Windows Terminal 2020 1.0.1811.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Audials One 是最好的在大規模,快速,合法和免費的音樂檢索!只有 Audials One 可以監視成千上萬的電台,同時搜索互聯網上最好的音樂來源。這意味著它可以自動獲得所需的音樂,以最高的質量和驚人的速度,將其傳送到您的 PC 的硬盤,雲端或通過互聯網連接的移動設備上.

無線電台,音樂流,視頻剪輯而來自視頻流的電影則由 Audials One 記錄,並以最高質量保存為單個文件。這意味著您可以從互聯網上搶走任何不受保護和受保護的媒體,並隨時隨地在您的個人電腦,智能手機或平板電腦上欣賞!


85 文件格式和 84 設備配置文件提供給您,以確保最簡單的使用。這使您可以復制和存檔音樂,視頻,有聲讀物,播客,電影和 DVD,並將其轉換為智能手機,平板電腦和遊戲機的正確格式。感謝 Audials One,複製保護和文件格式的問題已成為過去.

Audials One 不僅提供免費無限的娛樂,而且還增加了多個額外的交易讓你享受你的媒體。您可以快速輕鬆地找到新的電台,並在 Audials 播放器中方便地收聽。您的媒體和音樂收藏無論大小如何,都可以在個人電腦,雲端和移動設備上的 Audials Music Universe 中獨立管理和圖形化管理。一切都已經考慮在內,以便您可以坐下來享受!


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Windows Terminal 2020 1.0.1811.0


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Audials AG


What's new in this version:

Bug Fixes:
- The cursor will no longer obscure text, unless that text is the same color as the cursor
- Known issue: underlines are now drawn on top of the cursor. Follow #6499 for updates
- Win32-OpenSSH 7.7 is here to stay, so we decided to fix the issue that allowed it to break mouse input
- Our caption buttons now fade like everyone else's when you hover over them
- Text copied from the File Explorer's "Copy Address" option will now be pasteable
- Every time the window was resized, we'd lose track of another GDI handle. Now, we don't
- Maximized terminal windows will finally put their tab strips right at the top of the screen. Unrelatedly, Paul Fitts called to let us know about this one weird law
- The maximize/restore button now more accurately tracks the state of the window
- Right-clicking the negative space between the tabs and the caption buttons will now open the system menu
- Some of you thought it would be a good idea to close a tab while dragging it around. I couldn't figure out why you wanted to do that, but it will at least now not do something strange..
- You can now drag and drop snippets of text onto the Terminal and it'll do roughly what you'd expect
- The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that the 6x6x6 xterm color cube was totally horked. Thanks to @j4james, this egregious sin has been corrected
- Terminal will no longer rely on PATH lookup for cmd and powershell. They ship as part of Windows, so we should know exactly where they are

- We've added a couple fast paths to things that the profiler told us were taking more time than we expected

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