Mullvad VPN 2019.1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Windows 註冊表是訪問量最大,最容易出錯的部分。當您安裝和卸載軟件時,它會變得雜亂無章,並且會導致系統錯誤,崩潰和故障。因此,通過清理所有垃圾並修復隨著時間積累的所有錯誤,將註冊表保持在最佳狀態是非常重要的。 Auslogics Registry Cleaner 是專為快速和安全的註冊表優化。它會檢測並修復各種註冊表錯誤,並確保您的計算機運行得如新.


解決方案:註冊表清理將清理,修復和優化您的 Windows 註冊表,以消除錯誤和崩潰,並恢復平穩和穩定的操作,所以你的電腦將停止給你頭痛,再次使用。

為什麼 Auslogics Registry Cleaner?

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Exclusive Auslogics 技術在多個測試中被證明是安全和有效的,由 PC 製造商使用並由專家推薦.8997423

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Mullvad VPN 2019.1


53.9 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Auslogics Software


What's new in this version:

- Handle "block when disconnected" extra kill-switch level in the GUI, showing the disconnected state as blocked when appropriate and also having a toggle switch for the setting in the Advanced Settings screen
- Add a drop-down warning to notify the user when the account credits are running low
- Allow the private network in addition to the other networks allowed when local network sharing is enabled
- Improve the confirmation dialog when submitting a bug report without an email specified
- Add a monochromatic tray icon option for the GUI.

- Disable buttons and menus that open external links when the app knows that there is no internet connection.
- The auto-start and auto-connect toggles in the GUI have been reworked so that auto-connect configures the GUI to automatically connect when it starts and so that it will only auto-connect on boot when both settings are set

- Stop GUI from glitching during the short reconnect state
- Dismiss notifications automatically after four seconds in all platforms
- Fix error printed from the CLI when issuing relay update
- Fix relay list update interval. Should now handle sleep better
- Prevent GUI from sending connect commands to the daemon every time it establishes a connection to it. Only send connect once (if auto-connect is enabled)
- Prevent possible reconnect loop where the GUI would indefinitely reconnect to the daemon
- Fix the bug which enabled users to return to the login view if they went to settings while logging in
- Handle in the GUI, if something external changes the account token in the daemon. I.e. triggered by CLI unsetting or resetting it
- Gracefully block when TAP adapter is missing or disabled, instead of retrying to connect

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