Rocrail 15916 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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一鍵更新 PC 上的所有驅動程序,防止設備衝突,保證硬件的順利運行! Auslogics Driver updater 是一個安全,快速和直觀的工具。 Auslogics Driver Updater 是保持硬件和設備順暢運行的最佳解決方案。但是,您的 PC 上可能存在性能問題,而這些問題並非由過時的驅動程序引起的。這些可能包括垃圾文件累積,Windows 註冊表中的損壞條目,不正確的系統或網絡連接設置或其他減速問題。將 Auslogics Driver Updater 與 BoostSpeed 一起使用,以確保持續快速和穩定的 PC 性能。





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Rocrail 15916 (64-bit)


12.9 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Auslogics Software


What's new in this version:

Rocrail 15916 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15905 (64-bit)
- Planpanel: fix for moving to other level
- Dccpp: fix for tcp port

Rocrail 15898 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15893 (64-bit)
- Rascii: signal type led support added
- Signal brightness added for LED signals
- Loc: regard gomanual on swap
- Rascii: set cts if wanted
- Loc: swap placing on direction change in half auto ode manual run
- Renderer: regard loco direction in case of flipping image
- Loc: evaluate field direction with current loco direction for optional swap block enter side
- Schedule: ignore automatic swap in case the loco runs in half automatic
- Schedule: ignore automatic swap in case the loco runs in half automatic mode

Rocrail 15884 (64-bit)
- Decoder: play sound async
- Decoder: play sound
- Loc: added state event
- sample interpreter

Rocrail 15877 (64-bit)
- Ledbutton: memory leak fix
- Translation change for swapondir
- Mjpg,item: init text object on the fly
- Loc: swapondir option added

Rocrail 15869 (64-bit)
- Item,renderer: moved the MJPG from renderer to item
- 1oc: swap block enter side on direction change in case of manual or halb automatic mode
- Rascii: output color support added

Rocrail 15864 (64-bit)
- mjpg: use mutex to access and update the jpg image to show

Rocrail 15860 (64-bit)
- Ahome: http support
- Ahome: support for simple http outputs
- Ahome: support for simple http outputs added

Rocrail 15857 (64-bit)
- Block: save closed state
- Route: check for runable the tt and seltab too
- Renderer: destructor to clean up the MJPG class
- Throttledlg: use size event to rescale
- Throttledlg: revert to bitmap button

Rocrail 15850 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15840 (64-bit)
- Zipper: added
- Zipper: canservice added
- Modplan: remove the deleted module also from the list to prevent saving it as empty plan
- Installwx: use the libwxgtk3.0-dev package
- Zipper; stylesheets added
- Throttle: set static bitmap background color to gray

Rocrail 15834 (64-bit)
- Control: fix for dependencies
- Mjpg,renderer: size fix for text
- Layout parent sizer after first bitmap update
- Rascii: 16 bit for CV get/set
- Throttledlg: locoimage mouse event handler added for selecting a loco
- Mjpg: fixes for text object

Rocrail 15824 (64-bit)
- Webview for macOS only until linux and windows do have fitting libraries
- Infodialog,renderer: webview also for linux
- Control: removed dependency webview
- Throttledlg: test wxWebView under Linux
- Dependency update for webview
- Video streaming in text and throttle
- Fback: regtrigger added
- Ahome: json power events
- Infodialog: disable webview includes in case of none apple
- Fback: format variable text

Rocrail 15816 (64-bit)
- Infodialog: disable webview includes in case of none apple
- Fback: format variable text
- Fback: format variable text in case the original value was a float
- Infodialog: commented out the webview
- Infodialog: check if a web kit is available
- Infodialog: webview is not included in the linux wxWidgets
- Infodialog: wiki tab added
- Action,model,xmlscript: use the var pubish function to broadcast changes
- Fback,var: publish register variables

Rocrail 15807 (64-bit)
- Fback: trace correction for regval
- Loc: check shunting state
- Powerctrldlg: remove minimal height of graphic
- Output: variable support in commands on/off
- Dumper: output support added
- Fback: array added for register value types
- Sbus: wip
- Hue: lux to brightness calculation
- Rocview: revert translation from class to group

Rocrail 15792 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15742 (64-bit)
- fcc: write accessory cv

Rocrail 15734 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15671 (64-bit)
- comment added
- Loc: trigger corrections for virtual timers
- added for linux ZIP
- Zipper: create packege/history if needed
- Rocrail png icon added

Rocrail 15662 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15640 (64-bit)
- Removed wiringPI library
- Rocnetnode: added /dev/ttyAMA0 selection for dcc232
- Mbus: trace correction
- Dcc232: revert gpio
- Dcc232: WIP
- Dcc232: gpio WIP
- Dcc232: gpio WIP
- Dccd232: gpio WIP
- Analyse: fix for zoffset (Lothar)

Rocrail 15615 (64-bit)
- typo
- Zipper: linux support added
- Rocview.cmd: use absolute path for server binaries
- copy zip to package
- Zipper: $1 for w32/w64
- Zipper script added
- Rocview.cmd for zip installer
- Model: remove attribute modplan
- Text: replace pipe with
in case of html and concat

Rocrail 15608 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15604 (64-bit)
- switch: test trace twin address

Rocrail 15602 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15594 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15585 (64-bit)
- Infodialog: removed obsolete adjustminsize flag
- Donkeydlg: layout corrections
- Wsocket: trace correction in case the hostname query did fail
- Infodialog,rocguiinidlg: layout and translation corrections
- Donkey: added missing dialog title

Rocrail 15574 (64-bit)
- Control: tracelevel correction for action state does not match
- Rocweb: added text click command

Rocrail 15570 (64-bit)
- Canservice: report as CANID=0 and NN=0
- Text: fix for model command change
- Canservice: use same CANID and nodenumber as the GC1e in case of service on 5550
- Modplan: add all system actions
- Text: center option added

Rocrail 15558 (64-bit)
- text: fix for check action state

Rocrail 15554 (64-bit)
- Control: trace correction
- Mbus utils: fix for MERG standard CAN frame ID
- Canservice: avoid looping without sleep in case of tcp socket error
- Canservice: fix for standard ASCII frame
- Canservice: ascii framing support added
- Xmlscriptdlg: text commands added
- Text: click state for triggering actions added
- Modplan: read/save tour, waybill, link, weather, lightctrl and mvtrack
- Modplan: read and save module systemactions
- Modplan: read module system

Rocrail 15544 (64-bit)
- modplan: use modzoffset on modify; move, rotate

Rocrail 15543 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15533 (64-bit)
- Block: fix for action call for occupied
- Modplandlg: file dialog buttons added for loco and route xml

Rocrail 15531 (64-bit)
- Wrapper: default 3 trace files

Rocrail 15530 (64-bit)
- Location: fix for maxocc zero
- Route,switch: check if the switch has an address set on empty commands
- Switch: check for valid command
- Locationsdlg: layout correction
- Locationsdlg: layout correction

Rocrail 15525 (64-bit)
- mbus: support for UID in system commands and events

Rocrail 15518 (64-bit)
- Mbus: reject fnchanged -1
- Ocation: maxocc per cargo type
- Location: max commuter option added

Rocrail 15515 (64-bit)
- Schedules: reset callerid and callertype

Rocrail 15515 (64-bit)
- Control: set the IID in the callerid variable
- Check4redsignals option added, default off
- Wmz21: ignore bidikmh
- Mbus: send lights(f0) also after the speed/dir commands

Rocrail 15510 (64-bit)
- Win64 build: strip debug info

Rocrail 15506 (64-bit)
- System actions: sub state implemented for IID

Rocrail 15505 (64-bit)
- Location: disregard maxocc if the loco already did arrive
- Set UID to 21 if zero to be compatible with previous revisions
- Locationdlg: removed deprecated adjust flag
- Set uid on state report

Rocrail 15504 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15503 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15500 (64-bit)
- Trace: fix for empty trace file name
- Z21: uid field added
- Clntcon: fix for ping and reply with pong
- Rcon: reactivate the 5s idle ping
- Mqtt-cs: serial connect added
- Clntcon/rcon: set keepalive socket option

Rocrail 15498 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15494 (64-bit)
- Planpanel: save scroll position
- Mqtt-cs python example extended with XML parsing

Rocrail 15492 (64-bit)
- Item/guiframe: restore throttle position and size dependent from loco ID
- Rocview makefile: fix for wxsubincl 3.0 -> 3.1

Rocrail 15486 (64-bit)
- Signal: white address as bit pattern if port is zero
- Rocwebworker: support for https
- Rocwebworker: support for https
- Tracedlg: fix for close event (X)

Rocrail 15482 (64-bit)
- Rocweb: http return code correction for plan and options xml
- Evaluate function event
- Function control type added
- Translation merge: fr
- Xmlscriptdlg: replaced settargetrange with the 3.0 start/end function
- Aboxdlg: layout fixes
- EStW: threeway symbol added

Rocrail 15475 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Rocrail 15470 (64-bit)
- Xmlscriptdlg: try to select the complete invalid line
- Xmlscriptdlg: select invalid XML line
- Xmlscriptdlg: select text from invalid XML
- Block: fix for service wait
- Output: function type added

Rocrail 15465 (64-bit)
- Block: revert put out of operation behaviour in case from dialog
- Xmlscriptdlg: find added
- Xmldlg: find added

Rocrail 15462 (64-bit)
- Model: trace level correction
- Block: crosscheck fix for service
- MBUS: not evaluating type in case of UID zero
- Cv index support for accelleration and calibrating
- Xmlscript: block throttle command added
- Locdialog: show CV index in grid
- Mbus,rocpro: mfx cv index support
- Block: fix for wait and service
- Block: check if occupied in case of modify and new state should be close

Rocrail 15453 (64-bit)
- Tt: set accessory bit in case of f6915
- Xmlpointsize default set to 11
- Manifest: removed dpiAwareness
- Xml: add wrap and pointsize attribute

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