Joplin 1.5.12 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Auslogics BoostSpeed,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
屢獲殊榮的優化程序,將通過幾個簡單的點擊來清理,修復和加速您的電腦。專家建議 Auslogics BoostSpeed 有效,快速和程序全家人 use.

Computers 更快現在比十年前的 1000 倍。但是你有沒有感覺到你的電腦速度會變慢?一個更快的處理器很容易受到新功能,更昂貴的圖形和操作系統中的許多小故障的影響。更糟的是,任何一台新電腦在幾個月後都會變得非常慢。垃圾文件,註冊表錯誤和碎片會導致緩慢以及偶爾崩潰。澳大利亞軟件公司 Auslogics 已經開發出一種有效的補救措施,以加速緩慢的 Windows 系統 - 其獲獎 Auslogics BoostSpeed.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 功能:

Pinpoints 問題背後的惡化性能.


Maximum 磁盤空間 gain
Removes 文件副本,並幫助您移動或組織其他 data.

Ultimate 個人電腦和互聯網 speedup
Optimizes 上網設置,縮短了啟動時間和 more.

Full 隱私 cleanup
Removes 所有隱私痕跡,以幫助保護您的個人 data.

Note:如果你喜歡你所看到的,你就可以升級到完整版本(專業版),以修復所有檢測到的性能問題,並激活 15+ 工具 $ 49.95 或只是繼續使用免費版本(基本),只要你 like.

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Joplin 1.5.12


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Auslogics Software


What's new in this version:

- Add support for media players (video, audio and PDF)
- Add table captions when importing ENEX files
- Added doc about Rich Text editor and added way to dismiss warning banner
- MacOS: Notarize application
- Plugins: Add support for content script asset files, for Markdown-it plugins
- Plugins: Add support for context menu items on notebooks and tags
- Plugins: Add support for workspace.onSyncStart event
- Plugins: Added a way to execute commands from Markdown-it content scripts

- Fix End key behavior with Codemirror spellcheck
- Fixed basic search when executing a query in Chinese
- Fixed context menu when the UI is zoomed in or out
- Fixed importing certain code blocks from ENEX
- Fixed importing ENEX files that contain empty resources
- Fixed importing ENEX files that contain resources with invalid mime type
- Fixed issue when searching for text that contains diacritic
- Fixed issue with attachment paths being invalid when user has spaces in home directory path.
- Fixed issue with note not being saved when a column is added or remove from Rich Text editor
- Fixed issues when importing hidden tables within hidden sections in Enex files
- Fixed numbered list bug in markdown editor
- Fixed potential crash when watching note files or resources
- Fixed title input field width on small windows
- Focus editor after pressing toolbar buttons
- Plugins: Fixed disabling plugin files that start with "_"
- Prevent double paste when using Shift+Ctrl+V
- Prevents crash when invalid spell checker language is selected, and provide fallback for invalid language codes
- Register Markdown editor commands with the Keyboard Shortcut editor

- Display Katex parsing errors
- Improved warning banner colors
- Plugins: Commands would not show up in keymap editor when no shortcut was associated with them
- Plugins: Improved note change event handling
- Removed warning for Markdown editor spell checking
- Restrict auto-detection of links, and added option to toggle linkify
- Rich Text: Do not converts to markdown links URLs that would be linkified
- Translation: Update zh_CN
- Update macOS icon for macOS Big Sur
- Update Mermaid: 8.8.1 -> 8.8.4
- Use plugins whenever printing or exporting notes

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