 是一個功能強大的 Windows 資源管理器擴展。無論何時在 Windows 資源管理器中右鍵單擊文件,文件夾甚至驅動器,都可以隨時使用。該工具加載了令人興奮的功能,並幫助您在 Microsoft Windows 中管理您的日常任務。

想讓您的文件只讀,以防止修改或需要強制一個特定的文件的新的備份版本,而無需修改內容。可能性是無止境。 Attribute Changer 可以修改像 ReadOnly,隱藏,存檔,系統,壓縮和索引文件和文件夾的標準屬性。如果您將數據存儲在區分大小寫的文件系統(如基於 Linux 的 NAS 系統)上,文件和文件夾的名稱和擴展名可以輕鬆地從大寫轉換為小寫,反之亦然。

Attribute Changer 可以通過手動輸入日期和時間值來修改照片信息(EXIF),或者您可以選擇與時間戳和文件日期同步信息。更高級的選項,如修改日期和時間戳的詳細部分是可用的,如果需要的話。

文件和文件夾過濾器指示 Attribute Changer 根據多個條件(如屬性,日期,時間,大小和文件或文件夾名稱通配符)排除或包含對象。範圍可以為他們大多數定義。可以將多個條件組合在一起以創建一組要應用於文件和文件夾的條件。

支持 Windows XP,Vista,7,8 和 10 的所有 32 位和 64 位版本。它與許多流行的第三方文件管理器集成在一起。

Attribute Changer 功能:
外殼擴展(在 Windows 資源管理器中右鍵單擊文件和文件夾)管理只讀,隱藏,存檔,系統,壓縮和索引屬性管理創建,修改和訪問日期和時間戳管理照片(EXIF)日期和時間戳將絕對值和偏移值應用於日期和時間應用隨機日期和時間戳同步日期和時間戳更改文件和文件夾名稱及擴展名的大小寫在選擇上應用過濾器以限制處理實時和詳細報告模擬模式 PDF 格式的豐富的本地化用戶指南 Attribute Changer 是免費的,即使是商業用途

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Output Messenger 1.9.50 (64-bit)


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Romain Petges



What's new in this version:

Output Messenger 1.9.50 (64-bit)
- Added Scaling feature in Remote Desktop Sharing
- No more limitation in Group Chat User Count
- Smoothened loading of messages(scrolling)
- Added “Test Voice” option to check Voice response
- Added “Test Video” option to check Video response
- “Play sound on” separate audio device for Message, Ring, Login, Logout and Buzz sounds
- Improved Call Notification GUI for Voice & Video Call
- Added Refresh Button to reload Video devices connected
- Added Keyboard shortcuts for Add / Edit Task & Advanced Search in View Log window
- Supports Screen Sharing with 4K Monitors
- Press “Ctrl + Backspace” to remove a word
- Identify Users present in Video Conference with the change of Video call icon in Users List
- Added option to Reply, Forward or Star the API Notification
- Expand / Collapse the Departments by clicking on All / My tab
- Included “Department” field in New Ticket – Output Desk Integration

- Fixed the mess of dragging users to chatroom
- Fixed video device detection issue in Windows 7
- Fixed the loss of sound files path issue using “Restore Default” option
- Resolved Add/Edit Task display issue in IE9 system
- Fixed duplicate attachment issue in Internal Mail
- Solved voice call timing display message issue
- Fixed resize issue in View Profile window
- Resolved Video Chat crash issue
- Resolved the issue in saving Audio Output device
- Resolved the user online/offline pop-up notification issue
- Fixed collapse of Email reply format issue while pressing Backspace/Copy / Paste keys – Output Desk Integration
- Fixed Shift+Enter sending live chat messages immediately issue – Output Desk Integration

Output Messenger 1.9.47 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Output Messenger 1.9.46 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Output Messenger 1.9.45 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Output Messenger 1.9.40 (64-bit)
New :
- Introducing ‘Task’ to create & manage to-do lists / tasks from Output Messenger Chat Window
- (For more details: https://support.outputmessenger.com/tasks-to-do-lists/)
- Sync Reminders across all your devices
- Added New Look to Reminder Notification
- Added option to set Multiple Reminders & Recurring Reminders for every week/month/year
- Implemented Notification pop-up for Offline Reminders
- Added keyboard shortcuts in all plug-in features to navigate effortlessly. (Shortcut will be displayed in Tool tip)
- Can Reply to / Forward Announcements
- Added ‘Copy to Clipboard’ option in Screen Clipper
- Improved overall GUI for clickable icons(mouse hover)
- Drag & Drop files from browser to Chat window
- Added ‘Turkish’ language support
- Added parameter for MSI installer to set default language for clients
- Improved ‘Facebook Reply’ in Output Desk Integration

Fixes :
- Fixed Reconnection issue
- Fixed Voice Call Mute option issue
- Fixed non-listing of forwarded files in Gallery Panel
- ‘Existing Message Alert in Reply box’ on Tabbed View(while closing chat tab)
- Sorted out new message notification issue in Non-Disturb Display(Hide when minimized)
- Fixed File Access issue (files with filename consisting single quotes)
- Solved Gallery Panel – Search issue
- Sorted Edit & Send ‘Local Path’ as message issue
- Resolved New message Notification Pop-up display for languages other than English
- Corrected Multiple Monitors – Screen Clipper problem
- Fixed Download Forward file problem
- Fixed Mobile Voice Call – Voice Call Accept Request showing during call issue

Output Messenger Client 1.9.33 (64-bit)
- Added Dark Mode to let you move from the traditional white interface of Messenger
- Added Voice Recorder to send Voice Messages
- Can Add Photo in Chat Rooms
- Added Undo (Ctrl + Z) option in Message Send Box
- Added option in Mail Settings to Popup New Mail Window
- Added ‘Allow Enter’ option in Message Send box > Context menu
- Added Expand All / Collapse All option in Users list > View Context menu
- Added Ordered list context menu in Notes
- Improved the Users list GUI
- Optimized the Users Search based on Frequently Chatted Users and Favorite Departments
- Added ‘Appear Offline Always’ status in Output Desk Integration
- Added option to filter Tickets based on Departments in Output Desk Integration
- Added option to Save Departments in Output Desk Integration
- Display Operator’s Profile Picture in Output Desk Integration

- Speed up Mails > All Users list
- Speed up Group Chat > Users list
- Fixed Acknowledged Users display in Download History
- Fixed multi-line Reply Message’s Edit issue
- Fixed Favorite Users sync problem
- Fixed Notes Exit and Undo glitches
- Fixed Mails > File Attachment GUI on Windows XP Client
- Fixed Announcements > CTRL + V (copy the text from somewhere and paste) action’s issue
- Fixed the mess of Recent Tab update
- Fixed the issue of Replying Images
- Fixed Snipping tool glitches
- Fixed Chat Room display in Users list
- Fixed Orange Bullet display on new messages
- Fixed Cursor display on Message Send box
- Fixed Tickets Count issue in Output Desk Integration

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