Mylio 5.11 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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丟失了重要的文件或文件? Auslogics 的所有功能於一身的文件恢復軟件恢復所有文件類型,從任何媒體設備和所有常見的文件和操作系統。不要讓你的工作幾個月或幾年消失,並開始恢復您刪除的文件,照片和其他重要文件。

Auslogics File Recovery 軟件使用先進的文件恢復技術,使恢復所有可能的文件類型成為可能。即使受到病毒或間諜軟件的破壞,或者位於損壞或刪除的分區上。甚至在快速驅動格式之後。博客回复專家保證您獲得最佳結果。為了簡單起見,您唯一需要做的就是通過一個簡單易用的內置恢復嚮導。恢復嚮導可讓您利用靈活的內置搜索選項來最大限度地縮短文件恢復時間; 您可以選擇要掃描的驅動器,指定文件類型,上次修改時間,指定日期範圍或僅按名稱搜索已刪除的文件。高級篩選器可讓您對掃描結果進行排序,因此您無需瀏覽數百個文件即可找到要查找的文件。預覽選項可讓您在文件名稱不會很多的情況下直接從程序中預覽照片,視頻,文檔和 PDF 文件。只需瀏覽掃描過程中找到的已刪除文件列表即可。博客恢復專家正在不斷努力改進軟件。而我們可以自豪地說,Auslogics File Recovery 軟件是當今市場上最可靠的恢復產品之一。當我們說一體化,我們的意思是一體化。 Auslogics File Recovery 軟件附帶了很多額外的工具。包括一個工具,允許您創建磁盤映像,一個文件粉碎機解決方案,永久刪除文件,和自由磁盤擦除安全擦除硬盤上的可用空間中的任何刪除的文件的痕跡.

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Mylio 5.11


150 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Auslogics Software


What's new in this version:

- Added keyboard shortcut support for iPadOS and iOS

- Search Results now have a SHOW ALL to all media type rows
- Added full screen control option when playing Inline Video
- Added an easier to understand sign-in screen and promo code redemption page within the setup wizard
- Other minor UI improvements to icons and text across the app

- Fixed an issue when a user would get logged out and after resetting password and could not easily get signed back in
- Fixed an issue that would prevent importing images when using a custom file renaming template (advanced import option)
- Improved Search in Calendar view to now search an Event’s description
- Removed a redundant scroll bar in views on mobile platforms that do not need it
- Fixed an issue when applied categories to individual media would not sync to other devices
- Fixed a crash on iOS when playing videos quickly one after another
- Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting video media while it is playing
- Fixed an issue on Android when the navigation bar along the bottom would not be replaced by the edit panel when pulling up a photo in single image view
- Fixed a crash on Android when attempting to share a file that is not yet fully synced to the device
- Fixed a thumbnail orientation issue after editing an imported photo in Apple Photos
- Fixed an issue that would prevent Folder covers from updating as thumbnails became synced to a new device
- Importing from a newly added Android media library will now use the device name you assign in Mylio for folder naming
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur when editing a image from Grid view
- Fixed an issue that would cause Thumbnails and/or Previews to not regenerate properly after edits are made outside of Mylio
- Fixed an issue on mobile where the IPTC data entry card couldn’t scroll to bottom
- Improved performance on Windows for more efficient rendering at higher frame per second
- Fixed an issue with sync on demand when trying to edit an image on an optimized computer that has the preview/original on USB

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