Photo Mechanic 6.0 (build 5716) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Audacity 是一個開源的,跨平台的音頻編輯和錄音機。 Audacity 可以錄製和播放聲音並導入和導出 WAV,AIFF,MP3 和 OGG 文件。使用剪切,複製和粘貼功能(無限制的撤消功能)編輯您的聲音,混合曲目,或將效果應用到您的錄音。下載 Audacity 用於 Windows 的脫機安裝程序安裝程序。 Audacity 還具有內建的振幅包絡編輯器,可自定義的頻譜圖模式和音頻分析應用程序的頻率分析窗口。它具有許多有用的功能,其中一些是:記錄和播放音頻文件支持各種文件格式如 WAV,AIFF,AU 和 Ogg Vorbis 導入 MPEG 音頻(包括 MP2 和 MP3 文件)通過剪切,複製,粘貼和混合來編輯音頻文件大文件可以很快編輯添加不同的效果,如迴聲,相位器,wahwah,reverse,and more 更改音高而不改變速度,反之亦然。記錄和編輯 16 位,24 位和 32 位(浮點)採樣。各種插件支持可用於將舊磁帶轉換成數字媒體等等還提供:下載 Audacity 為 Mac

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Photo Mechanic 6.0 (build 5716)


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Audacity Development Team


What's new in this version:

- SFTP Connections - Add option to force Key-Based Authentication
- New 'From Clipboard' button in Set GPS Coordinates dialog that interprets text as GPS coordinates
- Support for transparent layer for TIFFs. User-defined background color
- “Add to Master” keyword list button to the Keywords panel which changes to “Overwrite Master” when the Modifier Key (Shift on Windows, Option on macOS) is held down. Add to Master will add the current list of keywords to the Master Keywords list. Overwrite will confirm that you want to replace the entire Master Keywords list with the list of keywords in the Keywords panel
- “Load from Master” button in the Keywords panel now has a Modifier Key alternative that will “Merge from Master” which will only add the keywords from the Master Keywords list that don’t already exist in the Keywords panel
- XMP is now embedded directly into HEIC and HIF files rather than using an XMP sidecar file
- iPhone 12 Max DNG file support. DNG files previously damaged from earlier versions can be fixed by using the Revert TIFF-based RAW command
- Evaluate variables when Pasting IPTC snapshot to selected photos. Sequence, and Code Replacements are also evaluated
- Rotate PMLib.log at startup

- Metadata field popup menus remove all instances of a string, including substring matches
- Software Update link to download latest build is not HTTPS
- Unable to Import Uploader connection settings when no setting exists
- Rename examples do not show effect of 'Renaming method' in Files page of Preferences, specifically the always add digit/letter variants
- Fixed issue with expanding XMP in HIF files
- Wrong height/width for some DNG files (Apple proRAW)
- Unable to save BMP as JPEG
- Duplicate XMP is now ignored in TIFF-based RAW files
Added: New command-line switch to output the machine ID. /machine will produce the machine ID.
- Opening File picker from Metadata windows always goes to 'This PC'
- Legacy MAX_PATH limitation
- Export templates failing to copy folders
- Opening a contact sheet on a server share produces a contact sheet window with no tab
- Drag and drop opening of a server share folder fails with an error
- Drag folder from Navigator to Favorites is not creating a Favorites entry
- Contact Sheet path doesn't update after folder move in Navigator and Favorites
- Cannot unpack certain preferences files. When preferences are exported with SMTP settings, the .PMX file cannot be unpacked

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