Arq Backup 6.2.10 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Audials One 是最好的在大規模,快速,合法和免費的音樂檢索!只有 Audials One 可以監視成千上萬的電台,同時搜索互聯網上最好的音樂來源。這意味著它可以自動獲得所需的音樂,以最高的質量和驚人的速度,將其傳送到您的 PC 的硬盤,雲端或通過互聯網連接的移動設備上.

無線電台,音樂流,視頻剪輯而來自視頻流的電影則由 Audials One 記錄,並以最高質量保存為單個文件。這意味著您可以從互聯網上搶走任何不受保護和受保護的媒體,並隨時隨地在您的個人電腦,智能手機或平板電腦上欣賞!


85 文件格式和 84 設備配置文件提供給您,以確保最簡單的使用。這使您可以復制和存檔音樂,視頻,有聲讀物,播客,電影和 DVD,並將其轉換為智能手機,平板電腦和遊戲機的正確格式。感謝 Audials One,複製保護和文件格式的問題已成為過去.

Audials One 不僅提供免費無限的娛樂,而且還增加了多個額外的交易讓你享受你的媒體。您可以快速輕鬆地找到新的電台,並在 Audials 播放器中方便地收聽。您的媒體和音樂收藏無論大小如何,都可以在個人電腦,雲端和移動設備上的 Audials Music Universe 中獨立管理和圖形化管理。一切都已經考慮在內,以便您可以坐下來享受!


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Arq Backup 6.2.10


66.7 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Audials AG


What's new in this version:

Arq Backup 6.2.10
Fixed Issues:
- Fixed an issue which could cause a 'SQL logic error table backup_plans has no column named cpu_usage' error.

Arq Backup 6.2.9
New Features:
- Added a slider in backup plan options to control CPU usage.
- Added an option to select a specific folder as a destination when restoring files.

Fixed Issues:
- Fixed a layout issue which could cause the Delete button to disappear for some backups listed under "Storage Locations".
- Fixed an issue which could cause a 'mount point not found' error when restoring from a backup of a device that's not currently connected.
- Fixed an issue which could cause the screen to go blank when browsing backups of an SMB share.
- Fixed an issue which prevented setting the 'minutes after hour' of a backup plan's schedule to zero after it was changed to non-zero.

Arq Backup 6.2.5
- Encrypt the app password when saving it to file.

Arq Backup 6.2.4
Fixed Issues:
- Fixed layout issues when a storage location's name is very long.
- Disabled app debug logging.
- Defaulted agent logging to 'info' level.
- Fixed an issue that could cause Arq Agent to crash during backup.

Arq Backup 6.2.3
- Reverted to path-style requests for S3 to work around bucket names that have '.' characters in them.
- Made text selectable in detail panes.

Fixed Issues:
- Fixed scrolling issue when browsing Arq 5 backups.
- Fixed an issue where a very long storage location name could cause display alignment issues in the list of backup plans.

Arq Backup 6.2.1
- Removed feature for importing Arq 5 data into Arq 6 format. Arq 5 compatibility mode planned for end of June 2020.
- Cancel unfinished import activities and write a message to the activity log mentioning Arq 5 compatibility mode.

Arq Backup 6.1.15
Fixed Issues:
- Fixed 'specified cast is not valid' error when reading backup plans.
- Disabled Edit, Detach and Back Up Now buttons on unfinished importing backup plans.
- Show importing icon next to all backup plans that are being imported.

Arq Backup 6.1.14
- If import of Arq 5 data finds more than 10 missing data objects or any other error occurs, the user is asked to email [email protected] Pressing Cancel on the import activity removes the partially-imported backup plans. No Arq 5 data files are modified.

Arq Backup 6.1.13
- Removed the option to import just configuration and no data. The only import option is to import all Arq 5 data and settings.
- Added a warning/explanation of the temporary limitations of importing Arq 5 data.

Fixed Issues:
- Added a workaround for backup plans with invalid data causing "specified cast is invalid errors" so that the main window continues loading other backup plans.
- Fixed an issue which could prevent scrolling of backup data when browsing other backups.

Arq Backup 6.1.9
- Fixed an issue which could cause "unique constraint" errors when backing up to Google Drive, Amazon Drive or B2.
- Improved the loading performance when expanding nodes of a file tree in the restore view.
- Changed the Arq 5 import function to abort after 50 errors, allowing for import of data even in the case of a few missing items.
- Fixed a crash that could occur during backup if Windows is unable to read the file's length.
- Fixed an issue that allowed names of storage locations to expand and cover the gear icon.

Arq Backup 6.1.8
Fixed Issues:
- Added support for importing Arq 5 backups that include archived folders.
- Allow 0 for a budget GB setting. (Arq always keeps the latest snapshot, so this allows for keeping only 1 snapshot at all times.)
- Automatically import lifetime license code from Arq 5 if it had one.

Arq Backup 6.1.3
Added Features:
- Display app version in Settings pane.

Fixed Issues:
- Fixed an issue that could cause the agent to crash when some types of removable drives are plugged in.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a permission error attempting to delete Arq's cache database during validation if a backup had just been performed.
- Fixed an issue that could cause not-found errors during validation on backup data imported from Arq 5.
- Fixed an issue that could cause some re-uploading of data for backup data imported from Arq 5.

Arq Backup 6.1.1
Fixed Issues:
- Fixed an issue where Arq used the wrong B2 ID when requesting a bucket listing.
- Fixed an issue where the "retain hours" setting wasn't being saved.
- Run the preflight script earlier in the backup process.

Arq Backup 6.1.0
Added Features:
- Added a Delete All Snapshots option in the select-snapshots view.

Fixed Issues:
- Fixed issues in importing packed objects from Arq 5 Glacier backups.
- Allow adopting a backup set that has data but no backup plan or snapshots (uses default backup plan settings).
- Write to activity log if the activity stops due to errors.

Arq Backup 6.0.226
- Fixed an issue which could cause errors when getting file listings from B2.

Arq Backup 6.0.225
- Fixed an issue in importing Arq 5 backups from a local-folder storage location which could lead to 'invalid folder path' error.
- When adding a B2 storage location, if your key pair doesn't have permission to list buckets, default to enter-bucket-only instead of showing an error.
- When adding an S3 storage location, if your key pair doesn't have permission to list buckets, default to enter-bucket-only instead of showing an error.
- Fixed an issue which could cause an 'Invalid cast from System.Int64 to Arq.Arq5StorageType' error when accessing some types of older backup data.

Arq Backup 6.0.222
- Fixed an issue where, if you import Glacier backups, then detach, then adopt, Arq reports a 'missing plan UUID' error.
- Changed Arq 5 import functions to not remove Arq 5 configuration files or delete any obsolete metadata after successful import. A separate feature will be added that deletes obsolete metadata at the user's discretion.
- Removed the Restart button from aborted Import activities.
- Fixed a scenario where during import of Arq 5 AWS mixed Standard and Glacier data, Glacier backup records could end up associated with the non-Glacier backup plan.
- Fixed an issue where unexpected/invalid JSON for a backup plan resulted in a 'Value cannot be null' error.
- Fixed a display issue when browsing other backups.

Arq for Windows Version 6.0.221
Major Release Arq 6:
- More power, more security, more storage savings.

Perfect backups:
- Arq uses Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to create perfectly consistent backups of your files every time.
- If you're modifying your files as they're being backed up, it won't affect the backups.

More power:
- can run multiple backup jobs in parallel
- scans and uploads files in parallel for faster throughput
- only scans changed files/directories after the initial backup (uses filesystem events to detect changes on macOS and Windows)
- new data format which eliminates the need for reading metadata before browsing/downloading from backups.
- you can limit the scheduled backups to certain days of the week
- you can limit transfer rate to certain times of the day at certain days of the week
- powerful new rules for selecting which files and folders are included and excluded from backup
- time-based retention rules in addition to budget-based rules
- optionally keep deleted files in subsequent backups for easy locating of deleted files
- alerts when no backups have occurred for days

More secure:
- Set a password on Arq 6 to prevent others from opening Arq and deleting backups.
- Uses SHA256 for checksums instead of SHA1.

More storage savings:
- Arq 6 can back up to AWS Glacier Deep Archive. Store your backups there for $0.99/TB per month.
- Arq 6 can back up to Google Cloud Archive. Store your backups there for $1.230/TB per month with instant access to backups..

New Arq Premium subscription option:
- All the features of Arq 6 plus:
-> 1 TB storage included
-> simpler configuration
-> secure web access to your backups
-> $5.99/month (extra storage billed at $.00599/GB per month)

Even more features:
- All-new, modern user interface
- Disk device tracking instead of path-based — multiple external drives with the same name are treated as separate
- Faster object cleanup
- Faster validation
- Faster search
- Destination-agnostic, portable data format that's open and documented
- Progress bars showing percent complete
- Wake for backup
- More informative SMTP test results — full SMTP connection log when an error occurs
- Proper connection pooling for SMB and SFTP destinations with a configurable number of maximum threads — useful for SFTP storage locations that limit the number of simultaneous connections
- Optionally start a backup as soon as a volume is connected to the computer

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