Prime95 29.8 Build 3 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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通過 Audials Tunebite Platinum,您可以記錄所有音樂服務的受保護音樂流以及網站的音頻流。音樂曲目單獨分開,並保存為 MP3 文件,全部為 ID3 標籤,不含廣告.

Audials Tunebite Platinum 還從線上媒體庫和所有高質量的視頻流中記錄電影和電視劇的受保護流。錄製內容可以保存為 PC,智能手機或平板電腦的任何所需格式,包括所有電影標籤。

85 文件格式您可以使用 84 個設備配置文件複製音樂,視頻,有聲讀物,播客,電影和 DVD,並以智能手機,平板電腦和遊戲機所需的格式進行歸檔和轉換。複製保護和文件格式問題已成為過去.

Audials 通過自動添加完整的 ID3 標籤,專輯圖像和歌詞來豐富您的音樂曲目。隨著 Audials Tunebite,你可以管理多個音樂收藏,並通過它的藝術家的照片在音樂世界的視覺瀏覽。隨著 Audial,電影和電視連續劇自動命名和補充標籤的視頻標題,DVD 封面圖像,流派,年,演員,導演,製片人,編劇,製作公司和原產國。用音樂填充移動設備和雲彩就像孩子的玩耍一樣。您可以輕鬆享受 Audials 播放器中的所有媒體.

注意:需要 iTunes。有限的功能.

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Prime95 29.8 Build 3 (64-bit)

6.7 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Audials AG


What's new in this version:

- Since GPUs are so much better at trial factoring than CPUs, benchmarking no longer times prime95's trial factoring by default. Two new benchmarking options are available: OnlyBenchThroughput and OnlyBenchMaxCPUs. See undoc.txt for details.
- Slightly reduced the memory bandwidth requirements for several large FFTs. May lead to a very small speed increase for users testing 100 million digit numbers.
- If running more than worker, prime95 looks for any sin/cos data that it can share among the workers. Depending on the FFT sizes you are running, this could lead to a very slight reduction in needed memory bandwidth.
- Method for choosing the best FFT implementation changed. In previous versions, the FFT implementation that resulted in the fastest single worker timing was used. In this version the FFT implementation that had the best throughput was selected. For FMA3 FFTs I used a 4-core Skylake to measure best throughput. For AVX FFTs I used a 4-core Sandy Bridge to measure best throughput. Not many FFTs were affected, but you may see a few percent variation in throughput with this version.
- Improved AVX2 trial factoring in 64-bit executable. Trial factoring should still be done on a GPU. A GPU is on the order of 100 times more efficient at trial factoring than a CPU!!!
- Trial factoring now defines one "iteration" as processing 128KB of sieve, or 1M possible factors. In previous versions an iteration was defined as 16KB of sieve in 32-bit executables and 48KB in 64-bit executables. The trial factoring benchmark still times processing 16KB of sieve.
- Trial factoring in 64-bit executables is now multi-threaded.
- On initial install, the default settings for number of worker windows will be set to the number of cores / 4 with multithreading turned on.
- The worker windows dialog box now enforces a minimum number of multi-threaded cores for some work types to ensure timely completion of assignments. Also, the worker windows menu choice no longer allows assigning work to hyperthreads (they are rarely beneficial in prime95).
- This behavior can be overridden with the ConfigureHyperthreads undoc.txt feature.

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