App Builder 2019.48 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Audials Moviebox,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Audials Moviebox 記錄來自視頻點播服務的高清電影,來自網站的視頻剪輯和來自電視台媒體庫的電視劇。這樣做沒有質量損失,並自動保存為 PC,智能手機,平板電腦和遊戲機所需的任何格式的視頻。 Audial 會自動為電影和電視劇命名,並通過標題,電影封面圖片,流派,年份,演員,導演,製片人,編劇,製作公司和原籍國的標籤來增強他們的影響力.

使用 Audials Moviebox,您可以復制受保護和未受保護的視頻文件沒有質量的損失,並把它們轉換成 85 種不同的視頻格式。只需從 84 個設備配置文件中選擇一個設備,該程序就能以最佳的分辨率和質量轉換視頻文件。使用 DVD 複印機,您可以復制和存檔電影.

音頻電影盒是錄製視頻流和解決視頻,電影和 DVD 的所有問題的權威視頻工具。 Audials Tunebite Platinum 提供 Moviebox 軟件的所有視頻功能,同時還有一個音樂流媒體記錄器和一個有聲讀物的格式轉換器.

Audials Moviebox 為您的電影添加標籤,是您的視頻管理器,用於將視頻文件完美地組織和傳輸到您的 PC 和雲端以及智能手機和平板電腦。使用集成播放器,您可以將互聯網電視看作娛樂節目,或者方便地播放和欣賞視頻文件。


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App Builder 2019.48

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Audials AG


What's new in this version:

App Builder 2019.48
- Made certain change in the configuration file for Apache Cordova in order to allow us to use the "edit-config" configuration tag inside the app Cordova -> Extra XML option. It's possible to use the "edit-config" before, but, not specifically to made changes in the AndroidManifest.xml file, or, at least some changes, like adding attributes to the "application" tag. Now it's completely possible to perform this kind of changes.

App Builder 2019.47
- Fix an introduced error in the previous release that can cause problems if your app use the jQuery library. We encourage you to upgrade to this new release to fix this possible error

App Builder 2019.46
- Made certain changes in order to allow the app to continue working as a Web Extension in browsers different than Google Chrome. Look at the WebExtension app sample, which has been updated in order to properly work, including the usage of the jQuery library inside the Web Extension content.js script
- Avoid to create the android_sign.json if no signed information has been provided in the app options. There is no problem with that file at all, except for some notice than appear when compile the app with Apache Cordova. That notice can be completely ignored, but, can result a bit annoying to someone who already knows that the signed information has not been provided, maybe because we are only testing some app

App Builder 2019.45
- Avoid to update the debugger inspector if the IDE is not in the foreground. This is a try to avoid certain ugly access violation (difficult to catch) that sometimes occur when debug the app in external browsers

App Builder 2019.44
- Fix an introduced bug in the previous release which can cause that the normal CSS style of a control become missing if we use the Hover and the Focus CSS style at the same time

App Builder 2019.43
- Fix a bug in the DecSoft App Builder's compiler which cause that the controls' CSS appear duplicates in the final app's scaled and fixed CSS stylesheets. In fact we can't appreciate the problem... since the controls' CSS are extrictly duplicated, so we can't see anything rare in the app, however, certainly the duplicate CSS code is no needed and waste space and maybe can cause some possbile issue in some specific scenarios

App Builder 2019.42
- Add the new "MinLength" variable to the TypeAhead control. This variable determine the minimum characters length which the user must type in the TypeAhead control, before the TypeAhead shown the possible matches list
- Remove the duplicate of the "Designtime" category of variables / properties in the Container control. In other words, before this fix the Container control shown a couple of "Designtime" categories in the object inspector. Some other fixes has been made around the Container control too

App Builder 2019.41
- Fix a memory leak in the DecSoft App Builder's CLI compiler. Also in this CLI compiler, a possible error has fixed, which only occur if we try to use the CLI compiler and the program's requisites are not the expected ones: the expected behaviour is to receive the right error message, but, before this change the console window is just closed without further notice

App Builder 2019.40
- Add the new TodoApp app sample (number 191 of App Builder). This application is just one of the possible approaches to get a TODO list implemented in an App Builder's app. In this particular case we use pure Javascript code, as you can see in this app's view Show event
- Additionally, we use an HTML control to shown to the user everything: the input box and button to add new TODO items, as well the TODO list properly said, with the right switches controls to "complete" an item, and a delete button to delete it
- Additionally the app saves the TODO list into the local storage, so you can close and open again the app in order to see that the items that you previosly added to the list still there at your disposition
- What this sample wanted is to shown one of the possbile approaches to be taken in order to prepare some kind of "live" TODO list: this app sample don't pretend to be a complete TODO list app

App Builder 2019.39

- Allow to specify app relative paths into the app's file manager for scripts and styles. The file manager allows this now and the compiler recognize it and properly link the specified scripts and styles. Sometimes (like in the recently added WYSIWYG app sample) a thirdparty library requires some stuff like font files relative from their scripts and/or styles
- Using the already existing "add directory", we can add an specific directory (the "summercode" in the referred sample) to be included in our apps. And, additionally, now we can link scripts and styles from that directory, so, these scripts and styles are now properly included in our app, and, the scripts and styles can use stuff relative to itself, just like expected or just in the way that the used thirdparty library do it
- Add the new WYSYWYG app sample (number 190 in App Builder). This app sample shown how we can use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor in our apps, in order to allow user's input maybe a pretty formatted by the usage of HTML. Take care when you deal with this kind of input from the user: the input HTML can break your own app's HTML... so maybe it's a good idea to only allow some formatting tags like strong, em, etc. Anyway, you must validate the user's input in all cases: and if that input can contain HTML, double validate it
- Add the new AfterEffectsJSON app sample (number 189 in App Builder). This app sample shown how we can reproduce Adobe After Effects animations in our apps. BodyMovin is a program which allows to export animations created with Adobe After Effects into JSON. Including the BodyMovin Javascript library and provide to it the referred JSON, it's possible to reproduce the created animation in our apps
- Add the new Report20 app sample (number 188 in App Builder). This app sample shown how we can save the Report's scroll top position when change to another view, and then, when back to this view, set the Report's scroll top position, if needed. We can view also in this sample how we can show another view with the selected Report's record information (even more than what we can show in the report itself, if we wanted)

App Builder 2019.37
- Some internal changes and enhancements in order to get a default app's project XML file a bit smaller, removing some default information in case that that default value has been not changed during the app's development

App Builder 2019.36
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.35
- Made some changes and enhancements when generate the build and settings JSON files for Cordova's Electron for Windows and Mac OS. The created files names are more descriptive, and, instead of rename the Windows or Mac OS build JSON, we copy the file, so keep the original one

App Builder 2019.34
- Move the App options -> Cordova -> Shell -> Use new line / Use carriage return options to App options -> Cordova -> General
- Upgrade the Phonegap CLI default version to the latest Apache Cordova version: 9.0.0

App Builder 2019.33
- Add the new App options -> Cordova -> Electron -> Signing -> Mac OS options, in order to provide the appropriate debug, relase and store stuff to sign Mac OS applications compiled by the Cordova's Electron platform
- Made more changes, fixes and enhancements around the Cordova's Electron platform, for example, by creating specific win_build.json and mac_build.json files for Windows and Mac OS, and, renaming it to build.json from the BATH and SHELL files for Electron
- This is because we can't include the right Mac OS stuff in the same build.json used for Windows, since Electron complains with the error "You cannot compile Mac OS apps from Windows". So we prepare different build files and then rename it to the expected name (build.json) to be used by Electron

App Builder 2019.32
- Generate SHELL files for the Cordova's Electron platform. This has not been tested yet, but App Builder generate SHELL files for the Electron platform, in the same way that generates it for the iOS platform, in order to be used in a Mac OS computer
- New Windows sign options for the Cordova's Electron platform. We can now specify a certificate file and th eir right password in order to sign our debug and release app and app's installer executable files
- Prepare specific icons for the Cordova's Electron platform, and include that icons reference in the Cordova's configuration file
- Fix a bug with the sign JSON file for the Cordova's Android platform. The bug only appear if we use differents key store files for debug and release: now the specified debug and release key store files are used
- Remove the cordova-plugin-whitelist for all the Cordova's platforms except Android and Amazon FireOS. In fact this plugin is only required for the referred platforms, but, until now, we are including it (this do not cause any problem) in other platforms too

App Builder 2019.31
- Introduce the support for the Cordova's Electron platform. This platform made very easy to create executables and installers in order to deploy our apps in Microsoft Windows, for example. For now DecSoft App Builder generates BATCH files for the Cordova's Electron platform, and, also allows to specify the BrowserWindow JSON configuration for Electron

App Builder 2019.30
- Add the link meta tag "apple-touch-icon" into the app's index.html. This solve certain issue with the app's icon (they are not properly set) when deploy our apps as PWA (Progressive Web Apps) in iOS devices

App Builder 2019.29
- Allows to establish a background and foreground icons for the Android platform. App Builder resize these iccons in the proper way and link it into the Cordova's config.xml file, in order to get an adaptative icon for the supported Android versions. The already existing app's icon is used as fallback for Android platforms that don't support adaptative icons
- Fix an introduced bug in some previous release in order to properly change the app's icon image when the used editbox changes (we select a new icon)
- Establish the min SDK option for Android to 19 and the target platform to 28. This is required due to some changes in the recent versions of Apache Cordova
- Update the AngularJS Javascript library core and the used Aria, Route, Touch and Sanitize modules to the latest stable version from 1.7.7 to 1.7.8

App Builder 2019.28
- Add the Context Menu event for the Html Content, Report, Container, Input Text, Input Number, Input Password, Input Email, Input Phone, Input Date, Input Search, Input Color, Textarea and Image controls

App Builder 2019.27
- The DecSoft App Builder compiler has been enhanced when check for possible modifications in app's files like splashs, icons, javascript, styles, images and other files. To decide if the files has been changed or not (and therefore if need to be copied / refreshed in the app compiled directory) the compiler use now the file write date time, in addition to just the file sizes, which sometimes cause some "false negatives"

App Builder 2019.26
- Enhance the AdMob Javascript plugin and the AdMob app sample in order to implement various actions missing in the first version of the AdMob Javascript plugin of App Builder. Now it's possible to create banners before show it, prepare interstitials to be show later, and, also prepare and show reward videos

App Builder 2019.25
- Fix a bug when copy a Container control from one app's view to another app's view: before this fix the pasted control do not respect the name of the original one

App Builder 2019.24
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.23
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.21
- Added the Signature2 app sample (number 181 in App Builder). This app sample is simlar to the Signature one, except that we use the Cordova's Files plugin in order to save the user's signature in a JPG image, inside an Android device, for example, and, without using any server side
- Added the new Signature app sample (number 180 in App Builder). This app sample show how we can use the Signature PAD Javascript library in order to get a signature from the app's user, and, finally download the signature (only in browsers) or get their Base64

App Builder 2019.20
- The type of the [App.Online] variable is not string, not boolean. Even when we can deal with this variable using actions like "VarIsTrue", certainly, follow the convention the referred variable is not of the string type, which can be useful, for example, for the "If" action (condition), that we can use without the usage of "VarIsTrue" nor other action

App Builder 2019.19
- Fix an introduced error in the previous release in the MediaSetVolume action. The error occur only if we use a MediaPlayer control in their Audio flavour and with their AutoPlay variable set to false (which is the default value)

App Builder 2019.17
- aImprove the App Builder compiler cache trying to be more accurate when we need to remove some piece of code from the cache, in other words, try to remove the compiled cache when we modify any app or view or control property, etc.

App Builder 2019.16
- Add the new Dropdown3 sample (number 179 of App Builder). This sample shown how we can use the new Direction variable / option added to the Dropdown control, and also how we can combine it with the already existing Alignment variable / option of the control
- Remove the "Caret" variable from the Dropdown control. This variable has been removed due to the new variable added to this control: Direction, which allows to indicate the direction of the dropdown menu from these possible values: dropdown (by default), dropup, dropleft and dropright

App Builder 2019.15
- Change the Apache Cordova plugin used by the SendSMS Javascript plugin of DecSoft App Builder. The old used plugin don't work anymore as expected. This new one not only works well, but also ask for the appropriate permissions to the user in order to properly work
- Minor internal changes in the Report control, only in their "table" mode. Now the container of the Report's table has the appropriate Boostrap CSS class to made the Report's table responsive

App Builder 2019.14
- Update Font Awesome to the latest version. This release of App Builder also update the Icon Picker dialog, which now include up to 1500 icons ready to use
- Update the CSS and Javascript of the Boostrap framework to the latest stable version. Update also the app's themes provided by
- Update the AngularJS Javascript library core and the used Aria, Route, Touch and Sanitize modules to the latest stable version from 1.7.6 to 1.7.7
- The App Builder installer uses now the latest version of Inno Setup. Among other changes, this present now a much modern install assistant pages

App Builder 2019.13
- Add the new StartEvent app sample (number 178 in App Builder). This app sample shown how to use the recently added app's Start event, and, specifically, how to use it to change the recently added app's configuration variable "window.App.Config.DefaultView"
- Added the new "window.App.Config.DefaultView" variable. This is a new kind of variables internally used by App Builder, and that can be set from the recently added apps' Start event. This specific configuration variable determine the app's default view, in other words, what view of the app is shown to the user when the app is loaded, and also the view that is shown to the user if the app's URL specify a non existing view
- Add the new app's Start event to our apps. This event is the very first fired in our apps and can be used to perform some actions before any of the app's stuff has been initialized. This event only allows pure Javascript code, not App Builder's actions, and, can't access to stuff like app's views, controls, global variables, etc. However, the app's Start event can do useful things, for example, change some App Builder's configuration variables

App Builder 2019.12
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.11

- We are very, very proud with this particular App Builder release. This release has an enhanced compiler, which can compile our apps up to 85% faster than before! This is especially useful when work in apps with a large number of views, that is, apps with 150 views or more, which is not very common, but perfectly possible
- The referred enhancement in the App Builder compiler not only allows to compile our apps up to 85% faster, but the compilation time scale now in a better way too, in other words, no matter if our apps have 10, 100 or 200 views : the compilation time become the same, since App Builder compile now only the modified views
- The above enhancements in the App Builder compiler provide a better work flow now. In a real app that we are developing, with 162 views (and growing), before this release they take 19 seconds in order to compile. This may appear not too many time, however, is it, when we need to compile and run the app over and over again, in order to test the changes, etc. This release of App Builder compile the same app (162 views) in less than 4 seconds
- Add a new checkbox into the program's options dialog / compiler, in order to allows to choose to hide the new app's compiler cache directory or not. By default the compiler cache directory appear hidden, in the same folder than the app's compiled directory and the app's backup directory.
Smaller apps has been also affected with the referred compiler enhancement, that is, more or less commo apps, with 10, 20 app views, also compile up to 85% faster than never, however, since these apps take before around 3 seconds to compile... now we can see this apps compiling in 1 seconds or less
- Prevent an "Access violation" error which can be appear (multiple times) in certain circumstances when some specific messages has been added into the Debugger console

App Builder 2019.10
- Add the new WebCamStop action (number 261 in DecSoft App Builder) to allows to stop a previously started reproduction of the specified WebCam control

App Builder 2019.9
- Add the new Biometric app sample (number 177 of App Builder), which show how we can use the recently added Biometric Javascript plugin for DecSoft's App Builder. Some other fixes has been made too in the other available plugins' help files
- Add the new Biometric Javascript plugin for DecSoft's App Builder. This plugin allows to use the biometric sensor of Android and iOS devices if available. For Android the plugin can deal with the Fingerprint sensor, and for iOS the plugin support the Touch ID and Face ID biometric sensors

App Builder 2019.8
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.7
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.6
- Add all the available Apache Cordova Files plugin directories into the Directory argument of the FileRead, FileWrite and FileAppend actions. Before this change we only can choose a couple of the available directories: now all of them are available, but it's your responsability to take care about what directory you can use (some of them are not available in all the platforms, for example)

App Builder 2019.5
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.4
- Fix a non expected behaviour if we want to set to "True" the Corrected variable of a Camera control. If you wanted the referred variable to "False", then there is no problem. However, if you plain to set the referred variable to "True", AB don't set the appropriate value in the right way, so, in fact a "False" value is used

App Builder 2019.3
- Enhance the way in which the program take care of the folders specified in the app's files manager, in order to be copied into the compiled app, so become available for the app

App Builder 2019.2
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2019.1
- Update the copyright year. This is the first 2019 release of the product, and, it's a major release. Maybe your license become outdated if you purchase the product before 01/01/2018. You can continue using your current license by downloading an outdated release. Login in your DecSoft's area for both: download outdated releases and purchase upgrades licenses. Please, contact us if you have any questions

App Builder 2018.135
- Avoid the Javascript error which is produced if a control do not exists in the app and we try to use the actions Show, Hide, Toggle, Enable and Disable
- Fix a mistake in the updater feed archive which cause that App Builder cannot inform to the user if a new release of the program is available

App Builder 2018.134
- The Focus and the Blur actions check now if the element which we want to give the focus really exists in the document DOM, avoiding an error if that element do not exists

App Builder 2018.133
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2018.132
- Add the Report19 app sample (number 176 in DecSoft App Builder). This app sample is similar than the Report app sample, except that the Report19 sample shown how to use Base64 encoded images inside a Report control
- Due to certain wrong definition in the AngularJS "compileProvider" of the app, we can experiment some problems, or just can't use Base64 codified images inside HTML Content or Report controls. This release fix this and now we can use this that stuff without problems

App Builder 2018.131
- Add a new option into App's options -> Cordova -> Splash, which allows to determine if certain fade in and out effect must be applied or not to the app's splash screen
- Add a new option into App's options -> Cordova -> Splash, which allows to determine if the app must show or not the spinner progress while the splash screen is visible
- Add a new option into App's options -> Cordova -> Splash, which allows to determine the color of the progress spinner (at least in the Android and Windows platforms)
- Update the spanish translation of the App Builder ID with the new stuff and also other stuff that remain without translate before this release

App Builder 2018.130
- Enhance the Disable, Enable, Show, Hide and Toggle actions in order to accept composed strings + variables for their Control name argument

App Builder 2018.128
- Allow to select (in order to use it when compile our app with Apache Cordova) the Android API 28 (Android 9.0 Pie) from the app's options at Cordova -> Android -> General tab in the app's options dialog

App Builder 2018.127
- Enhance the Disable, Enable, Show, Hide and Toggle actions in order to accept not only a simple control name string, but also app's variables, even inside user app functions

App Builder 2018.126
- Add the new "AllowEdit" variable to the Camera control. This variable is available at design and runtime and allow simple editing of image before the selection of the taken image

App Builder 2018.125
- Fix a very ugly bug when we try to use certain Unicode characters inside the app, more in particular, inside any control than accept text / HTML like HTML Content, Report, Push buttons, etc. We encourage to our customers to upgrade to this AB release, since the refered bug can cause that our entire project file become empty and therefore we can loss our work in the app! Thanks Paolo for the information about this bug

App Builder 2018.124
- Made some changes in the Calculator app sample GUI, as well in their configuration, in other to include the Cordova status bar plugin, which solves certain issue in the new iPhones X, XR, XS and XS Max
- Change the viewport of the HTML index.html (app main file) to "cover" instead to "contain". This is useful for the new iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max

App Builder 2018.123
- Update the AngularJS Javascript library core and the use Aria, Route, Touch and Sanitize modules to the latest stable version from 1.7.4 to 1.7.5

App Builder 2018.122
- Add a new "Build and run" command in the Run menu and Run toolbar. This command is exactly like the "Build" one, except that, after build the app, this is launched in the AB internal debugger browser. Sometimes we don't want to add the debug information into the Javascript, but if so we need to build and then run the app. This new command do this last task in one click

App Builder 2018.121
- Fix an unexpected behaviour with the Radio controls. These controls "miss the model" if we goto another app's view. The Checked variable of the Radio controls has been removed, in order to solve this unexpected behaviour
- If your app uses the Checked variable of the Radio controls, please, review your code. You must use the Radios' Group variable in order to check one or another Radio controls. See the Radio app sample to see it working

App Builder 2018.120
- Enhance the Range control by apply to it certain new custom style from the Boostrap CSS framework. This made the Range control (horizontal only) showing in the same manner in all the platforms

App Builder 2018.118
- Fix an error in the Location control, which don't setup in the right way the [Control.Altitude] variable
- Update the Awesome icons fonts to the latest version

App Builder 2018.117
- Update the AngularJS Javascript library core and the used Router, Touch and Sanitize modules to the latest stable version from 1.7.3 to 1.7.4

App Builder 2018.116
- Some very minor changes in the Welcome page of the IDE

App Builder 2018.115
- Some small change in the "CordovaPlugins" app sample, which use an old an non worked ID for the used Cordova plugin. The same change has been made in the "SendSMS" Javascript plugin of DecSoft App Builder

App Builder 2018.114
- Enhance the recently added multiline comments in the code editor. We can now use this feature in a more free way. Now is more easy to use multiline comments since the compiler is less restrictive. Various ways of multiline comments that are not valid before, are now valid in this AB release

App Builder 2018.112
- Detect possible syntax error when use multiline comments in the code editor. Multiline comments must start with /* in a new line and end with */ in a new line. In other some unexpected behaviours can be found, so the AB compiler try to detect this situations to avoid it

App Builder 2018.111
- Update the AngularJS Javascript library core and the used Router, Touch and Sanitize modules to the latest stable version from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3

App Builder 2018.109*
- Remove the AngularJS animation module by two reasons: probably the CSS animation classes that already include App Builder are enough, and, more important, this module is causing certain delay (which can be noted more or less) when hide and show elements

App Builder 2018.108
- Update also the AngularJS UI-Boostrap Javascript libary to their latest version
- Upgrade the Boostrap CSS framework from the 4.1.1 version to the latest 4.1.3 version. Update also the 21 bootswatch themes already included in DecSoft App Builder to the 4.1.3 version of Boostrap CSS
- Enhance the Carousel control in order to properly shown the carousel images in an fluid way by default. You can see that changes in the Carousel app sample

App Builder 2018.107
- Update the AngularJS Javascript library core and the used Animate, Router, Touch and Sanitize modules to the latest stable version from 1.7.0 to 1.7.2

App Builder 2018.106
- Due to a mistake the previous release of App Builder's executables are not digitally signed. This release just fix that mistake with the appropriate sign for that executables

App Builder 2018.105
- Upgrade the moment.js Javascript library included in App Builder to the latest stable version and also fix a warning message when use the DateAdd and DateSubstract actions

App Builder 2018.104
- Fix a bug wich causes that the AlertBox action don't work as expected when use it from an modal or dialog app's view. In fact the AlertBox is shown, but this causes that the dialog or modal app's view cannot be closed with the CloseDialog action, as expected

App Builder 2018.103
- Fix an problem when try to delete an style or script file from the app's files manager. The problem only occur if the original file don't exists, and, this cause that the file manager can't delete the file from the app's project file

App Builder 2018.102

Enhance the App Builder compiler time when compile with debug and without debug information. Here are some results using an real App Builder app:
Before the AB compiler enhancements:
- App with 131 views. Compilation time with debug: 01:16.259 minute
- App with 131 views. Compilation time without debug: 00:50.269 seconds

After the AB compiler enhancements:
- App with 131 views. Compilation time with debug: 00:14.712 seconds
- App with 131 views. Compilation time without: 00:14.115 seconds
- As you can see above the compiler time has been considerable reduced. Not only this: now compile with or without debug information don't mean that the compiler take too much more time in the first case.

App Builder 2018.100
- Enhance the External Javascript tutorial in the program's help file in order to shown how to access to app's global variables from pure Javascript code. Thanks Julio for the advise!
- Fix a minor mistake in the program's installation assistant which causes to use a wrong string from the portuguese catalong, when must be from the spanish one.

App Builder 2018.99
- Remove the now deprecated "createObjectURL" usage from the Webcam success event in order to assign the stream to the video object using the recommended "srcObject" property!

App Builder 2018.97
- Upgrade the brazilian portuguese translation of the App Builder IDE, adding the new introduced strings in the latest releases

App Builder 2018.94
- Added the new AutoCloseAlertBox action (number 260 in App Builder), which is similar to the AlertBox, with the particularity that the alert is closed after the specified seconds
- The MessageBox action can now contains zero butons, so, if we leave the Button arguments empty, no buttons appear in the dialog: then you are responsible to close the MessageBox action using the CloseDialog action
- The MessageBox action Header argument is now optional. This mean that if no header is specified the Message Box header is not visible to the user

App Builder 2018.93
- Fix an introduced bug while try to solve certain issue with the MediaPlayer control some few releases ago

App Builder 2018.92
- Fix an mistake in the app's Files Manager dialog, which causes that the Explorer toolbar button stay enable when in fact there is no file to be explored. The explorer button has been enhanced too in order to be ready to explore styles and scripts, in addition to images, other files and folders

App Builder 2018.91
- Enhance the Checkbox and Radio controls, or, better said, let it working as expected. Before this release we can't change the Caption variable of these controls in runtime, which is not what we can expected

App Builder 2018.90
- Add 14 new app's themes to be available for our apps. This themes are based in Boostrap CSS 4.1.1 version, and, counting the default one, we have now up to 36 app's themes ready to be used in our apps.
- Upgrade the Boostrap CSS framework from the 4.0.0 version to the latest 4.1.1 version. Update also the 21 app's themes already included in DecSoft App Builder to the 4.1.1 version of Boostrap CSS

App Builder 2018.89
- Prevent to fire the Complete and Update events of the MediaPlayer control if we change the view on the Complete event of that control, for example. This avoid certain errors when try to access non existing properties of the MediaPlayer control. Thanks Julio for the report

App Builder 2018.88
- Fix an problem with the Navbar control HTML caused by the upgraded to AngularJS 1.7.0. The error don't cause the app to stop, however, we carefully recommend to upgrade AB to this new release if you use the Navbar control in your app

App Builder 2018.85
- Update AngularJS and the used route, touch, sanitize and animated modules from the 1.6.9 version to the latest 1.7.0 stable version. This AngularJS release include some bug fixed, changes and various enhancements from the previous release
- The program config Debugger options have an Search button, which search for the possible browsers installed in the computer, to be added into the App Builder's Debugger toolbar. Now this Search also recognize Firefox 64 bits installations

App Builder 2018.84
- Fix a bug which occur when the App Builder compiler copy an entire directory previously established in the app's files manager. If after the first compilation the original directory files change (which is something more or less common) the App Builder compiler copy again the directory files into the compilation directoy, but in an wrong place. Now the directory files are copied in the right place.

App Builder 2018.83
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2018.82
- Add some useful CSS classes to the Report control, and, more in particular, to the optional "loading" text that can appear in the Report control. If the Report Wrapper is "table", you can now use the "loading-row", "loading-col" and "loading-text" CSS classes. If the Report Wrapper is "grid", you can now use the "loading-container" and "loading-text" CSS classes. Thanks Julio for the suggestion

App Builder 2018.81
- Some minor adaptations in some App Builder IDE labels in order to allows brazilian portuguese and may other translation to properly translate that labels
- Some fixes and enhancements over the brazilian portuguese translation of the IDE of DecSoft's App Builder. Thanks very much Jackson for your work!

App Builder 2018.80
- Add the ItemClick event to the TypeAhead control. This event is fired when the user select one of the available TypeAhead items. The Value variable of the control stores the item that has been selected by the user

App Builder 2018.79
- This DecSoft's App Builder release includes the brazilian portuguese translation for the App Builder's IDE. Only the help file is not translated, but the IDE is completely translated into the brazilian portuguese language

App Builder 2018.78
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2018.77
- Made some internal changes and enhance the AB core Javascript in order to allows attributes like "style" in HTML tags inserted via app's variables in certain contexts like in HTML and Report controls

App Builder 2018.76
- The "viewport" HTML meta tag are not correctly written in the app's HTML file, causing that the app appear with an very small font in mobile browsers. This is fixed now, by written the appropriate "viewport" meta tag. This problem has been probably introduced some releases ago, and some customers report to me. Thanks to all!
- Add the icons' "sizes" argument into the Progressive Web Apps JSON manifest. Apparently this argument is requied in order to allows Chrome for Mobile to pick the right icon for our app, when add it as an Progressive Web App

App Builder 2018.75
- Fix an problem in touch screens with the Report controls, which disallow their scroll left and right (in case their columns exceeds the screen width). This problem is related with the Report swipe left and right events, wich now are not refered if we don't use it. Thanks Tin for the report

App Builder 2018.74
- Add some CSS code useful to hide the default caret used in the Dropdown button control. Some other very minor changes, fixes and enhancements

App Builder 2018.73
- Fix a problem with the Navbar control in Android, which causes that the navbar menu did not appear by pressing the Toggle button, if we did not press in some other control before. Also remove the outline of the Toggle button. Thanks Tin for the report
- Update the Font Awesome font files and CSS code to the latest version 5.0.10, which includes a total of 991 icons ready to be used in our apps

App Builder 2018.72
- Add the new Login sample, who provide one of the possible ways to implement an login procedure in our apps. The sample shown how we can login into an app's server, and, how we can then continue requesting contents as an logged user by using an token instead of the user's password. This sample includes various server PHP scripts that requires your attention and study too

App Builder 2018.71
- Made some changes and enhancements in the Welcome page in order to use a btter URL to get the latest threads and posts from the DecSoft's support forum
- Update the "RSS" app sample in order to use the new RSS feed of the DecSoft's support forum. This sample stop to work since we change the support forum system in our website

App Builder 2018.68
- Add the new Dinamic Controls samples (number 172 of App Builder). This app shown how we can insert dinamic controls inside an HTML control container, and, also how to retrieve the possible values for that controls. This is not a very common task and therefore they requires Javascript code usage. On the other hand, there is not only a way to play with HTML and CSS, so, what this app propose is only one of the possible ways to achieve something like that: create dinamic controls

App Builder 2018.65
- The App Builder IDE themes has been removed in this release. The themes are not really useful, probably are not too much used, and, are the responsible for certain anoying error in AB, very difficult to reproduce, very difficult to catch and very difficult to reproduce. The IDE themes, therefore, has been removed. Of course the App Builder IDE continue adapting their interface to the Windows theme

App Builder 2018.64
- Adapt the App Builder's welcome page to the latest changes in the DecSoft's website. We integrate the support forum in the same website, we no more uses a different software, which means our customers must login just one time in our website to give all the benefits of an DecSoft's customer, including the ability to post into the support forum. This release of App Builder adapt and enhance the welcome page to continue viewing the latest support forum posts in a quick way

App Builder 2018.63
- Fix an introduced error in the Radio controls Javascript which causes that they can't work like expected when their Checked property was "False"

App Builder 2018.61
- Add the new CacheView action. This action can be used to preload an app's view HTML template into the internal app's cache, then when that app's view is required, they no need to be loaded from the scratch. This action is not intended to be used for all app's views, but for some of the most common or "first of", so our app's behaviour can be a bit faster
- Improve the way in which the SimpleGet, SimplePost and LoadVariables actions are translated to Javascript. Catch also the possible HTTP error in the LoadVariables action

App Builder 2018.60
- Find some introduced bugs in the previous release when compile some of the available non visual controls. This release fix that introduced bugs

App Builder 2018.59
- Continue with the enhancements in the App Builder compiler in order to reduce the app.js core Javascript file. This release of App Builder changes the way in which the app's controls are declared, reducing the app.js ammount of Javascript and also obtaining a more readable Javascript app.js file. In a simple test, an real app.js of 1,39 MB (1,00 MB after minimize) has been reduced their size up to 1,06 MB (787 KB after minimize)

App Builder 2018.58
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2018.57
- Properly catch possible errors in the HTTP calls made by the SimpleGet and SimplePost actions. Now this errors are reported into the [App.LastError] global variable and causes than the app's Error event are fired

App Builder 2018.56
- Fix a bug in the Timer controls, who can cause unexpected behaviours if we try to start and stop it from different views. The problems can be to unable to stop Timers to double Timers intervals executions. This bug is fixed now.

App Builder 2018.55
- Avoid an error if we try to clear a variable with a null valueu using the ClearVariables action. We receive an error in that case that is fixed now

App Builder 2018.54
- The optional "PluginDocumentReadyEvent" function for App Builder Javascript plugins are not executing properly said when the document DOM is ready, but, just a few milliseconds before of that, which can cause some unexpected problems. This is fixed in this release, and, the refered function is executed when the document DOM is really ready to be used

App Builder 2018.53
- Prevent (only in certain scenario) that an shown view fit only the keyboard allowed space (in device with software keyboards) if the keyboard is present when we use the ShowView or ReplaceView actions

App Builder 2018.52
- Add up to 14 splash screen images (and refer it into the config.xml file) to Apache Cordova for iOS, and, more specifically, trying to solve certain issue found when run the apps in an iPhone X device

App Builder 2018.51
- Complete the spanish translation of the App Builder i18n file and update the french translation of the App Builder i18n with some fixes and new strings added

App Builder 2018.50
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2018.49
- Increase the Min SDK option for Android to 16 instead of 14. Add the new Android Oreo 8.1 API 27 into the Target SDK ComboBox of the app Cordova / Android options. Establish this option as the selected by default too
- Update the Phonegap CLI version to the latest Apache Cordova version: 8.0.0

App Builder 2018.48
- Change log not available for this version

App Builder 2018.47
- App Builder generates now the new splash screens (named "story boards") for the iOS platform, instead to the "old" splash screen images. These new images are of course also referred in the Cordova config.xml file. Made also some more other changes at the core app CSS. Both of these changes are made in order to be ready with the iPhone X and other iOS devices

App Builder 2018.46
- The "SplashMaintainAspectRatio" and the "StatusBarOverlaysWebView" Cordova options are not properly saved in the Cordova config.xml file, that is, the App Builder compiler do not take in consideration the default values for this option and do something wrong in some cases. This has been fixed now and the refered options are properly saved and used

App Builder 2018.45
- Move the Cordova Screen options from the General tab to the Configuration one. Inside the Configuration tab we place a new page control with an Screen, Statusbar and Extra XML tabs. The Statusbar tab contains three new Cordova Statusbar related options: Overlay WebView, Style and Background color

App Builder 2018.44
- Add the new Configuration tab in the app's options dialog for the Apache Cordova Android platform. Inside this new tab we add a new Splash Screen Maintain Ratio option. This new option allows to choose (for Android) between to maintain the aspect ratio of the splash screens

App Builder 2018.43

- The HistoryBack and the HistoryForward actions don't cause the [App.CurrentView] to be properly set, which is the expected behaviour. Only the ShowView and ReplaceView actions causes the [App.CurrentView] to be properly set. This has been fixed now and all these actions causes the [App.CurrentView] to be filled properly
- The [App.DialogView] variable are not filled in the proper way when more than one dialog view are open (one after another). This variable store an empty string when a second modal view is closed. This problem has been fixed and the [App.DialogView] stores the current modal view or an empty string (if any modal view is opened)
- If we pass some params to an app view the [App.CurrentView] variable are not filled in the right way, and include the params inside the variable, which is not what we can expected. This problem has been solved too in this DecSoft's App Builder release

App Builder 2018.41
- Upgrade the FontAwesome icons to the latest version 5. The IDE icon picker dialog as well the apps can now use up to 929 icons from the FontAwesome pack, including all the Regular, Solid and Brands icons. Note that some icons names has been renamed from the previous FontAwesome 4.x versions. Review your apps and use the IDE icon picker dialog in order to assign new icons if needed

App Builder 2018.39
- Enhance the algorithm used when generate the splash screens for all the supported Apache Cordova platforms. Thanks very, very, very much José! Without your help we probably can't get our desired result: the best as possible! Thanks again!

App Builder 2018.38
- Change the algorithm used when generate the splash screens for all the supported Apache Cordova platforms. Now the provided splash screen is resized, but, only to fit the generated splash screen. This release includes also a bug fix for the generated landscape splash screens, which certainly crop the provided splash screen in a wrong way before this fix.

App Builder 2018.37
- Introducing the app's views' Params variable. Take a look at the app's views' help topic in order to learn about this new variable that every view in the app have now.  Take also a look at the new ViewParams app sample (number 170), that shows how we can use the new views' Params variable.

App Builder 2018.36
- Some other minor changes and enhancements has been made over the App Builder compiler, some of the includes app samples, the program's help file and the spanish translation.
- Added the new CopyVar action. This action allows to copy or assign the specified variable B into the specified variable A. If the variable A did not exists, a new variable is created. If the variable B did not exists, then an "undefined" value is assigned to the variable A. This action did not take in consideration the type of the variables, then we can use this action to copy or assign variables of any type. For example, we can copy or assign an variable B of the type Array, Object, etc. into the specified variable A.
- Change the debug layout dock panels positions. Instead of place all the debug related dock panels at the button and using tabs, now the debug related dock panels are placed at the right. The enhancement is that they are not placed now in tabs, then we can see by a quick view all the debug related panels, without the need to change any tab.

App Builder 2018.35
- Update the Boostrap CSS framework used internally by App Builder, and, update all the Boostrap CSS app themes, from the Boostrap CSS beta 3 version to the first stable Boostrap CSS 4 version.

App Builder 2018.34
- Fix a bug in the Watcher control that occur if we try to set the Watcher variable in runtime. The Watcher control works now as expected, except that they no more start automatically when the app start: we must start it explicitly when we wanted.
- Minor changes in the Database sample (server side scripts) in order to offer the appropriate exception message if we can't connect with the database server. Now, in addition to the "Can't connect to the database" we have the right PHP exception message.

App Builder 2018.33
- Fix a bug related with the Apache Cordova splash screen: few releases ago App Builder uses the App icon if an splash screen is not provided, however, the appropriate addition in the Batch generated files for Apache Cordova are missing.

App Builder 2018.32
- The Welcome page has been redesigned, simplified and enhanced. Some useful links are provided, as well an HTML form to directly search in the program support forum. As before, the latest posts in the forum are listed too.

App Builder 2018.31
- Upgrade Boostrap CSS 4 to the latest version. Do the same with all the 21 themes by bootswatch. Upgrade the HTML markup for Select, Radio and Checkbox controls to fit the latest version of Boostrap CSS 4.

App Builder 2018.30
- Added a new AlertBox app sample (number 169) to show the different types that we can use in the AlertBox, MessageBox and InputBox actions. The MessageBox sample has been enhanced with more types, the possible use of HTML and others.
- Enhance the AlertBox, InputBox and MessageBox actions. Now these actions respect the user selected "type" (primary, secondary, success, danger, warning, info, light, dark) in the best wat as possible: with the correct background and foreground colors.
- Complete the spanish translation of the App Builder i18n file and update the french translation of the App Builder i18n with some fixes and new strings added. Thanks very much for your work Jean!

App Builder 2018.29
- Fix an anoying bug that causes the code editor indentation do not work as expected when we choose an App Builder action from the code editor autocomplete list.
- Enhance the ApplyModel action in order to try to avoid Angular JS "digest" problem when that action are "abused" or not used properly in the right place. Since the error that can cause this action can affect the app behaviour, this fix try to avoid these problems.

App Builder 2018.28
- Added the new FileDownload app sample (number 168). This sample show us how to download an file into the user device storage (to be available for the user) and also download an image file in the app private storage (to be used only by the app).
- Added the Apache Cordova plugin FileTransfer into the app options dialog, under the Cordova / General / Plugins options. This plugin has been added primarely to be used by the new FileDownload action, but can also be used for other purposes too.
- Added the new action FileDownload, which allow us to download files in both the app private storage and the user device storage. See the FileDownload action help reference for more information and details.
- Added an header in all the generated Batch and Shell files for Apache Cordova with the App Builder version and release number. Just for information purposes.
- From some releases ago App Builder pick the app icon to be used as the splash screen of the app, if an specific splash screen is not specified. However, App Builder do not include the appropriate Apache Cordova plugin to show the app splash screen. This is fixed now.

App Builder 2018.27
- Add the new FrontCamera, FlipButton and TorchButton variables / options to the Barcode control. The Barcode app samples has been enhanced in order to shown the usage of these new variables / options of the Barcode control. The program's help file has been also upgraded describing that variables / options too.

App Builder 2018.26
- App Builder never requires a portrait and landscape splash screens anymore, but, just one image, that, the program uses to automatically generate all the splash screen images for all the supported Apache Cordova platforms. This change is made mostly to be ready with the iOS platform, who changes their splash screens conventions. App Builder continue generating portrait and lanscape screens for the supported platforms, but, now based in the only one image that you must to provide in the app
- Fix an introduced error in the conditions related actions wich can cause certain problems if we deal with decimal numbers "as is" (not using variables) in that conditions related actions

App Builder 2018.25
- We are proud to announce that the splash screens for Apache Cordova that App Builder generates for your app, looks now better than never. App Builder uses now certain new algorithm to create the splash screen files for all the Cordova platforms, and, now also saves the aspect ratio of your provided images.
- App Builder creates now the appropriate splash screens for Apache Cordova based in the app icon, if no other images has been provided in the Cordova / Splash options.
- Translate some missing spanish strings in the DecSoft's App Builder i18n file

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